October 1, 2014

150 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


It’s October!  In honor of the month of Halloween, we rounded up… 

150 Creative Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween 

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a pumpkin decorating contest OR just want to create some family fun this holiday- you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! 

{Psst… carving pumpkins also makes a fabulous date night!  We usually plan a fun family night helping the kiddos with their pumpkins, and then save OUR pumpkins for an at-home date after the kiddos are in bed.}


Pumpkin Decorating Contest Ideas


Carving and decorating pumpkins together is one of my FAVORITE Halloween traditions!  After we make the annual trip to the pumpkin patch, my kids can’t wait to start working on their masterpieces.  We usually stick with the traditional jack-o-lantern templates and patterns.  But after discovering all of the seriously FUN and CREATIVE pumpkin ideas on Pinterest, I think that might be changing.  Just wait until you see all of the cute, funny, and unique Halloween pumpkins that we’ve found!

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided them into two categories: 

  • 60  Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas


  • 90 Creative No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Because carving pumpkins can be a lot of fun but, let’s face it, after several hours of helping three little ones clean out pumpkin guts- NO carve ideas are sounding pretty good!  Whichever route you go, you’re sure to find LOTS of inspiration below.  



Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

60 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Creative Jack-O-Lanterns

1.  Marshmallow TeethJust add mini marshmallows to your usual jack-o-lantern to make fun teeth!

2.  Toothpick TeethFor scarier teeth, use toothpicks.

3.  Braces on Teeth- A little wire and some metal make cute braces!

4.  Sweetheart PumpkinsHow cute are these his and hers pumpkins?

5.  Baby PumpkinJust add a pacifier and baby bonnet to make a baby jack-o-lantern.

6.  Fanged PumpkinsYou don’t even have to carve out the teeth, just add plastic vampire teeth to jazz up your jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Carving Ideas

7.  Dry Ice Jack-O-LanternPlacing dry ice inside your pumpkin adds an extra spooky effect.  

8.  Zombie PumpkinsThese googly-eyed pumpkins look awesome and are so simple to make.

9.  Mummy Pumpkin- Instead of the usual jack-o-lantern, try this fun mummy.

10.  Witch Pumpkin-  Turn the pumpkin on its side and use the stem as a witch’s nose!

11.  White Mummy PumpkinUse a white pumpkin or gourd to make this clever mummy.  Just re-stack the cut slices in a different order to make the effect.  

12.  Shish-Ka-B00Shish-ka-bob some mini pumpkins for your jack-o-lantern to eat.

Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

13.  Thought Bubble PumpkinHere’s a super simple idea to add some fun to your usual jack-o-lanterns.  Let the kids each make a thought bubble for their pumpkin!

14.  Baby’s First HalloweenHow darling is this?!  Use the outline of your baby’s hands and feet to make his first jack-o-lantern.

15.  Party PumpkinsAdd festive party hats to your jack-o-lanterns to make a gathering of party pumpkins.

16.  Masquerade Pumpkins- Or add these fun masks to your jack-o-lanterns to take it up a notch.  

17.  Monster PumpkinsThese silly-faced monsters are a wonderful non-scary option for the little ones.

18.  Haunted MansionCarve the windows out of a haunted mansion for an impressive yet simple display.

BEST Pumpkin Carving Ideas

19.  House PumpkinTurn your pumpkin into a miniature house, complete with windows and door.

20.  Lantern PumpkinsInstead of a jack-o-lantern, why not just make a lantern?  

21.  Monogram PumpkinsMonogram your family pumpkins with your initials.

22.  Message Pumpkins-  Forget the complex carving, use an electric drill to make your holes.  You can even spell out a fun message!

23.  Cookie Cutter CarvingHere’s another anti-carving method.  Use cookie cutters to make your shapes.  It doesn’t get easier than that!

24.  Pumpkin FlamesHow impressive is this pile of pumpkins?  Carve out flame shapes to make your own pumpkin bonfire.  

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas

25.  Skeleton ArmsThis creepy, clever design looks like skeleton arms are really reaching up from under the ground.

26.  Birdcage PumpkinCarve your pumpkin into a cage for a plastic bird from the craft store.

27.  Wall Projection PumpkinThis two-sided pumpkin has a Halloween message and projects a spooky face onto the wall.  

28.  Mouse MotelCarve holes into your pumpkin for some plastic mice to hide inside.

29. Peek-a-BOO Pumpkin-  No need to carve a whole face.  This design is both cute and easy.  

30.  Pumpkin DioramaCarve a large hole into your pumpkin and create a fall diorama.  

Favorite Pumpkin Carving Ideas

31.    Cinderella’s CarriageWhat little girl wouldn’t LOVE to turn her pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage?

