August 16, 2013

Guest Blogger {Michelle H.} – Communication Station



Michelle H. back again with a fun and easy DIY craft that will spark communication in your relationship–I call it The Communication Station!


You could make something similar in so many different ways but I’ll walk you through the steps and supplies I used. I picked up an unfinished wooden frame
and a dry erase board from Hobby Lobby, some business card sized magnets from Staples, and grabbed a couple of things I had around the house already.


I painted and distressed the frame, then took the outside edges off the dry erase board (I later found magnetic dry erase sheets that would have worked, but of course I took the more complicated road.) I pulled the little metal tabs out of the back of the frame (the ones that you bend over a picture to hold it in place) then used a staple gun to secure the metal sheet from the dry erase board to the back of the frame. I also added some ribbon loops to the back with the staple gun for hanging. I’m sure you could glue the metal and ribbon, but there is something a little wild and empowering about using a staple gun without husband supervision. So I say STAPLE!


Decorate the front of the frame to your heart’s content. This would look super cute with a monogram, anniversary date, even little pictures of you together! Go ahead and decoupage the dry erase marker while you’re at it, just for the sake of over achieving. Now is when having a paper trimmer will come in handy. Print off the sheet Conversation Starters Printable onto heavy paper and cut it out.


Print off your FREE Conversation Starters Printable now!

Also, cut the business card magnets right in half. {I did mine in the paper trimmer and it worked great!} Stick the conversation starters onto the cut sheets of magnet and put a thin swipe of Mod Podge over the cards to keep them durable. Don’t use too much and don’t go too slow, or you’ll end up with bubbled cards and smeared computer ink. You could also laminate the cards and glue a small magnet to the back, but the magnet sheets will work best since they are thin and the perfect size. I glued the pen holder from the dry erase board right onto the front of my frame, and then stacked the conversation cards and they fit perfectly on the edge of the picture opening. Choose a conversation card to get started and then add your ending. Voila! A super fun, new way to communicate with your spouse!


So to make sure this doesn’t become one of those things that hubby and I start out doing on a regular basis… and then forget about it when it gets buried under laundry and bills… I knew I needed a really good place to put it. I also wanted it to be in a somewhat private place, so we don’t always have to keep it PG rated. So we decided to hang it in our master bathroom (above the toilet, hehe). I know, I know, not the most romantic place ever. BUT, it’s a place my kids rarely go unless they want to lose a limb. It’s also a place where it’s out of the way of everything else, but where we will see it everyday! I’m really excited to start using it and I can’t wait to see what stuff we come up with to say! Get funny, get sentimental, get sweet and sappy, or get down right naughty!! And have fun using your Communication Station today!!

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