Marriage Masters Program: The Done-For-You Way to Date Your Spouse!

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A true chef doesn’t need a recipe! They simply add the necessary ingredients as they go along, sampling the dish until its reached perfection!

Here at the Diva’s we aren’t true chefs, but we’ve tested enough of our creative date ideas, inspiring content pieces, sassy intimacy games and more to know what ingredients go into creating the ideal marriage. And when we say “ideal marriage,” we mean in relative terms. Each relationship has their own ideal image in their mind.

This program offers the perfect blend of marriage activities to build, strengthen and engage married couples.

Consider it a “Done-for-you Way to Date Your Spouse.”

Our simple to follow program provides you with a weekly, printable checklist that makes date night prep easy, conversation starters done for you, intimacy tips at your fingertips and SO much more! All you have to do is click, print and prep and we’ve done the rest!


  • Upon registration, receive a FREE copy of our A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Happier, Healthier Marriage
  • Every 5 weeks, throughout the duration of the program, receive additional Diva Favorites out of our virtual Diva Swag Bag, including:
    • Inspirational Wall Art
    • An EXCLUSIVE audio recording by licensed marriage and family therapist, Kirk Voss, equipped with free printable worksheets to ensure a full listener experience.
    • An EXCLUSIVE date night designed specifically for this program that allows you and your spouse to recap and connect on strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned and more!
    • A FREE Diva Store product of your choice! Yup, YOUR choice!
  • At completion, receive a Marriage Masters Diploma and summary worksheets that allow you to revisit the program and “bookmark” your future goals, as a couple.

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