April 9, 2015

Lover’s Day: A Sexy Matching Game



Celebrate A Sexy Holiday Made Just For Two

Lover’s Day is around the corner and we are helping you celebrate this sexy holiday with a sexy matching game for couples. On your next date night for two, enjoy these free printables and have a party in your bedroom!

Celebrate Lover's Day Printables

Who’s ready for a sexy celebration?! Get out the massage oil and lingerie – it’s time to celebrate Lover’s Day!!! We’ve created the perfect Lover’s Day date night celebration with a sexy matching card game that you can use over and over again!

Lovers Day Sexy Matching Card Game

The Printables

A huge thank you to A Well Feathered Nest for putting together these gorgeous designs! If you love these printables as much as we do, please show her some love! Head on over to her site, I’ll be right here when you get back.

In the printable pack you will find:

  • A double-sided invite
  • 48 matching game cards which includes 2 blank cards
  • A pillow box for your game cards

Print these designs onto white cardstock.

Simply fold the invite and game cards on the seam and glue together, easy peasy! Follow the directions on the printable page to put your pillow box together.

This little pack will get the two of you on the right track to enjoy your sexy night together. Now you are ready to start the sexy matching game date night celebrations!

Lover's Day Free Printables

Date Night Planning

Take a peek at each game card. Pick 24 cards, 12 sexy matching cards for your first Lover’s Day celebration. Save the remaining matching cards for your next Lover’s Day date night celebration.

Lover's Day Massage Candle Matching Cards

Lover's Day Warm Massage Matching Cards

You will need to grab any accessory items needed to fulfill each card piece. A quick reference list of items needed are:

Lover's Day: A Sexy Matching Game

Place the matching cards you plan on using for your celebration into the pillow box printable. Now you are ready for sexy game play!

Lover’s Day Celebration

Lover's Day Invite

Give your sweetheart the Lover’s Day celebration invite before your big celebration!

Prepare your bedroom, so it is clean and cozy. Set out everything needed for your sexy matching game, somewhere close by.

Even though you two are staying in, get dressed in your sexiest date night best. Slip on some of your favorite lingerie {yes, you hubbies should, too} beneath your clothes.

If you have a little extra time on your hands, set out an appetizer tray for the two of you to enjoy while you set the mood for your sexy matching game.

Lover's Day Matching Card Printable Game

Once you two are ready to play your sexy matching game, it’s time to set out your cards. Place them all face down. Ladies start first, pick up two cards, flip each over. If they are a match, your hubby fulfills the task. If they aren’t a match, flip them back over and it’s your hubby’s turn. Continue until it gets hot and heavy and all matches have been made!

Grab your Lover’s Day Printables here. 

Officially Lover’s Day is on the 23rd of April but you two can transform any day into Lover’s Day! It’s time to celebrate your love life. So go on, grab your honey and get into that bedroom!

If you two love sexy games for couples, check out our Intimate Moments section for a ton of fun and sexy ideas.

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