Introducing: Marriage Masters

Marriage Masters Program

Marriage Masters a complete marriage coaching program that walks you through all the “hot points” that can create challenges in your marriage. The weekly topics include everything from encouraging gratitude to fun dates, to listening, and living healthy together. Every month includes activities, fun printables, articles, and BONUSES like audio recordings!

We’ve also included a monthly Express Version because no matter how busy life gets, your marriage still deserves your attention!

You’ll get an email each week that delivers exactly what you’ll want to work on…

It’s guided, simple, and fun!


Diva Central Exclusive Printables

 We all know that “perfect” couple… the two people who seem to be SO connected, so in-tune with one another that they have an impenetrable wall of happiness around them. What do they know that the rest of us don’t? The Dating Divas have created an AMAZING program that will help you create that connection and that joy for yourselves!


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The Dating Divas’ Marriage Masters Program is a Done-For-You, step-by-step way to make the changes you’ve always wanted in your marriage! It’s so easy, and The Dating Divas will guide you, every step of the way!  And when you reach the end, we’ll send you our virtual Diva Swag Bag, filled with outstanding goodies that will keep the good feelings coming!

We’ve created The Marriage Masters Program to strengthen and inspire you AND your spouse! Now YOU can create the connection of which you’ve always dreamed!




Diva Central Book Club

We’ve just started reading The Marriage Story by Dennis Greene in our Diva Central Book Club. This incredible book is all about staying in love for life! And isn’t that what The Dating Divas are all about?! Finding ways to keep the spark of your love blaring bright and strong. While most books are about HOW to love each other, The Marriage Story is going to inspire you to WANT to love each other. It will inspire you, challenge you, and warm your heart as it takes you on a journey you will never forget. This uplifting story confirms the idea that no matter what material things we may gain in this life, nothing will ever satisfy us like the joy of loving and being loved. Join us on our journey through this book in our Diva Central Book Club where you will find out more about how to strengthen your marriage and keep it that way.



Diva Central Exclusive Printables

Print out these Diva Central Exclusive “Marriage Evaluation Printable Cards” and fill them out with your spouse. This activity is for you both to gauge where you feel you are at in your relationship. What areas need a little work and what areas you are strong in. You can keep these cards in a visible place and make goals for what areas you want to focus on together or separately.

Ready to get Started with the Marriage Masters Program?


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