July 1, 2010

4 Flirty Tips 4 The 4th



The essentials for a fun-filled flirty 4th of July weekend.

1. Red Lipstick

2. Painted Toenails.

My husband loves when I take the time to paint my toes.  It’s that little extra touch that adds to beautifying ourselves.

My ‘Glitter Toes’  were done by our fellow Diva – Lisa M.

(If you’re in Utah, and you would LOVE to have Glitter Toes of your own, you can email the Dating Divas at thedatingdivasblog@gmail.com to set up a party.)

3. Nautical Themed Clothing
You will see a big trend of the Nautical Theme this summer.  I am seeing navy blue and red everywhere.  This is perfect for the 4th of July weekend.
4. Red Accessories
To go along with your navy blue attire, add some red hints of color by adding a red headband or red pumps and a red bracelet.
You can find these darling headbands for a great price over at my friend’s site.
Happy 4th of July, you Flirty Mommas!!

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7 Responses to “4 Flirty Tips 4 The 4th”

  1. Megan Maree Walker Boehm says:

    LOVEEE these ideas!!! Thanks!!

  2. Kari says:

    Great job Kristen! I especially love the lipstick picture. That turned out super stunning!

  3. Tara says:

    I was worried that my eyes looked a little freaky….but when Jamie said he thought it looked, "sexy" (he saw Kristen's post before it "aired")….I was like…POST IT! {LOL} This makes me wanna go buy red pumps and a red bracelet! Heck….I want a whole NEW outfit!! :)

  4. Andrea @ See it! Love it! Win it! says:

    Love it! I have "garnet" glitter toes on right now, I felt a bit like Dorothy. 😉 BTW, for any of you Vegas girls or even any that are S Utah, I have a photography giveaway going on right now on my blog.

  5. Lisa says:

    love this post kristen! good job!

  6. Tree says:

    What a wonderful idea for a blog! The hubby and I have been married a LONG time, and I think keeping your marriage "fresh" is essential!

    Thanks to Kristen for joining us on Mommies Faves at Blog Frog! I'm following ya'll here with 2 of my blogs now! :)

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
    Mother of Pearl It Is
    Mommies Faves Top Sites and Blogs

  7. Nate and Charlene says:

    LOVE this! Kristin it turned out soooo cute!

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