September 6, 2013

A Secret Invitation Whispered in His Ear



It’s that time again! Another great LOVE ON THE RUN IDEA! If you are new to our love on the run series, see what they are all about HERE!




Our Love on the Run idea today is as easy as it gets {wink!}

Freshen up a little and then surprise your spouse by whispering in their ear a secret message like “Meet me upstairs in 10 minutes!” or “Meet me in the closet in 10 minutes!” or how about “You and me in the shower in 10 minutes!”

The sky is the limit on this one- so have fun with it:)


┬áDon’t wait for the perfect opportunity for some intimate time with your spouse, you just need to go and surprise them when they are least expecting it! Reclaim that romance with the element of surprise:) If you are looking for some more fabulous Love on the Run ideas you will love Sweet Kisses for your Sweetheart and a simple tip to Make Dinner Fancy Tonight.

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