June 14, 2014

Clever Candy Sayings for {almost} Every Occasion!



Looking for a quick and easy gift idea? Use our free printable candy bar gift tags!  




Clever Candy Saying for {almost} Every Occasion!


I mean, who wouldn’t LOVE a candy bar love note or two?!  And it doesn’t get much easier than this.


#1) Some candy bars

Clever Candy Bar Sayings

#2) Our printable candy bar gift tags

Printable Candy Bar Gift Tags

Yep, that’s right-  Erin, the fabulously talented designer behind Strawberry Mommycakes, is hooking you up with 7 PAGES of DARLING candy bar gift tags!!  SCORE!  If you use them, make sure to head on over to her page and give her a much-deserved “Thank You!”

Your free printables include lots of darling candy bar gift tags to say…


 “Thank You!”
 “Miss You!”
 “I’m Sorry!”
 “Feel Better!”
 “Happy Birthday!”
 “Happy Anniversary”
 “I Love You!”


Wanna see a sneak peek?!  I thought so…

Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Thank You

  • You are a LIFESAVER! Thank you!
  • You are such a SWEETART!  Thank you!
  • You always come through in a CRUNCH.  Thank you!
  • Thanks for all you do.  These HUGS and KISSES are for you!
  • Thanks for working so hard.  TAKE 5!
  • I MINT to tell you how much I appreciate you!
  • Thanks for giving me a hand.  You’re worth more than 100 GRAND!
  • Thanks for all the fun and SNICKERS,we had a great time!
  • M&M {many & many} thanks for all you do!


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Miss You

  • Do U-NO how much I miss you?!
  • Missing you MOUNDS and MOUNDS!
  • Just be-TWIX me you… I really, really miss you!
  • Really missing my HOT TAMALE!
  • I O-FISH-ally miss you like crazy! (Swedish Fish)
  • Without you, I fall to PIECES! (Reeses Pieces)


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say I'm Sorry

  • U-NO I love you, please forgive me!
  • Sometimes I can be a real WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-IT. I’m sorry!
  • I can be such an AIRHEAD sometimes!  I’m sorry!
  • I made a WHOPPER of a mistake!  I’m so sorry!
  • Just thought I’d BREAK THE ICE.  I’m sorry! (Ice Breakers Gum or Mints)
  • I know it’s been a ROCKY ROAD lately.  I’m sorry! 
  • I’m sorry!  I never MINT to hurt you!
  • I got to PIECES when I know you’re unhappy.  (Reeses Pieces)


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Feel Better

  • Everything happens for a RIESEN.  Thinking of you!
  • I heard your going through a SOUR PATCH.  Know I’m thinking of you!
  • Hope you get feeling BUTTER soon! Don’t lift a FINGER ’till you’re well.
  • We’re always here to help when you’re in a CRUNCH!
  • Life can be hard, hope this help you ROLO with the punches.


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday!  Hope you have MOUNDS of fun today!
  • Happy Birthday!  Have a WHOPPER of a good time!
  • Happy Birthday! TAKE 5 and enjoy the spoiling. 
  • Happy Birthday!  Take a FAST BREAK and enjoy! 
  • Hope it’s the best birthday BAR NONE!
  • For your birthday, I wanted to give you 100 GRAND!
  • Hope your day is EXTRA special- just like you! (Extra-brand gum)


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Happy Anniversary

  • It’s a JOY being married to you! (Almond Joy)
  • Happy Anniversary, SWEETART
  • So lucky to have married a BIG HUNK like you!
  • Life is BUTTER with you! So glad to have this ring on my FINGER!
  • I really SKOR-ed marrying you!
  • Happy Anniversary! Meet me AFTER EIGHT to celebrate
  • I love that I can still ROLO-ver next to you each morning.
  • I’m so grateful that out of everyone in the MILKY WAY- I got you!
  • I’m BURSTING with happiness that you’re mine. (Starbursts)
  • Happy Anniversary!  There are so many RIESENS why I love you!


Candy Bar Love Notes to Say Love You

  • Do U-NO how much I love you?
  • Just be-TWIX me and you… I love everything about you!
  • Our love is RED HOT!
  • I am NUTRAGEOUS about you!
  • I love you to PIECES!  (Reese Pieces)
  • There are a millions REESES why I love you!
  • I really SKORed getting you!
  • We were MINT to be together!
  • I love you more than a 100 GRAND!
  • Our love is GOOD & PLENTY!
  • I love you NOW & LATER
  • With you, every day feels like PAYDAY!
  • I like the way you ROLL!  (Bag of tootsie rolls)


 See?!  What did I tell you?  Something for {almost} every occasion!

Candy Bar Gift Ideas


You can gift just one candy bar OR use all of the gift tags in a category to make a fun candy bouquet or gift basket FULL of candy bar love notes!  How fun would THAT be for a birthday or anniversary?!

What are you waiting for?


For more quick and easy candy gift ideas, check out our Candy Bar Bouquet, Candy Bar Love Notes, and Candy Gram!  Oh, and you might want to check out our Quick, Sweet Treats Love Notes and our Soda Pop gift tags while you’re at it. 

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