March 8, 2015

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Destress!


Do you ever feel like you are LITERALLY dragging yourself by the collar the whole entire day? You wake up tired, you feel totally shot by 3 or 4 pm {I know you’re sneaking chocolate while trying to get through homework time and dinner prep-wink.} And, by bedtime it’s O-V-E-R!, there is no way you feel up to some oooh-la-la time with the hubster. You just want sleep! I feel ya girl – we ALL have days like that!

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

And then came…aromatherapy! Okay, I know…you think that is totally crazy business!! I did too, until I read up on the SCIENCE behind it! FACT-  Did you know that on each side of our nose is an olfactory bulb that connects to the limbic system of the brain. THAT my friends, is the part of the brain that triggers stored memories and affects our MOOD. That’s why people snort drugs – it’s a super quick way to get a boost aka high.

Believe it or not, essential oils do have powerful chemical elements that can affect our mood in powerful ways. When I’m feeling like I’m having a totally scatter-brained day, I use doTERRA Balance blend to ground that energy {think of trees and their deep roots in the ground.} When I wake up in the morning and I want to pretend it’s Saturday and I can sleep in, I start diffusing this blend instead:

Wake Up Essential Oil Blend

I LOVE Elevation during that afternoon time that requires me to be on the ball with homework help, meal prep, and the craziness that sometimes ensues when the whole family is near the kitchen area needing me.

Essential Oil Afternoon Boost

By bedtime, it’s finally time for quiet R&R and this is one of my favorite blends for quieting and calming my mind

Evening Wind Down Essential Oil Blend

And a few times a week, when I get to totally enjoy my hubby before we zonk out for the night, this amazing blend gets me in the mood for some extra romance {wink-wink}

Romantic Essential Oil Blend

Of course you need a diffuser to use these awesome blends. Our all time favorite is the Aroma Lite, but you can use this doTERRA Diffuser Comparisons image to identify the diffuser that will best fit your needs and some of them actually come in the enrollment kits!


Are you ready for more aromatherapy in your life now? We want to hook you up with an fabulous package to get you started. Come check us out at DoTERRA Wellness Advocates – DIY Happy Health Team on Facebook and learn more about essential oils! OR you can click the photo below for more details on how you can get more than $200 in freebies! We have such an amazing doTERRA team and will take great care of making sure you have the best experience ever with your essential oils.


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