What’s Your Love Language?

Jason and I have read many marriage books in our short 4 years together. One book that I absolutely love and refer back to ALL the time is called ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.
Learning each others Love Language was a HUGE part of us really understanding each other and how the other needs to be shown love.

Jason’s Love Language is Words of Affirmation, which I regrettably do not do enough. Thanks to the Dating Divas I am getting lots of ideas on how I can do this better.

My Love Language is Quality time, although Jason and I joke that my love language is ALL of them, because I always complain about not getting enough, words of affirmation,physical touch, gifts, service, or quality time. Ooops! looks like there’s something I can work on. 😉
Take a 30-second QUIZ to see what your love language might be.
This is a great book to have on CD. As a couple we have driven across the country a few times and it was the perfect opportunity to listen to [marriage] books on cd. This really strengthened our relationship. We were able to talk to each other about what we were listening to, and we were kind of forced to since we were stuck in the car together for 30+ hours. (which would be another fun date.)  I also like having this book in paperback so I can highlight things that stick out at me, and I can refer back to it whenever I need.
You can buy the book at Walmart for $11.00
*please comment if you have found it cheaper elsewhere, thanks.
Gary Chapman also has a great Blog that covers lots of issues in marriages and it’s a great reference for everyone trying to strengthen their Marriage.

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3 Responses to What’s Your Love Language?

  1. I also love this book! Did you know there is a version for children? I'm pretty sure I know my kids love language, but as they get older, I'll be reading the book to make sure I'm giving them love the best way they receive it.