February 10, 2015

Keep Calm DIY Shirts


DIY Keep Calm Shirts

“Keep Calm and Carry On” is a phrase that you have probably seen all over social media in various forms. We added our own *Diva* spin to this popular phrase to create some sweet DIY t-shirts for you and your spouse!


“Keep Calm and Carry On” is a phrase that dates back to World War II England. Originally used as war propaganda to boost morale during difficult times, this phrase is now filling memes on social media and elsewhere.

Finding inspiration from the original, our beautiful Diva Designer, Kristin at C Dot Love, has created 4 amazing “Keep Calm” designs specifically for couples!

 You can choose from:

Keep Calm and Kiss Me

Keep Calm and Kiss Me Shirt Idea

Keep Calm and Live Happily Ever After

Keep Calm and Live Happily Ever After Shirt Idea

Keep Calm and Cuddle 

Keep Calm and Cuddle Shirt Idea

Keep Calm and Love On

Keep Calm and Love On

So fun – right? I couldn’t decide between the phrases AND it was so easy to do so I made ONE OF EACH! Luckily I had some gorgeous models (AKA fellow Divas + my hubby!) to show you just how fabulous they turned out!

These designs can easily be added to a t-shirt for a quick and easy DIY shirt that your spouse {and YOU!} will love! To add your phrase to your own t-shirt you will need:

After choosing your design, simply print your “Keep Calm” phrase onto your iron-on transfer sheets. Since iron-on transfer sheets can all have different ways of being applied (depending on the brand), make sure to follow the directions included in the package. I tried two different ones and they had completely different directions, but both were super easy!

Keep Calm Card 

Whichever design you choose – make sure to share this fun card with your spouse, too! If you give your spouse this shirt as a gift – this card would go perfect with it!

Keep Calm and Know I love you card idea

This little card would really brighten your spouse’s day. I think I will give this one to my spouse when he has his big final exam at school!

Keep Calm Card

To get Kristin’s Keep Calm T-shirt Designs click the specific style you need (reversed or not) but make sure to stop by her shop and see what other goodies she has. She may even be able to customize something special for you!

T-shirt Designs Mirrored 

T-shirt Designs Not Mirrored

And to get that adorable card click here:

Keep Calm Card

Maybe you and your spouse can even make matching shirts for your next group date night. It would be fun to have team shirts when you go to play The Amazing Race or one of our Win it in a Minute games!

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