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I surprised the hubs today with a trip to NEW YORK!  Yep!  It sure was easy to generate our OWN custom-made tickets!!  You can make your own here. Things have been a little stress-full ’round these parts lately so I knew it was time for a vacation… well, at least for a a few hours…

I gave him our tickets to New York and off we went!

First to the New York Pizzeria.  Wanna see the large we shared? Doya doya doya?

What would a day in NY be without a little shopping? So we picked up some strawberry oil and lemon vinegar. Don’t judge. It was De-lish! As you can see there are about a bazillion flavors… well close to a bazillion anyhow. 🙂

Then off to the indoor Central Park! If you didn’t know, when it gets windy and below 70* in these parts, that means we stay inside. Don’t you dare judge! We can handle the heat here, yes sir-ree. And I know that most of you can not. So you leave me to my indoor park at 70* alone. Thank you. (Can you tell I am touchy?) Ok, or you can brave the cold and go to a real outdoor park.

And let’s face it, what kind of New Yorker-wanna be’s would we be without a stop across the bridge at the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory! Ok, it was Orange Leaf but lets not get picky here, folks. 🙂 Like the NY shirt the hubbs made sure he wore?

We had a great time and after we were so tired. I have no idea how you New Yorkers do it!

**Alternate Ideas: theater or ballet show, volunteer at a homeless shelter,  see a baseball game but wear NY Yankees attire…

Until Next Time,

Makana {@Texas Is For Lovers}

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8 Responses to New York Date

  1. What an incredible idea! I’m moving from New York to be with my boyfriend in Wisconsin and an NYC date night will be perfect for us when I’m missing “home”!

  2. What an awesome idea! I really wanted to take hubby to NYC for his 40th birthday at the end of the year, but living in the UK, it’s just out of reach for my budget *sad face* but this, this I can do – bring NYC to him!

  3. This looks like SUCH a blast!! I have always wanted to visit NY, so this would be the perfect alternative! Bring NY to us! Whoot! Thanks for this adorable idea!