April 30, 2014

“Just Google It” Card



Google is no longer just the name of a company – it has become a VERB. Don’t know the word for something? Just Google it! Don’t know how to get somewhere – just gotta Google!

I use Google each and every day. One day, I thought I would trying Googling (<– see, it is a verb!) my husband’s name just to see what came up. There wasn’t a whole lot (thank you privacy settings!) BUT there were a few pictures of his glory days as a collegiate athlete swimmer.

After doing some stalking of my spouse via google – I thought it would be fun to create something where a google search for my husband’s name produced attributes I loved about him. And THAT is where the inspiration for this card stemmed.


Thanks to the talented AND computer savvy Tasha from Whimsicle Design Studio, she created this Google card that I had in mind. Not only did she create a card that looks JUST like a Google home screen – she has made it so you can actuallly edit the form to make it personal to YOUR SPOUSE!

How cool is that?

Tasha’s Google template is editable in Adobe Acrobat or  Preview (Apple computers). Just download the file, open it, write in what you want it to say and print! She even created 2 options for you:

Option #1:

A mostly blank template with spaces for you to fill in your own websites and descriptions. You can get creative & insert his name into his favorite sites and be more specific.


 Option #2:

A template totally filled in except the name of your spouse. Just add your spouse’s name on the first line and done!


Whichever option you choose – I guarantee it will take you less than 5 minutes and your spouse will think you spent hours for such a personalized card.

Don’t worry – we won’t tell!


Get your printables here:

Option #1 (peronalized blanks)

Option #2 (pre-filled)

If your spouse loves computer stuff – consider surprising him by adjusting his autocorrect to have a secret message from you OR change his desktop picture to a sexy picture of you! 

You could always just google “The Dating Divas” and find TONS of ideas to show your spouse some love. I promise you will find something!

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