May 15, 2013

Dinner and a Movie- Zorro!



We are SOOOO excited to be introducing The Girl Who Ate Everything! You’ve all heard about her, right?! If not, you are TOTALLY missing out!!!!

Christy Denney is the girl behind The Girl Who Ate Everything. She’s a self proclaimed foodaholic who is dedicated to finding easy and family friendly recipes for her four kids and her extremely tall  husband. She can be found any given afternoon in her kitchen cooking with the tunes cranking. She says she’s slowly…ever slowly learning moderation (except for when it comes to chocolate).

Today we are so lucky to be teaming up with The Girl Who Ate Everything to bring you this cool….

Dinner and a Movie!

What?! Never heard of it?  Well, let me just tell you ALL about this amazing idea!  Dinner and a Movie is all about linking up our favorite things… eating, dating our spouse, and movies!  We provide you with your next at-home date, and The Girl Who Ate Everything will be providing yummy food to go along.  What is better than that?  NOTHING!!   Read on because here comes your spectacular (already planned) date night idea just for you!


This month we went for adventure AND romance – the best of both worlds!  It should make BOTH of you happy :).

The Movie

What’s great is you have 2 options to choose from: The Mask of Zorro or The Legend of Zorro starring Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Both are filled with adventure, growth and great romance.

The Date

When date night rolls around, there are several options…

Limited Time AND No Sitter?

Just put your little little ones to bed, grab your movie, snuggle up, and enjoy your treats (courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything)!

Got Some Extra Time BUT No Sitter?

Why not look up romantic Spanish phrases you can say to each other? You can use them throughout the night (even when kiddos are awake) OR in the bedroom later {WINK}!  Also, speak with a Spanish accent all night!

You can also make Zorro masks as a family (or couple) and wear them throughout the night.  I made mine out of construction paper but if you have old t-shirts those would be awesome, or foam paper would be great too!


If you are really adventurous make some swords out of cardboard and be your own Zorro fighters :).

Got Extra Time AND A Sitter?

Why not try a traditional flamenco dance? You can do it with the hubby or perform a dance just for him!  There are SO many versions on the web, just google flamenco dance if you want another variety. Oh, and don’t forget your hot dancing shoes!


The “After Movie” Party

There is a scene in the Mask of Zorro where Elena (Zeta-Jones) tries to stop Alejandro (Banderas) from escaping her barn.  At the end of the scene she is definitely NOT successful because, he cut her clothes to shreds and she is left with no option but to drop her sword and grab a coat hanging on a hook.  Now, I am not saying you should let the hubbs cut your clothes off but why not be wearing some HOT lingerie under your clothes and he gets to find out what you are wearing {WINK}!


Or, wear your masks into the bedroom for a little masked play {WINK}!  You could also use these quotes to help spice up the bedroom…

Alejandro Murrieta: Do you surrender?

Elena: Never, but I may scream.

Alejandro Murrieta: I understand. Sometimes I have that effect.

And last but certainly not least, the FOOD, brought to you by The Girl Who Ate Everything:

The Food

Head on over to get these YUMMY enchiladas and you get the recipe for FREE!!!  This recipe is the final touch to really make your night a success!

cami- zorro date night-creamy shrimp enchiladas- the girl who ate everything

If you want more Spanish-themed ideas check out fellow Diva Kari’s Mexican Fiesta or Corie’s Mexican Fiesta Date.  Or, for amazing delicious recipes that OUR husband’s love, check out our Dating Divas Recipes Revealed Cookbook!

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