March 19, 2015

50 Tips & Ideas for Spring Photography


Are you getting spring family pictures taken this year?  Or do you like snapping your own Easter pics of your kids?  Either way- you are going to love today’s post! Get ready for an overload of… 

Spring Photography Inspiration


Tips and Ideas for Spring Photography

With the warm weather and beautiful colors, spring is the perfect time of year to take pictures!  And I am just LOVING all of the beautiful photography inspiration on Pinterest. Trust me on this, once you see all of the FUN ideas that I’ve found, I’m pretty sure you’ll be planning a photo shoot too.  


To make browsing easier, I’ve divided them into 5 categories…

  • 11 Prop Ideas for Spring Photography
  •  11 Prop Ideas for Easter Pictures
  •  11  Backdrop Ideas for Spring Photography
  •  7 Spring Color Palette Ideas  
  •  10 Free Spring Photoshop Actions

Whether you’re looking for ideas for spring family pictures OR just want to snap some fun pics of the kids this Easter, you’re sure to find lots of ideas! 

Ready for photography inspiration overload?

Ready. Set. SCROLL…


11 Prop Ideas for Spring Photography


Prop Ideas for Spring Photography


Props are a fun way to add personality and color to your photos.  Here are 11 props that are perfect for Springtime sessions… 

1.  Rain Boots-  Don’t let the rain keep you indoors.  Put some rain boots on the kids and snap some pictures of them splashing in the puddles.

Spring Photo Session in Rain Boots

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2.  Umbrella-  Bright, fun umbrellas are a great way to add a pop of color to your spring photos.

Spring Photography Prop Ideas

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3.  Parasol–  For sunny days, parasols are great at providing shade and adding a touch of femininity.  

Parasol Spring Photography Prop Idea

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4.  Dandelions-  Let the kids pick some dandelions and capture the seeds blowing in the wind.

Dandelion Spring Photography

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5.  Bubbles-  Bubbles are great for getting genuine smiles out of the kids and add a fun element to photos.

Photo Shoot With Bubbles

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6.  Balloons-  Balloons are another great option for adding pops of color.  

Balloons make a cute photo sprop for spring family pictures

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7.  Swing– Whether it’s an old wood swing, a tire swing, or a park swing- they’re great at adding movement and playfulness to pictures.

Spring Photography- swing as a photo prop

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8.  Flower Crown–  Flowers crowns are fun for adding a touch of romance to your photo shoot.

Love these flower crowns for a spring photo shoot

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9.  Flowers-  Spring is the perfect season for adding colorful flowers to your photos.   There are so many options too!

Spring Photography with Flowers

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10.  Bike-  If your family loves riding bikes together, why not add one to your family photo shoot to personalize it a little?

Bike Photography Prop

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11.  Chair-  Chairs are great props for adding color and providing different posing options. 

Spring Photography- chair as a photo prop

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11 Prop Ideas for Easter Pictures


Prop Ideas for Easter Pictures


While the kids are already dressed up this Easter, why not snap a couple of cute pictures?  OR plan a whole themed photo shoot!  

1.  Chocolate Bunny-  Before they completely devour their Easter basket goodies, snap a couple of cute pictures to capture these memories you’re making.

Chocolate Bunny Easter Photo Prop

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2.  Easter Eggs-  Plastic Easter eggs are perfect for adding color and interest to your photos!

Easter Picture Ideas

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3.  Easter Basket-  After the annual Easter egg hunt, see if you can get the kids to pose for a couple of pictures.  They’re only little for a little while.  

Easter Photo Shoot Ideas

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4.  Easter Hats-  Easter hats are perfect for a dress-up or tea party photo shoot this spring. 

Easter Hat for a fun Easter Photo Prop

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5.  Carrot–  Add a pop of orange with some carrots.  They’re great for keeping the baby entertained during all the picture taking too.

Carrot as a prop for Easter Photo Session

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6.  Bunny Ears–  Bunny ear headbands couldn’t be more perfect for Easter pictures.  Besides, everyone needs at least one picture of their baby in bunny ears.  😉

Bunny Ears for Easter Photo Prop

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7.  Stuffed Bunny–  If you can’t take pictures with a live bunny this Easter, just use a stuffed animal!

Stuffed Bunny Prop for Easter Photo Shoot

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8.  Bunny-  Of course, nothing beats an Easter picture with a real Easter bunny!

Easter Bunny Photo Shoot

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9.  Chicks/ Ducklings-  Nothing screams “Spring!” quite like little baby chicks and ducklings.  And I love the little yellow pops of color.  

