March 1, 2015

Are You IN On The Instagram Fun???


Pssst… are you following us on Instagram????


Because you SHOULD be! We’ve been having SO much fun over there!!! Plus, we are kicking off 5 SUPER-fun sections that you will definitely want to see while scrolling through your feed! Wanna hear about them??




If you haven’t yet heard the buzz… we kicked this one off the beginning of February!!

Are you jumping up and down? Cuz you should be!! Let me try to calm down enough to explain… because WE are just as excited! Yes, you are busy moms, wives, (….and dads… who can hook your wife UP with a fun new outfit!) and life is crazy! BUT – it’s important to take a little time for yourself and to feel GOOD about yourself! Let’s start with date night attire!! The hashtag #DivaFashionFridays is ALL about giving back to all of you!!


#1) Make sure you are following us on Instagram @datingdivas

#2) EVERY Friday we’ll be featuring one of our favorite boutiques! They will be giving away $100 to their store + killer deals so YOU can get that look too! No more frumpy date nights!!

#3) Around 10AM MST, each Friday, a photo will be posted on our Instagram feed featuring some of our favorite items from that shop.

#4) TO ENTER: Just like the photo, and make sure you are following the boutique AND us. Your last step is to leave a comment on that post and you are officially entered!! Easy-peasy! You’ll have to have a public account on Wednesday {while we pick a winner} so that all entries can be verified.

#5) Winner will be announced the following Wednesday in a NEW post, so be sure to check back!

#6) The AWESOME deal{s} the boutique is offering exclusively to our readers will end the following Thursday at midnight, so be SURE to get in on that before it’s over!!




That’s RIGHT!! We want to feature YOU! Anytime you use any ideas from our site – snap a pic and post it on Instagram! Make sure to tack on the hashtag #DateLikeADiva so we can see! Once a week, we’ll be grabbing one of our favs to feature on our Instagram Feed!!! And who knows… we just MIGHT feel like throwing a prize in there JUST for the heck of it!!




We LOOOOVE to laugh. In fact, I think it’s safe to say we’re kinda addicted to it!! You know the saying, a LAUGH a day keeps the doctor away, right? OH! That’s not how it goes?? Well, it SHOULD go like that, because seriously – one laughing session a day and I promise you, your world will look a whole lot brighter!!

Want to see what kind of things crack us up? Check out this or this or maybe you’d like this??

We’re going to be sharing at least ONE thing a week that makes us laugh! Check out the hashtag #DatingDivaLaughs whenever you need a little pick-me-up!




So, it’s mostly ME {Tara} running the show behind our Instagram account… but did you know we have 30 women on our team?? Thirty AMAZING women who inspire me on a daily basis. Thirty women that I completely LOVE! Thirty women who make me laugh, provide a shoulder to cry on, and who are the best wives, moms, and friends I have ever come across!!!

And it’s high time you got a little GLIMPSE into their lives! 😉

Every Monday, using the hashtag #LifeOfADatingDiva, we’ll be posting something inspirational, moving, or hilarious from the life of one of our divas!! It could be a tear-jerker like Chrissy’s husband finally coming home after a long military absence, or something inspirational like my sweet former student finding the love of her life, or something cute and funny like the time Becca’s daughter AKA Doc McStuffins gave her a hilarious diagnosis

Hang out on Instagram with us and get to know the dating divas a little better!




We LOVE to look at our cup half FULL… and being inspired on a weekly, even DAILY basis helps keep spirits high. When I read, or see, or experience something that makes me feel like the happiest {or luckiest} person on earth… or even just makes me sit back and think as I smile to myself… I realize what a DIFFERENCE it makes in my day! Suddenly, my never-ending to do list doesn’t look so long, those dishes seem to get washed a little faster, and a smile seems to stay longer on my face.

Being inspired makes a difference in our lives! It’s where dreams begin and ideas are born… and WE want to share as much inspiration with you as possible. Anytime you want to be inspired, just hit up the hashtag #DivasInspirationOfTheDay on Instagram! We’ll be adding to it weekly and you’ll be seeing things like this and this, and one of my favorites… this!!

Soooo… what are you waiting for?? Come on over and join us on Instagram! 😉

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