June 3, 2013

The ULTIMATE Fishing Date!




Are you a fan of creative dating? How about inexpensive dates? Well, did you know that each state offers a FREE FISHING DAY? Well, whether you and your spouse are seasoned fisherman or just beginners, this day is the perfect day to have a


For me, as a Utah girl, free fishing day is JUNE 8, 2013.

To find the date in your state, just click the link below:

To start this date out, you will need our FREE printable invitation. I set mine out in the morning of a day I knew my husband Zac didn’t have to work.

To get this free printable click here: FISHING INVITATION PRINTABLE


I had babysitting pre-arranged and a cute little fish-themed lunch packed for us and ready to go! The lunch was really easy. I did tuna FISH sandwiches, GoldFISH crackers, and Swedish FISH! Not super healthy, but super fun! I seriously tried SO hard to think of a delicious fish-themed drink but I don’t think one exists. Anyone know??


We dropped the kids off and we were off! We headed to one of my favorite ponds. I love it because there is an old bridge I used to jump off when I was a kid, a beach area, a park, and LOTS of ducks. We saw these little cutie-patooties right when we arrived.


So we talked, we laughed, we made bets about who would catch the first fish. This was pretty fun because we set up some fun little winning-favors between us {wink-wink}.
My husband is a GREAT fisherman, and I have no clue what I’m doing! Hanging out with him doing something he really loves was so fun. And guess who won the bet?


OK fine, it’s not a fish. But I DID catch the first item: a VERY small stick/branch thing. I could have SWORN I had something. My husband said no and to leave my pole in there but hey, reeling it in is the most fun part right??

He caught 3!!!! And in the style of a true gentleman, he let me reel most of them in. :-)

So try it!!! Again, here is the list of FREE FISHING DAYS in your state. Grab your man and go!

And if you LOVE outdoor dates, you have got to check out Michelle’s Star Light, Star Bright Date and Becca’s Romantic Rooftop  Date, and Julie’s Pool Party Date!

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