Easter Photo with Live Chicks

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10.  Lamb-  I think it would be fun to get a picture with a lamb this Spring, even if you have to go to the local petting zoo.

Easter Portrait with Lamb

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11.  Bird’s Nest–  With or without the chick inside, nests make a fun and unique Easter photo prop. 

Spring Photography- nest as a photo prop

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11 Backdrop Ideas for Spring Photography


Backdrop Ideas for Spring Photography.


Now that we’ve shared some fun ideas for outdoor photography, here are some great backdrops that are perfect for indoor, studio photography.

Backdrop Ideas for Spring Photography

1.  Paper Flowers–  Aren’t these paper flowers fun?!  They would make any photo shoot magical.

2.  Streamers–  Streams make a totally simple, but totally cute and easy background.  

3.  Paper Chains–  I love how easy this idea is!  Just make a bunch of paper chain links.

4.  Raindrops–   These raindrops and clouds make the perfect backdrop and would be perfect to pair with an umbrella and rain boots as props.

5.  Balloons– Easily add a ton of color to your backdrop with a wall of balloons.

6.  Paper Pinwheels– These paper pinwheels are so easy to make and add such a fun touch.

Photography Backdrop Ideas

7.  Kites– Springtime means kite season and these kites couldn’t get much cuter.

8.  Spring Tree & Fence– Recreate the outdoors, indoors with a cute scene like this.

9.  Fabric Garland–  If you love shabby chic, here’s a fun and easy backdrop idea- just use scraps of fun fabric. 

10.  Hot Air Balloon–  This fun hot air balloon looks surprisingly easy to make and makes the perfect photo booth.

11.  Yarn Balls–  I love how these colorful, yarn balls resemble Easter eggs.


7 Spring Color Palette Ideas

{What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures}


What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures


Often figuring out what to wear can be the hardest part of planning family pictures.  Here are 7 of our favorite spring color palettes to get you started…

1.  Turquoise & Yellow-  These fun, bright colors just scream “Spring!”  Add in some grays and whites as neutrals and you’re set.

Turquoise and Yellow Family Photography Color Palette

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2.  Aqua & Coral-  I think this is the perfect color combination for beach pictures.  Add in some grays, browns, or whites for your neutrals.  

What to Wear for Family Pictures- Aqua and Coral

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3.  Navy & Yellow-  Use navy and different shades of blues as your base, then just add pops of white and yellow for added interest.  

What to Wear for Family Pictures- Navy and Yellow

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4.  Navy & Coral-  Navy, coral, and white are a great combination alone- or you could add some pops of aqua or gray too.

What to Wear for Family Pictures- Navy and Coral

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5.  Navy & Green-  Pair a deep navy with a bright kelly green for a fun, springtime look.  Pops of yellow or pink would be fun to add too.

What to Wear for Family Pictures-Navy and Green

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 6.  Blue & White-  Keep it simple with different shades of blue and white.  Incorporate different patterns and texture for added interest.

What to Wear for Family Pictures- Blue and White.jpg

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7.  Bright Colors-  We often think of pastels when we think of spring, but I just love how FUN these pictures are with all of the pops of different, bright colors. 

Bright Colors for Family Pictures

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10 Free Spring Photoshop Actions


Free Photoshop Actions


If you use photoshop and haven’t checked out actions yet- then you are missing out!  Seriously, you NEED to see what all the fuss is about.  Here are some fun, FREE actions to get you started…

Free Photoshop Actions

1.  Photoshop Actions 2.0–  Add warm, sunny light to your pictures.

2.  Photoshop Blossom Actions– A set of 11 actions.  Easily set the opacity of each layer.

3.  Cool Breezy Action–  Add a cool light and tone to your pictures.

4.  Vintage Spring Mini Action– Add a dreamy feel with warm, creamy tones.

5.  Spring Fever–  Add springtime color to landscape and nature photos.

Free Actions for Photoshop

6.  Creamy Light Photoshop Action– Add creamy light to soften skin tone.

7.  Free Dynasty Mini Collection– Just sign up for her newsletter and get her beautiful mini collection of actions for free.

8.  Photoshop Sunlight & Sundown ActionEasily adjust the lighting of your pictures.

9.  Rainbow Haze–  A fun, colorful effect for spring photography.

10.  Bright Eyes–  Brighten eyes quickly and easily.

And there you have it- more spring photography inspiration than you’ll know what to do with!  

If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our other popular, photography round-ups for even more inspiration…

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Happy Picture Taking!

 **We did our very best to find and link to the original sources of each photo, but if you see a photo that is not linked correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.  We definitely want to give credit where credit is due.  We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who capture memories so beautifully!**

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