November 14, 2014

50+ Turkey Treats- Fun Thanksgiving Food Ideas


 With Thanksgiving right around the corner, our Pinterest feed has been flooded with fun Thanksgiving food ideas.  We couldn’t get over all of the seriously cute and creative turkey treats! So… we thought we’d share our very favorites with YOU!  Because we love you.  And really, who couldn’t use a little more food and fun in their life?  So get ready for…

59 Fun and Creative Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Fun Thanksgiving Food Ideas


I love making the holidays extra special for my family, and these ideas are sooo cute- any kid would gobble them up!  Just you wait and see.  

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided them into 4 categories including…

  • 10 Creative Thanksgiving BREAKFAST Ideas
  • 16 Creative Thanksgiving SNACK and LUNCH Ideas
  • 8 Creative Thanksgiving TURKEY TRAYS
  • 25 Creative Thanksgiving DESSERT Ideas 

 Whether you’re looking for a fun way to surprise the kids on Thanksgiving morning or a festive appetizer to take to Thanksgiving dinner with friends- we’ve got a little something for everyone.  So let’s get this party started!  First up…


10 Creative Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

Creative Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

Turkey Pancakes for Thanksgiving

1.  Turkey Waffle Breakfast-  A great way to get the kids to gobble up lots of fruit in the morning.

2.  Banana Gobble PancakesI’m loving those banana turkey tail feathers. 

3.  Thanksgiving Turkey PancakesI love that this version includes scrambled eggs. 

4.  Bacon Feathered Turkey Pancakes- You can never go wrong by adding bacon!  

5.  Gobble-y Good PancakeA pear, red apple, green apple, and a little chocolate hazelnut spread were used for this cute version. 

Fun Thanksgiving Breakfast

6.  Gobble Gobble PancakesI love the extra sprinkling of Cinnamon on these turkey pancakes.

7.  Thanksgiving PancakesHow impressive is this Thanksgiving breakfast?  Use food coloring to tint the pancake batter, pour it in a squeeze bottle, and test your artistic skills.  

8.  Turkey PancakesI love how easy this turkey pancake is!  No special shapes or skills are needed.  

9.  Turkey MuffinsTurn a regular muffin into a cute Thanksgiving turkey using apple slices and a grape.

10.  Donut Turkeys- How cute is this?  Just add paper turkey heads to some apple cinnamon donuts!


16 Creative Thanksgiving Snack and Lunch Ideas

Creative Thanksgiving Lunch Ideas

Fun Thanksgiving Snack Ideas

11.  Peanut Butter Turkey TreatsI love how cute and EASY this turkey snack is.  It’s perfect for the kids to much on while they’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.  

12.  Turkey Veggie CupsA fun idea to get the kids eating their veggies this Thanksgiving.  

13.  Graham GobblerIt doesn’t get any easier than this cute graham cracker turkey.

14.  Turkey Pudding Cups- What kid wouldn’t want to gobble up this fun turkey treat made from a pudding cup?  It would be the perfect treat to make for a Thanksgiving class party at school! 

Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches

15.  Fun Turkey Face SandwichesThese are no ordinary turkey sandwiches!  I love that there are so many different options.

16.  Thanksgiving BentoHow fun would it be to surprise the kids with a special turkey-themed lunch in their school lunchbox?  

17.  Turkey LunchDifferent colored apple slices make the perfect turkey tail feathers!

18.  Turkey Shaped SandwichOr sneak in some veggies with these fun bell pepper tail feathers.

19.  Cute Turkey Sandwich for ThanksgivingThis turkey sandwich is almost too cute to eat!

20.  Cute Thanksgiving Turkey SandwichUse cookie cutters to cut the sandwich meat and cheese slices into the perfect shape for your turkey.

Fun Thanksgiving Food Ideas For Kids

21.  Apple Turkey Cracker SandwichI love this cute version of the turkey sandwich using crackers instead of bread.  

22.  Turkey Time SandwichHow much fun would the kids have decorating their turkey’s feathers with their favorite snacks?!

23.  Thanksgiving Turkey BagelCheck out this fun bagel turkey sandwich!  You can make the perfect turkey tail just by cutting triangles out of the top of the bagel.  

24.  “Gobble Me Up” Quesadilla-  I’m loving this easy and darling turkey quesadilla.  And the candy corn beak just tops it off.

25.  Turkey PizzaDecorate your pizza to look like a turkey this Thanksgiving season!  The kids would sure get a kick out of that. 

26.  Thanksgiving Turkey PizzaAll you need to decorate this fun Thanksgiving turkey pizza is pepperoni, bell peppers, and olives for the eyes.


