April 17, 2014

Naked Night



Looking for a sexy date idea?

Well… we have the PERFECT one!  It’s flirty, fun, AND super easy to pull off too.  

All you have to do is…


Aren’t you just DYING over that clever invite?

“Let’s un-button and get… Naked!”

The talented Tasha, from Whimsicle Design Studio, created it just for our readers!  All you have to do it stick it on your favorite Naked brand Juice and hide it somewhere your man is sure to find it.  {Then get ready for one HAPPY hubby!}


Oh, and make sure you fill in the date and time on the inside!  

So, what do you do when Naked Night rolls around? 

You can watch a movie, play a game- anything goes… as long as it’s SANS CLOTHES!!  *wink*wink*

This is a date you KNOW the hubby will appreciate.  Who knows, it might become a weekly tradition.  Naked Friday, anyone?


Oh, and if you need some ideas of a game to play on Naked Night, then run and check out our 75 Sexy Bedroom Games Round-up.  Find one to surprise your man with OR send him the link and let him pick his favorite.  

And if you’re saving Naked Night for an anniversary or special occasion, then our Suite Retreat Kit would be the perfect addition to take it up a couple of notches! 

Happy Romancing!

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