April 20, 2015

New Parents Cozy Date Night


Do you or someone you know have a new sweet bundle of joy?! If so, we have designed the perfect date night for you! Rekindle your romance with this special


New Parent Cozy Date Night

Because we are all about keeping it “real”  here at The Dating Divas, quick story! Right after I delivered my little boy, my world immediately changed!  While I was savoring every moment with my newborn, something happened that I was not expecting… my husband and I TOTALLY LOST our dating groove! Guys, it was rough!  And to be 100% honest, it took us awhile to figure out how to fix the situation. We obviously didn’t feel comfortable leaving our newborn with a babysitter so this meant going out was NOT an option! That is when we discovered at-home dates! Seriously —these are life changing— especially for new parents! We learned that we did not have to sacrifice our relationship or date night after having a baby! After putting down our baby for bed, we found we could enjoy a romantic date night within the walls of our own home – no babysitter required!

If you are looking to rekindle your romance with your spouse, be sure to check out one of our many at-home date night ideas! Here are 45 AH-MAZING ideas to get you started!

As we were thinking about all you new parents out there, we decided to come up with the PERFECT cozy date night–JUST FOR YOU!!! The great thing about this at-home date, is that it’s so quick and easy to put together! You can either prep everything prior to your delivery and have it ready to go when you get home from the hospital— or throw it together last minute when you need some extra quality time with your hubby! It is also a great gift option to give to new parents! Who wouldn’t love a cozy date night in a basket?!

New Parents At Home Date Night

So how does the New Parent Cozy Date Night work? Start by printing off our GORGEOUS, FREE printables (at the bottom of this post)! We have included tags with easy instructions and everything else you will need to pull off this at-home date night!

New Parents Cozy Night Dinner

Start your cozy date night by cooking a no-fuss dinner together! Remember those freezer meals you prepped before your delivery? Pull one of those bad-boys out and enjoy! Let’s be honest here… you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking an extravagant meal, when chances are, you will have a limited time until your baby’s next feeding! Before I had my baby, I canned a bunch of spaghetti sauce and stocked up on pasta noodles! IT SAVED MY LIFE and definitely came in handy during our at-home date nights after the baby!

New Parents Cozy Night Game

After finishing up dinner, leave the dishes and go cuddle up on the couch! Be sure to pull out our New Parents Date Game while you snuggle! This fun-filled game will get you talking with your spouse. We have included a variety of serious, silly, and thoughtful questions for new parents! Take turns with your sweetheart answering questions!

New Parents Cozy Date Night Activity Ideas

For your cozy date night activity, create a keepsake your child will always cherish! Sit down and write letters to your new baby, fun facts about the day they were born, recount their birth story, and share your hopes and dreams for their future! We have done all the thinking for you, with our easy to use printables! Simply grab a couple pens and fill them out together!

New Parents Date Night Letters to Baby

My husband and I recently did this for one of our at-home date nights, and I have go to say, we both LOVED it and was probably one of our favorite dates! It was so special to re-live one of the best days of our lives. I am so glad that we both wrote down our memories to share with our little man!

If you are looking to create a similar accordion album to hold your treasured memories, you will need A7 envelopes. Glue the top flap of an envelope to the back of another envelope ( I used double stick tape to reinforce the envelopes). Repeat this process until you have as many pockets as you desire. Fold the envelopes into an accordion album, and insert your printables!

New Parents Date Night Activity

To finish up your baby book, tie together your accordion album with bakers twine! Viola! So CUTE! Your baby is going to love this keepsake in the future and the personal touches you included!

New Parents Date Night Letters to Baby Activity As you finish up your date night, pull out the foot lotion and give each other massages! Trust us… after late night feedings and pregnancy you will APPRECIATE a good foot massage from your spouse!

New Parents Date Night Printables

Do you love this idea? Be sure to also check out our GORGEOUS Love Story for Baby pack!

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