June 8, 2015

International Picnic Day Outdoor Summer Date


Summertime Picnic for Two or More!

It’s time to dust off that old picnic basket because June 18th is just around the corner! What’s the big deal with June 18th? Well, it’s International Picnic Day of course! That’s right, every year June 18th is the official day of picnic fun! The best part is, the Dating Divas want to supplement your picnic with some darling FREE printables!

outdoor picnic date with free printables

These darling printables were created by the amazing Michelle from Elegance & Enchantment. Aren’t they absolutely picnic perfect?! Love them! Anyway, to get started, decide if you want this to be a picnic date for you and your spouse or if you want to have a group picnic with family and friends. Then, grab your favorite picnic basket(I’m currently swooning over this little beauty) and print out the needed amount of invitations. They look like this…

International Picnic Day Invite

Now that you’ve got the people there, grab a picnic blanket {I use this one almost every day during the summer}  and get ready for some FUN! Your printable includes a cute “Picnic Trivia” page that you and your group or spouse can enjoy answering together. Make it a competition, or work together to guess the answers!

Picnic Trivia

And now for an activity that will get everyone involved! This bean bag toss game is simple and fun for anyone! Tape the point labels to paper plates and place them on the ground at different distances. Now, take turns throwing bean bags to score points! When your bean bag lands (and stays) on the plate, you receive the points allotted to that plate. Can’t find a bean bag? No problem!Grab this cute pack of bean bags and you are all set or  nature has provided plenty of rocks and sticks for your throwing pleasure. 😉

Picnic Day Bean Bag Toss

The last item in our cute picnic printable is a page of blank prize tags. Use these tags to personalize fun and creative rewards for your Bean Bag Toss game. If you’ve chosen to make this a date with your spouse, enjoy spending a moment together to decide on prizes you each would like to win, such as a foot massage or breakfast in bed! If you have a group picnic, it might be fun to purchase some fun outdoor prizes and use the tags to write how many points each prize is worth. Some ideas for these prizes could be a kite, bubbles, frisbee, or a beach ball.

Picnic Day Prizes

Now remember, mark your calendar for this year (and next year!) on June 18th and celebrate International Picnic Day. If you are looking for more fun picnic-like activities and dates, we have so much more for you in store! Check out our post on 97 of the Best Picnic Date Ideas or these awesome Summer Picnic & Party Games!

Picnic Day Printables

Now grab your International Picnic Day Printables and have a wonderful time!!!

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