July 20, 2015

Farmer’s Market Date Night


Meet Me at the Farmer’s Market

A Farmer’s Market date night is the perfect way to spend a Saturday in the Summer. Sunshine, fresh produce, a fun challenge and the one you love. Sounds pretty perfect right??

Meet Me at the Farmer's Market Date Night

Have you ever driven by a Farmer’s Market and wondered what the produce is like? Is it really cheaper? More fresh? What makes the Farmer’s Market such a special place to be!?

Well, we decided to put together the perfect date night to help you find out! With Crystal’s amazing talent we designed these bright and beautiful Farmer’s Market Date Night printables that will totally make your date! Crystal has sooo much talent, you should definitely go check out her skills!!

Now let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine at the Farmer’s Market.
Farmer's Market Date Night Printables

First, you’ll need to let your spouse know about your plans! We created this really neat invitation that is also a little punny…
Farmer's Market Framed Printable

Lettuce turnip the beet! Get it??

I love this printable because I can easily grab it and send it as a fun, flirty message to get my husband wondering what we’re doing for date night!

The stationary will help you to write a sweet note, a shopping list or really anything else that you want to include with your invitation.
Farmer's Market Stationary

Maybe you just want to put an address and see if your spouse can find you. That would sure be a fun surprise!

While you are at the Farmer’s Market, you can use the Farmer’s Market Challenge printable to have a little competition with your spouse and get educated about the workings of the Farmer’s Market. You may want to grab a clipboard for the challenge and basket to collect your produce!
Farmer's Market Challenge

It will be fun to see what kind of produce and other products you can discover when you are really exploring!
Farmer's Market Date Night Challenge

After the trip to the Farmer’s Market… bring your fruits and veggies home and work together in the kitchen to make a delicious meal. It is so fun to experiment with fresh produce in the kitchen! There are also so many great Farmer’s Market cookbooks you could check out!

Create a fancy table setting and use the food tent labels provided to document your creations.
Farmer's Market Food Label Tents

We hope you enjoy this date as much as we did!
Grab your FREE Farmer’s Market Printables

Another great way to enjoy your findings from the Farmer’s Market might be to have a fun picnic. Check out Tennile’s International Picnic Day printables to make this an even greater success!

Looking for some more summer fun date nights?? Check out these 10 Crazy Fun Summer Date Nights

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