August 20, 2014

DIY Sexy Spinner Card


‘Spice’ up the Bedroom with This Fun DIY Spinner


After being married for almost 10 years {YIPPEE!}, it’s fun to spice things up in the bedroom every once and a while.  I, however, am NOT a crafty person, so the easier the idea, the better!  LOL…This sexy spinner card is just that…easy but also super HOT!

sexy spinner card and invite-pinterest

I think part of having fun is not knowing what is coming next…an element of surprise makes something so much more fun for a hot date night.  SO, I thought that having a spinner card made up of 6 different options would not only give that element of surprise to your date night, but also would let your spouse know you are wanting some special time with him/her!

sexy spinner and invite-slider

All you need to do to create a special night for your spouse is print off these amazing printables, cut them out, put them together using some brass fasteners, and voila – you will have an amazingly fun night with your spouse! The printables not only include the fantastic spinner, but also as a bonus, a fun invite to give your spouse before the night begins!  Courtney, from All Things Bright & Beautiful, designed these superb printables. She is wonderfully talented and easy to work with.  She made this post possible with her talents of hers.  Thanks SO much Courtney! They are gorgeous!

****Here are a couple of hints when putting your spinner and invite together: it helps a ton to print on card stock but using normal paper works as well (I tried both).  When making a hole for your brass fastener, cut pretty large holes to allow the spinner to move easier.  Last, when putting the brass fastener on, don’t put it on too tight – give it a little ‘wiggle’ room.  I put it on loosely and my spinner worked really well.****

sexy spinner card invite

Now go make your sexy spinner card and have a great night with your spouse! If you are looking for more HOT ideas to do with your spouse, check out Becca’s Sexy Survey or Candice’s Spin the Bottle.

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