January 25, 2013

Reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel


Candice-Heartbreak hotel- Pinterest

With how fast paced life is for most families these days, it’s increasingly easy for tensions to build up and bubble over when a stressful situation arises.  Being the first one to say, “I’m Sorry” and take responsibility for his or her part in an argument is not always easy.  If you’re ready to make the first move, but aren’t sure what to say, we’ve got the perfect printable to help.  This fun little note will hopefully bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face and break the ice so that the two of you can address each other’s feelings.

A huge thank you to the talented Leah Aldous for designing this unique love note, which alerts your spouse that you are currently staying at the “Heartbreak Hotel.”  To customize your own “reservation,” simply write in the “reason for your stay” or why you would like to make an apology.  Download this adorable printable HERE.

After filling out your reservation, simply leave this note in a special spot for your sweetheart to find.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I decided to tuck my note in a heart shaped pillow for my hubby… along with a few Hershey’s mints for good measure!  I also ran across these cute pillowcases and thought they would be a perfect backdrop for leaving your note: “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases.


For another creative way to say, “I’m Sorry,” check out Cami’s post “The Doghouse.”  We hope these quick and easy DIY ideas are helpful.  We would love to hear from our readers if you have any tips on leaving creative notes to help break the ice after an argument or ways to show your spouse you care!

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