May 28, 2013

Pinterest Scholarship Program We Want You!


The Dating Divas

You’ve heard of our Pinterest Scholarship Program haven’t you? It is a SUPER fun project we have going on right now where a few AMAZING Divas readers are helping to spread the word about yours truly, The Dating Divas! These wonderful gals have graciously volunteered their time to help us connect with more lovely readers like YOU who want to strengthen their marriage! You know nothing is more near and dear to our hearts than helping incredible couples find creative and fun ways to date each other and keep that spark alive!

We love Pinterest almost as much as we LOVE strengthening marriages and we figured, why not put the two together? With that thought in mind, our Pinterest Scholarship was born! So how exactly does this work you ask? It is SUPER easy and TOTALLY fun. First, you tell us that you’re interested in becoming a part of this movement to spread the word about The Dating Divas on Pinterest. Next, you’ll fill out a quick survey so we can get to know more about you. If your boards are a great fit for us, you’re in, girl!!

The best part about our Pinterest Scholarship Program is the opportunity it gives us to reach out to TONS of couples who haven’t discovered how easy it can be to date their spouse with our pre-planned dates! But the SECOND BEST part about this adorable program is FREE SWAG. Did you think we wouldn’t reward you for being so LOVELY and helping us? Of course we would! For participating in our Pinterest Scholarship Program we want you to have ALL of our Ebooks as a GIFT. That’s right! You’ll receive the Dating Divas Recipes Revealed, The A to Z Guide AND the Ultimate Date Night Book FREE for joining our Pinterest Scholarship Program!

The Dating Divas


We’ve already teamed up with some fabulous ladies who have pinned their little hearts out and have done an AH-MAZING job. These women have been so gracious with their time and we hope to find a few more Diva readers who are just as committed and excited to get on board with us!


So, are you going to be the next gal {or guy!} on our Pinterest Scholarship Team? I hope so! To get started take our QUICK SURVEY now to see if The Dating Divas are a good fit for your Pinterest boards! After you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll be hearing from me about the next steps! I am so excited for you to join us! If you have any questions, please feel free to email:

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3 Responses to “Pinterest Scholarship Program We Want You!”

  1. Chastity says:

    I having problems finding the application, I clicked on the link above but the application was not there.

    • Kinsey says:

      Hi Chastity!

      I’m not sure what the hiccup is with the Survey. I was having a little trouble earlier but another DIVA was able to access the survey easily. We would love to have you! Email me at diva and I’ll just send you the survey details! Thanks girl!

      The Dating Divas

  2. Porsche says:

    I am currently “enrolled” in this pinterest scholarship, and I just have to say, this has been such a great experience!I have learned that dating doesn’t have to be hard or very complicated. There are some great “easy dates” that I found while pinning. I would recommend people try for this scholarship!

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