8 Creative Thanksgiving Turkey Trays

Fun Thanksgiving Trays

Turkey Trays for Thanksgiving Dinner

27.  Chocolate Turkey FondueHow cute is this fruit tray for Thanksgiving?  I love that the fruit slices can be dipped into fondue!

28.  A Tasty Fruit Thanksgiving TurkeyUsing a variety of colored fruits make the perfect turkey tail! 

29.  Caramel Apple TurkeyThis is one of my favorites because it is SO easy and still SO cute!  Just cut some apple slices and pour some caramel dip.  All that’s left to do is adding two chocolate chips for the eyes and a candy corn for the beak.  

30.  Turkey Veggie Platter-  Already planning on making a veggie tray for Thanksgiving?  Why not arrange the veggies into the shape of a turkey?  

31.  Turkey Vegetable Tray-  I love how many options there are with this one.  You can pretty much use any vegetables of your choice- it’s the arrangement that makes it so fun.  

32.  Cracker and Vegetable Turkey Platter- Here’s another cute turkey platter!  I love that this version includes crackers.

33.  Turkey Cheese BallStick crackers and pretzels into the cheese ball to make a cute turkey tail!

34.  Thanksgiving Cheese BallIf you’re already planning on making a cheese ball for Thanksgiving, you have to try this version!  I love that you can transform a regular cheeseball into a turkey just by adding some pretzel sticks, eyes, and a nose.


25 Creative Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas  

Creative Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Cute Turkey Cupcakes

35.  Sweet T.O.M. TurkeysThese turkey cupcakes are seriously adorable!  I love how they used the vanilla wafter cookies for the wings.

36.  Nutter Butter Turkey CupcakesNutter Butter cookies are the perfect shape for a turkey face!

37.  Wafer Turkey Cupcakes-  Stick some wafter cookies into a cupcake to make a fun turkey tail.

38.  Creative Turkey CupcakesThis might be my favorite version out of all the turkey cupcakes.  And no one will complain that it uses 2 cupcakes! 

39.  Fondant Turkey ToppersThese fun turkey toppers are made from fondant and look surprisingly easy to make. 

Turkey Treats for Thanksgiving

40.  Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake CakeTurn a batch of cupcakes into a darling turkey cake!  You won’t even have to slice it.

41.  Turkey CakeIf you’re looking to WOW your Thanksgiving guests, you can’t go wrong with this over-the-top turkey cake.

42.  Turkey Brownie BitesThese just might be the cutest bite-sized brownies that I’ve ever seen. 

43.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkey TreatsAdd candy corn feathers to some chocolate covered strawberries!  How creative is that?

44.  Turkey Cookies With Heart- Use circle and heart cookie cutters to make these darling turkey cookies.  Totally genius, right?

Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

45.  Turkey Nutter Butter CookiesThese Nutter Butter turkey cookies are the perfect edible craft to do with the kids this Thanksgiving.

46.  Peanut Butter Cup Turkey CookiesUse a peanut butter cup and some frosting to decorate the top of your cookies like a turkey.

47.  Mike & Ike Turkey CookiesMike & Ikes are the perfect colors for making turkey tail feathers.

48.  Little Gobbler Turkey CookieUse icing to help the kids “glue” together this cute turkey creation using cookies and candy! 

49.  Easy Turkey CookiesI love how simple these turkey cookies are!  They would make the perfect Thanksgiving dessert or gift.

Edible Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

50.  Reese’s Turkey CookiesOreos, peanut butter cups, candy corn- how can you go wrong?

51.  Turkey Pop Treats- Just a little chocolate and some candy corn can turn regular rice krispie balls into cute turkeys.  Love it!

52.  Turkey Rice Krispie TreatsRicke Krispie Treats are always a kid favorite, but they’re even better when they’re shaped like a turkey.  

53.  Rice Krispie Turkey PopsYou only need 4 ingredients to make this cute turkey pops. 

54.  Turkey Cake PopsThis turkey cake pops are pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Thanksgving Turkey Desserts

55.  Turkey PopsNow this is my kind of turkey pop- no baking required!

56.  Turkey Pretzel TreatsThese turkey pretzel treats would be so fun to make with the kids this Thanksgiving!

57.  Turkey PretzelsWho knew that a pretzel rod could make such a cute turkey?!

58.  Giant Thanksgiving Pizza Cookie- Let the kids help you decorate the top of a giant cookie to look like a turkey.

59.  Turkey Decorated Pumpkin PieIf you’re bringing the pie to Thanksgiving dinner, you need to check out this turkey decorated pumpkin pie!  I can’t get over how seriously cute it is.


Aren’t they FUN?!  Now go make some holiday memories!

For even more Thanksgiving fun, make sure to snag our free printable Thanksgiving Photo Booth props!  And, while you’re at it, you can go claim 12 MORE free Thanksgiving printables.    

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