November 17, 2014

Spoil Your Spouse Date Night


Date Night Idea to Show Your Spouse Love 

This date night is all about doing what your SPOUSE loves to do! No marital compromise here – this night is THEIR night! Nothing says I love you more than a date night that is all about them! And, ahem, you might just get a turn too!

Spoil Your Spouse date night to show love

I love to be spoiled. Who doesn’t? For this date night, you get to spoil your spouse to the max! This date night is planned completely around what they love to do. You will eat their favorite meal, do their favorite activity, maybe watch their favorite movie and, of course, do a little bedroom somethin’ just the way they like it. You get the idea! {wink!}

And . . . if all goes well, maybe your spouse will return the favor and the next date night can be all about you!


Spoil your spouse invitation to date night  

Start off by inviting your spouse to their special date night. This adorable invite created by Jennafer from Oh Creative One lets your spouse know that for this date night they will be “pampered, doted upon, satisfied, delighted and showered with love” There is is NO WAY they are turning this date night down! 


Spoil your spouse  request menu

In addition to getting your spouse excited about the date night with the invite, have them fill out the printable request menu with their desired requests for the evening. Your spouse can ask for a specific meal, dessert, treat, activity, movie, and more! 

Once the request menu is filled out and returned – you can start planning your spouse’s special date night. The great thing about this date is how easy it will be to plan! They basically planned it out for you – you just have to implement the plan. There may not be time to do everything they have listed, but do your best to make as many of their requests possible! Remember – this night is all about making them feel loved!


Spoil your spouse Date Night Door Hanger

When it comes to the actual date night, put the printable door hanger on your doorknob and let the spoiling begin! Go all out! Do everything you can to make your spouse feel like it is THEIR night. As the invite promised, you will “treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness and care” So – do it! Smother them with love and affection all night long! 

Warning! - your spouse may choose an activity that you hate to do. Remember – this is their night and if that is what they choose – put a smile on your face and enjoy it! Marriage is about compromise, but not tonight!  


Spoil your spouse HER version

If your spouse is up for returning the favor – now it is their turn to spoil you. Now, YOU fill out the request menu form and YOUR SPOUSE plans a date with all the things YOU enjoy. And the best part? Jennafer from Oh Creative One has create not one – but TWO printable versions of this date night. There are His AND Hers versions so you can BOTH be pampered!  

Spoil your spouse  HIS version

So download these designs and get pampering! You AND your spouse deserve it! Enjoy! 

Spoiled Spouse Free Printables

If you REALLY want to go all out (and for this date you do!) consider giving him a gift that will last beyond just the date night. This All About You Gift Basket would go perfectly with this date! Whatever you decide to do – the most important part is to make your spouse feel special! 

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