February 27, 2013

Deal or No Deal



Is your man a risk taker!?  Just how risky is he?  Find out by playing a SASSY round of “Deal or No Deal” in the bedroom!  THE GOAL: have your man pick the ULTIMATE PRIZE of PASSION!  Have no fear, we’ve attached an easy set of instructions along with amazing game piece printables designed by the TALENTED Leah Aldous!


 The Breakdown:


1. First, print out all of the wonderful printables for setup.

2. Grab 13 small envelopes. Label a set of envelopes 1-9 and place a briefcase card in each.  Label the remaining envelopes 1-4 and place a deal card in each.


3. When the time is right, have your man select his “briefcase” envelope and let the game BEGIN!

4. First round, he’ll eliminate 3 cards.  As he opens the “briefcase” envelopes, mark them off the game card (be sure to print extras so you can play MORE than once {wink wink})!

5. After the first 3 “briefcase” envelopes have been opened, he will select a “deal” card!  He can either take the deal on the card OR keep eliminating “briefcase” cards (see instructions for details), hoping he’s holding the ULTIMATE PRIZE in his envelope!


6. Enjoy a night (or two) full of PASSION!!!

Can’t get enough!?  Check out Chutes and Ladders and other FUN games for the bedroom!!

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