January 20, 2015

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Don’t Miss Out on the all FUN We’re Having on Facebook!

We totally feel the love from our readers! We have SO many amazing facebook fans – but don’t worry, there’s always room for more. And here’s the thing, our social media communities are all about YOU, so we want to know more about you and get you involved. If you’re not yet a facebook fan, stop reading and head over to our Facebook Page now to get in on the fun. We’ve got some new ideas to keep you even more current and involved in this new year! Here’s what we’re all about on facebook.

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Marriage and Family Inspiration

Social media outlets get bombed with negativity and inappropriate content, so we’re here to change all that. We love to find and post inspirational videos, photos, quotes and advice about the things that matter most to you. Like us on Facebook and you’ll see all sorts of great things pop up in your newsfeed. Here are just a few of of favorite posts.

Reader Questions
Every day at 3:00, we post a Reader Question. We get that marriage can be tough, but we want you to know you’re not alone. We’ve got a huge community of amazing people that are willing to help you with questions about your relationship and they give some great advice. We’d love for you to weigh in on the discussion, too!

Facebook Reader Question - Join us on Facebook to see more!

If you’re curious too, then find out how our fans answered this question.

Inspirational Marriage Quotes
Sometimes you just need a little motivation. We love to find sweet and meaningful quotes to get you excited about being with the one you love.

Check this quote out on Facebook to see what our fans said about how they stay on the same page with their spouse.
Facebook Marriage Quote - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Love Challenges
Some simple ideas to remind your spouse that you love them.

Our readers let us know which treats they’d be getting for this challenge.

Facebook Love Challenge - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Date Ideas
Straight from The Dating Divas – we always link back to our posts on date nights and other ideas for strengthening your marriage.

See how facebookers responded to these date ideas!

Facebook Date Ideas - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Brag Questions
Posts to tag your loved one in and brag about them. Make your spouse feel special when you comment about how much you love them to the entire Facebook world.

Click on over to facebook to see how our readers bragged about their husbands in response to this beautiful marriage quote.

Facebook Brag Question - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Marriage Tips
We’re all about strengthening marriages, get some quick tips regularly from our facebook feed.

See what the facebook community had to say about this tip.

Facebook Marriage Tip - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Relevant Marriage Videos
Hilarious videos that hit close to home and are sure to make you laugh as well as sweet and touching stories of real relationships!

Watch as these couples try to defuse a bomb in a video game.

Facebook Couple Video - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Family Fun

We know a ton of our readers have growing families and we love to find great ideas and articles for helping you stay connected with all the people you love!

Hear from parents of all ages and stages of their lives as they react to this article.

Facebook Marriage Article - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Calling All Adorable Couples

At The Dating Divas, we are all about LOVE and we want to hear more stories about love! Can you even believe how sweet these stories are??

Facebook Love Story - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Facebook Love Advice - Join us on Facebook to see more!

Now, we want YOU! Yes, dear readers, we are SUPER excited to start getting YOU to submit photos of your relationship or to nominate other, beautiful couples in your lives. We can’t wait to hear all about what makes your relationship special. We’re looking for readers of all ages and stages of marriage to submit a great photo and love story.

Facbook Reader Submission Love Stories

We’ve tried to make the submission process simple, so just follow the directions and answer a few questions on our photo submission survey and we’ll do everything we can to feature your photo and love story with all of our fans.


Still not totally convinced that becoming a facebook fan is the way to go? How about being among the first to know about all of our giveaways, flash sales and amazing partners. Each time that we host a giveaway, contest, or flash sale – you’ll find everything you need to know on our facebook page. We also work with and feature some of the most fantastic bloggers, who all have great ideas to help you strengthen your marriage and enjoy your family. Facebook Giveaway - Join us on Facebook to see more!

So, this giveaway is closed, BUT don’t you wish you had gotten in on it?! Our Facebook fans have the inside scoop!!

Now that you know how incredible our Facbook Page {and fans} are, you’ll almost certainly want to jump on over to check out the Divas on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google +, too. If I can just take a quick second to brag… we have the most AMAZING team of ladies who have come up with some of the most exciting, inspirational and romantic ideas for 2015, you just do not want to miss out on ANY of it {and we don’t want you to miss out either – after all, our social media is all about YOU}!!

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