October 26, 2012

“Kid Date Night” Envelope Part 2


Yes you read that correctly, Part 2 is here!

You loved our Kid Date-Night Envelope so much, we decided to make another. If you missed that post, click here to check it out! Basically, this is an envelope filled with something SUPER fun for those sweet kids of yours to do while mom and dad are away on a date. It makes the part of actually LEAVING on a date SOOOO much easier! In our previous post, we had two complete AWESOME games that kids love that fit right inside the envelope.

So go and check out the Kid Date Night Envelope post and then come on back….

No seriously, I’ll wait. Go! Haha :-)

For this envelope goody, like before, you will need the printable that says ‘do not open until mom and dad are on a date.’ Find that HERE.

Attach that to a manilla envelope and leave it on the counter in the MORNING of your date-night day.

You can choose to put our ‘Don’t Eat Pete‘ game from our Part 1 post, our ‘Kit-Kat Game‘ from our Part 1 post, OR our NEW treasure hunt activity to put  inside!

But, whatever you do, REMEMBER to put one and only one of these inside the envelope! That way, you will have other resources for future date nights. Also never, I repeat NEVER let your kids play with the envelope contents EXCEPT on date night! By doing that, they will LOOK FORWARD to your date-nights and practically kick you out the door so that they can get to their envelope.

Here’s what you need:


#1) The Letter from Mom and Dad

#2) The Clues

Print the letter and cut out the clues. You’ll need to put the letter from Mom and Dad inside your ‘kid date night envelope’ along with ONE of the clues. And then I am guessing you all know how a treasure hunt goes, right?? If not, you will basically hide the next clue where the previous clue has directed them to go.You can start with whichever clue you choose. For my hunt, I started with the clue that has the shoe on it in the envelope, so I hid the clue after that in my closet :-)

Once the kids had this clue in hand, they ran to my closet where they found… yep! Another clue. And so-on and so-on. The last clue you have will direct them to a place where the treasure will be waiting! My kids had a BLAST! Did I even need to say that? I mean obviously, right?? What kid doesn’t LOVE a treasure hunt!

They found this clue last, and headed to the kitchen where their ‘treasure’  was stashed in the oven. he-he :-)

Our treasure was simple: a bag of microwave popcorn, a little treat for each of them (don’t forget your sitter!), and a redbox movie. They thought that was great, but be as creative as you want! The possibilities are endless!

This activity for the kids will need a little prep time. I set this all up while mine were at school and the little one was napping. I tried to make these clues lead to places that wouldn’t be accidentally found between the time they got home from school and the time we left on our date and it worked out well! I am going to use these clues over and over but mix them up each time so that their treasure will always be in a different place.

This envelope is working for me like magic! My kids seriously can NOT wait for me to go out with their dad! I used to feel bad if they didn’t want to be home with the sitter and that was NO BUENO for date night.  I would either not go, or go and feel guilty the whole time and want to call them every 5 minutes which made date night not too fun for my husband OR me. But when my kids see this envelope on the counter in the morning, they actually ask me all through the day when I am going to leave! They love it!

How is the kid date night envelope working out for you??

Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you are doing with the envelope!

For some ‘grown-up’ treasure hunt fun, check out Corie’s ‘Scavenger Hunt For You’ date, learn how to make an AWESOME treasure map HERE, or find a great PIRATE ADVENTURE from a Little Tipsy by clicking HERE and scrolling down :-)

And if you want it to get even EASIER check out this fun Scavenger Hunt for Kids. There wouldn’t be a treasure at the end since this is a scavenger hunt, but it would keep little ones busy hunting for hours!

Have fun!


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11 Responses to ““Kid Date Night” Envelope Part 2”

  1. Becca Becca says:

    Love it Robin!! I’m totally doing this tonight!

  2. Tara Tara says:

    SOOO darling! I love how those printables turned out! This date night envelope for kids was the BEST idea!!

  3. Julie Julie says:

    This looks like so much fun and I love that even my little one wil be able to run around the house looking for clues:)

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Love these ideas! Keep them coming! These ideas will keep date night, guilt free, and easy on the babysitter ;)

  5. rorikoch says:

    Thanks so much ladies for all the wonderful work you do. My family and I greatly appreciate all the efforts on your behalf!!!!

    Can’t wait to have the treasure hunt for the kids on our next date night. They are going to love it.


  6. This is such a fun idea. I love the printables to make implementing your ideas so much easier for busy parents.

  7. Candice Candice says:

    Love this idea for making date night less stressful! The treasure hunt looks awesome!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    We’ve used these the past few times we’ve gone out. And you are not kidding about the kids’ reaction! We have four kids, and they BEG us to schedule date nights!!! Awesome job, ladies!

  9. Alexa Romerez says:

    Hey Robin,
    So I am 16 and have tried everything from your part one and part two and it works like a charm thanks soooo much it was a huge help and now they cant wait till i come back to babysit.:)

  10. Lori says:

    Are the printables still available for this Scavenger Hunt (for the Kid Date Night Envelope)? I’d love to do this but the links don’t seem to work for the printables.

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