July 16, 2014

Husband Gift Basket: 10 Things I Love About You


The Ultimate Gift Basket for your Husband!

Husband Gift Basket with Printables

Of course there are MANY things you love about your husband but it would be too hard to compile them all into one basket! 

We’ve made it easy for you by picking 10 amazing things about your husband for you to use to create the ULTIMATE Gift Basket!

Of course, you can interpret the printables, handcrafted by the talented Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful, how ever you see fit for you husband, but I’ll share all the goodies I attached to each printable to create the best 10 Things I Love About You Gift Basket!

Husband Gift Basket with Printables

Gifts for Each Printable Tag:

  1. Your Hugs are so Warm: Hugs Hershey Kisses
  2. You’re One Hot Tamale: Box of Hot Tamale Candies
  3. Your Hand Feels Good in Mine: Lotion {Other ideas: gloves or hand sanitizer}
  4. You Smell so Good: Cologne
  5. You’re the King to my Queen: Deck of Cards – Check out our 50+ Card Games for Two for an amazing date night
  6. You’re so Smart: A Magazine {Other ideas: a book or box of Smarties Candies}
  7. You’re a Great Listener: Headphones and an iTunes Gift Card
  8. You Give the Best Kisses: Chap stick
  9. You Turn Me On: Box of Bedroom Games – Try some of our FREE printable bedroom games: Deal or No Deal, Bedroom Value Menu, Dirty Deeds or Strip Trivia!
  10. You Inspire Me: A Balloon

Husband Gift Basket with Printables

Attach the printables to the gifts and stack them into a basket for a thoughtful surprise for the hubby!

Love gift baskets?!  Make him the “All About You” Gift Basket!


{If you notice a small typo in the picture..NO WORRIES, the printables have been CORRECTED!}

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