April 24, 2015

100 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse!


Love Your Spouse in THEIR Language! 

 Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? If not, then stop right here for a quick commercial break!

{Commercial: Jump on over and order The 5 Love Languages book..PRONTO!! We promise that the 5 Love Languages will help you understand your spouse even better! This book can help struggling marriages get back on the right track and help already fantastic marriages become over-the-top amazing!! … end commercial break.}

Love your spouse a little extra today in their love language!

And we’re back!! Thank you for sticking with us through that amazingly inspiring break and now we are going to continue! Whether you have already read this book, or you just ordered it, I would like to give a small synopsis of what the 5 Love Languages are all about!

The 5 Love Languages:

Receiving Gifts: If this is your primary language then you feel most loved when your partner gives you a gift.  This doesn’t mean that you are materialistic but feel love through the fact that they thought of you and the love that went into choosing the gift for you.

Quality Time: This language is all about time. You feel most loved when you get the chance to spend good quality time with your spouse! You love when you and your spouse get to spend 100% uninterrupted time with one another!

Words of Affirmation: If this is your love language you want to hear that you are cared for.  You love being told that you are appreciated and it means an extra lot to you for your spouse to take the time out of their day to tell you how much they love you.

Acts of Service: This love language means that you care about actions and truly believe that actions speak louder than words.  For your spouse to take the time to help you with a task that you are faced with, or help you check something off of your to do list means the world to you!

Physical Touch: If this is your love language you crave physical contact and appropriate touch in your relationship. You love being close with your spouse and whether it be a hug, holding hands, or more, you feel loved when there is physical contact in your relationship.

Not sure what your love language is? Take this quiz with your spouse so that you can find out one another’s today!!

Now that you know each other’s love languag,e we have gathered up 100 ways to show your spouse love in THEIR language!!

We have sifted through all of the amazing ideas on our blog (and let’s just pause for a moment in celebration of how amazing some of them truly are!!) and found 100 ways to love your spouse in their love language! Now that you have all taken the quiz and brushed up on your love language, let’s get started into these over-the-top ideas!!

Give your husband a little gift to show that you care.

100 ways to love your hubby.

1. Cuddle Kit for Two: Snuggle up with your spouse for a fun night!
2. 50 Reasons Why I Love You: Tell your hubby why you love them in 50 adorable ways!
3. Envelope Memory Book: Record your memories with this amazing idea.
4. All About YOU Basket: Tell your spouse what you love about them.
5. Husband Gift Basket: Fun gift basket tags to make an amazing gift for your hubby!

Fun gift ideas for your hubby!

6. I Fall for You Basket: Themed for Fall, this basket shows your other half that you truly love them!
7. DIY Keep Calm T-Shirts: Beautiful designs that anyone will love.
8. Happy Husband Kit: Make your husband truly happy with this fun gift idea.
9. Gift of the Month Club: Monthly gift ideas all designed for you! Any spouse would LOVE these!
10. DIY Love Magnets: Make fun love notes to one another with this DIY idea.

Simple gifts just to say 'I Love You!'

11. Mixed CD Printable Cases: Finish off a love mix with these adorable envelopes.
12. Our Love Story Printables: Record your love story today!
13. Printable Candy Bar Love Notes: A way to a mans heart is through his stomach right!?!
14. The 5 Senses Gift: Reach all 5 of his senses with this idea.
15. Soda Floats: Yummy gifts are the best kind.

Fun ideas to show your hubby that you truly care!
16. Printable Gift Card Holders: Give gift cards in style with these adorable printables.
17. Our Love Keeps Running Kit: A gift for the fit {or trying to get fit} man in your life.
18. Simply The Best: Simple and sweet!
19. Printable Snack Love Notes: Everyone needs a treat from time to time.
20. Wallet Surprise: Leave him a surprise where he will least expect it.

Spending quality time with your spouse means the world!

Love your spouse with their Love Language!

21. 50+ Games for 2 with a Deck of Cards: Playing games is a fun way to spend time together!
22. Bookstore Date Night: This date night is such a blast, it will NOT disappoint.
23. Couples Date Night Quiz and Interview: Find out a little more about your spouse.
24. Couples Date Night Bucket List: What would be on your bucket list?
25. All About Us Charades: Fun game night for your and the hubby!

Love your Hubby in his language.

26. Hammock Date Night: Quality time relaxing in the hammock!
27. Loveseat Lounge: Kick back and enjoy a movie with your main-man.
28. Multiple Choice Date: Let your hubby pick date night through this creative idea.
29. The Love Shack: Welcome your hubby to the love shack for a night of lovin’.
30. Get To Know Me: It is always amazing that no matter how long we have been together we can always learn something new about one another.

Quality time with your spouse!

31. A Night of Surprises: An exciting night of surprise is in store with this date night!
32. Spouse Sleepover: Remember having sleepovers with friends when you were little? Continue that excitement with the hubby!
33. Pillow Talk Conversation Starters: Get your spouse talking and enjoy time talking together.
34. Passport to Love: Travel the world with your love!
35. Recreating Past Photos: Recreating old photos and memories is sure to make for a great night!

Fun ideas to help show love to your hubby.

36. Spouse’s Choice Date Night: The night will be a mystery, what will your spouse choose for the date?
37. World Record Night: Beat a world record of your choice with your hubby!
38. Would You Rather: Find out what your spouse really thinks with this hilarious game night.
39. Vacation Planning Date: Where are you dreaming of heading? Plan out a fun future vacation with your spouse.
40. The Not-So Newlywed Game: This is one of my all time favorite dates! Such a fun night with hubby and friends!

Kind words mean so much to the ones you love.

