November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness


Thanks is for Giving

Over time, holidays begin to lose their significance as celebration is focused more on each other and family than the holiday itself.  And although family time is special, it is important to remember why it is we gather to celebrate.

Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness

This Thanksgiving gather the family not just around the table but also to GIVE Random Acts of Kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness List and Notes

We’ve created the ULTIMATE list of 101 Random Acts of Kindness, as well as, tickets to leave at the “scene of the act.” Hopefully these tickets will inspire the recipient to pay it forward!

Many of the ideas are as SIMPLE as leaving a nice note on the windshield of someone’s car…maybe with a $5 gift card!

Random Acts of Kindess Notes

While others are as fun as leaving this Take a Smile sign, created by Kristin at C Dot Love {check her out, she’s AMAZING}, included in this printable collection

My son got a total kick out of hanging this sign in a public bathroom stall.  I loved how simple yet day altering it could be for the people who would come across it while taking a potty break! hehe  :lol:

Take a Smile Printable

Hang this list on your fridge, or somewhere you will see it often, and make it your mission to complete as many tasks as possible this holiday season!  Feel free to carry it through to Christmas. 

No act of kindness should be random but it’s the kindness that is received at random that can completely change someone’s day, mood or perspective!

List of Random Acts of Kindness


If you’re looking for more ways to serve with your spouse, check out these ideas HERE!

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