5 Love Languages

41. 100+ Free Printable Love Notes: Find the perfect love note for any occasion with this collection.
42. Home is Wherever I’m with You: Such a fun way to show your spouse that you truly love them with this love quote.
43. 365 Love Texts: Surprise your hubby with a text that will let them know how much you really care!
44. 100 Reasons Why I Love You: 100 reasons why you love your spouse is the perfect way to show your love.
45. Car Love Notes: Surprise your honey with a fun car note!

Show love to your spouse TODAY!

46. I Love You Today Because….: Always tell your spouse why you love them!
47. Love Story Placemats: Make any meal another reminder of how much you love them.
48. “I Love Us” Printable Book: Record how much you love your hubby with this fun book!
49. I Love You from A to Z: From A to Z express how much you love your spouse.
50. Fall Love Notes: Fall themed love notes are an adorable way to express your feeling!

Finding ways to show your hubby extra love.

51. 100 Lunch Box Notes: Send your hubby off to work with a little extra love in his lunch.
52. Newspaper Love Codes: Such a fun surprise, your other half will love searching out this hidden note!
53. Nerdy Love Notes: Show a touch of your nerdy side with these fun themed notes.
54. Madly in Love Madlibs: Add some humor to your love notes with these hilarious madlibs.
55. Love Letter of the Month Club: This amazing pack will help you give your spouse the perfect love note every month.

Surprise your spouse with some extra love today!

56. Surprise Can: An exciting love surprise that anyone would love.
57.  Shower You With Love: Shower the love onto your spouse with this amazing idea.
58. Printable Post-It Love Notes: Stick a love note anywhere and everywhere for your spouse!
59. Shower Curtain Love: Shower curtain love notes are sure to be a hit.
60. 25+ Sexy Love Letters: Spice things up with some sexy love letters.

Serve your spouse daily to show that you care.

Quick ideas to show your spouse love.

61. Car Treasure Hunt: Send your love on a hunt through their car!
62. 30 Days of Love: Intentionally loving your spouse for a whole month.
63. Chores for your Spouse: Accomplishing chores around the house for your spouse always means a lot!
64. DIY Love Coupon Book: Provide your husband with a love coupon book that they are sure to use!
65. Covert Cupid: Love your spouse by serving them daily for two whole weeks.

Serve your spouse everyday!

66. Favorite Drink Love Note: Surprising your spouse with their favorite drink with a love note attached is a fun way to show you care.
67. Husband Menu of Services: Serve your husband with these adorable printables! {Looking for a version for your wife?! No worries we have you covered there as well!! Wife Menu of Services}
68. Monthly Love Calendar: EVERY month we put out a great love calendar! You can always find an updated copy on the righthand side bar of out site!
69. Leave a Flirty Note: Show your spouse that you truly are the best masseuse in town! 😉
70. Get ‘Er Done: Accomplishing a task on your spouse’s to-do list will mean the world to them.

Finding ways to speak your hubby's Love Language.

71. Menu Magic: Dinner made by you is sure to be a hit!
72. Secret Service Tickets: Serving your spouse with these secret service tickets can’t be beat.
73. Spa Date: A day at the spa is always relaxing!
74. Sit Back and Relax Coupons: Give your spouse the day off.
75. Open When Letters: Provide your husband with the perfect gift for whenever he needs it!

Fun ways to serve your spouse!

76. Spoil Your Spouse: Spoil your spouse with this night all about them!
77. Year of Dates Binder: A full year of planned dates is  the perfect way to serve your spouse!
78. Room Service: Be prepared to provide your hubby with his requests.
79. Week Long Lovin’ Kit: Love your hubby for an entire week!!
80. Sweet Messages: A little sweet treat that shows how much you love your spouse.

Love your spouse a little extra through the language of physical touch.

Fun ways to love your hubby.

81. Dirty Deeds: Show your spouse some extra love with this exciting idea.
82. Chocolate Body Paint: Sweeten up your loving!
83. Bedroom Value Menu: What will your hubby select?
84. Hot Scratch Off Tickets: Turn up the heat with this steamy idea.
85. Guess the Flavor: Will you be able to guess correctly?

Top ways to love your hubby with his Love Language.

86. Make Out Party: This party for two is sure to get steamy!
87. Naked Night: Invite your spouse for an official naked night.
88. Red Light Kisses: A sweet little sentiment at every red light.
89. Sexy Survey: Find out what your spouse truly loves.
90. Intimate Playbook: What plays will be in your book?

Using the 5 Love Languages to LOVE your spouse!

91. Sexy Spinner: Spin your way to an exciting night.
92. Strip Horse: Make sure you bring your A-game for this competitive night of lovin’!
93. Spin the Bottle: You never know where the bottle will land with this fun game night!
94. The Steamy Bucket List: What sexy surprises would you add to your steamy bucket list?
95. Simon Says: Make sure you do exactly what Simon says!

Fully loving your spouse!

96. The Game of Love: Turn up the heat with the Game of Love!
97. The Ultimate Intimacy Pack: 12 amazing bedroom games all in one place. You will be ready for the entire year with this outstanding pack.
98. Fantasy Suite: Welcome your hubby to a fantasy suite that he is sure to remember.
99. 2 Minutes in Heaven: Luck of the die, roll your way to a steamy date night.
100. Truth and Dare: This sizzling night will be a favorite for both you and your handsome hubby!

Did you love all of these ideas as much as we did?!? Oh my goodness what a fun collection!

{Just a little FYI if you are LOVING the 5 Love Languages as much as we do! Did you know that there is also a book written specifically about finding your children’s Love Language!? – Talk about amazing! You may just want to snatch up this book as well!! The 5 Love Languages of Children}

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