32.  Rapunzel’s TowerOr why not carve her pumpkin into Rapunzel’s tower?

33.  BelleIf you’re an expert at pumpkin carving, you might try your hand at this beautiful Belle pumpkin. 

34.  Pumpkin Cars-  Turn your pumpkin on its side to transform it into a car.  Mini pumpkins or gourds make the perfect wheels.

35.  Car & Camper- Why not make a whole car and camper combo?

36.  Ghoul BusInstead of a school bus, try your hand at this Halloween ghoul bus.  Pretty clever, right?

Creative and Unique Pumpkin Carvings

37.  CarouselIf you’re up for a little bit of a challenge, try making this haunted carousel.

38.  Picture Frame PumpkinI just love this picture frame pumpkin.  Click to see what it looks like when it’s all lit up at night.

39.  Fishbowl Pumpkin –  It doesn’t get any more creative than this.  Stick a fishbowl inside your pumpkin!

40.  Cat and FishbowlOr use two pumpkins to make a cat and fishbowl combo.

41.   Tinkerbell & Pixie DustDoesn’t this pumpkin look amazing?!  You won’t believe how easy it is to make Tinkerbell’s pixie dust trail.  

42.  Owl-  This owl design is super cute and super easy to pull off!

Best Carved Pumpkins EVER

 43.  Bert & Ernie-  Use a long tall pumpkin and a short fat pumpkin to make Bert and Ernie jack-o-lanterns.

44.  Cookie MonsterHow fun is this Cookie Monster jack-o-lantern?  I love the pile of cookies inside his mouth.

45.  Ninja TurtleHave any TMNT fans at your house?  Let him carve his pumpkin into his favorite ninja turtle. 

46.  Harry PotterTurn your pumpkin into everyone’s favorite wizard, complete with glasses and scar.

47.  Princess Leia- This one’s for all the Star Wars fans out there.  Try making a Princess Leia jack-o-lantern. 

48.  E.T.- This E.T. jack-o-lantern is just too clever for Halloween.  I love that they have it covered in a crate and everything. 

BEST Halloween Pumpkins

49.  OlafWith Frozen being so popular, I imagine an Olaf jack-o-lantern would be a favorite this year.

50.  Pirate PumpkinAdd a hat, eyepatch, and knife to make a pirate pumpkin.  

51.    Minnie MouseOkay, isn’t this Minnie Mouse pumpkin darling?  I love the bow and the mini pumpkins used for her ears.

52.  Bear & Honey Pot- Twelve pumpkins and gourds of varying sizes are used to make this cute bear and his honey pot.

53.  BaseballHere’s an idea for all you baseball fans.  Turn your pumpkin into a giant baseball!

54.  Ballplayer- Or make this clever baseball player jack-o-lantern.  A pink balloon makes the perfect bubble gum bubble.

Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas

55.  RobotCheck out this fun robot pumpkin.  What kid wouldn’t like to create his own robot for Halloween?

56.  UFO & AliensHere’s another super creative idea.  Use a large pumpkin for the UFO and mini pumpkins for the aliens.  I just love the pipe cleaner antennas.  

57.  Apple CoreThis apple core pumpkin was made using pieces of painted pumpkin.  

58.  Hamburger-  The pumpkin gets major creativity points.  Turn your pumpkin into the buns of a hamburger and save the seeds for the top bun.  Genius! 

59.  Scaredy CatYou’ve gotta love this simple cat-faced jack-o-lantern.  Especially its black pipe cleaner whiskers. 

60.  Black Cat and BatA little black spray paint and colored cardstock make this black cat and bat.  


Creative No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

90 Creative No Carve Pumpkin Ideas


Fun Pumpkin Ideas- No Carving Required

1.  Black-Glittered PumpkinsBlack glitter and glue are all you need for these fun pumpkins.

2.  Button PumpkinGlue black buttons onto your pumpkin to form a Halloween message.

3.  Spiderweb PumpkinThis knotted spiderweb pumpkin looks complex but is actually pretty simple.

4.  Mummy Pumpkin- This mummy pumpkin is so easy, even the kids could make their own.

5.  Glow in the Dark PumpkinWith just a little adhesive spray and glow-in-the-dark powder, you could have the coolest pumpkins on the block. 

6.  Binky BabiesMake a baby pumpkin by sticking a pacifier into a small pumpkin.

Ideas for the Pumpkin Decorating Contest

7.  Old LadyTurn your pumpkin on its side and use the stem as the nose.  Then dress it up with any fun accessories you can find.

8.  GrandmaCheck out this grandma pumpkin.  I’m loving the curlers in the hair!

9.  DentistTurn your pumpkin into a dentist or doctor by adding a surgical mask, glasses, and hat.

10.  Mrs. Pumpkin HeadWe’ve all heard of Mrs. Potato Head, but check out this fun Mrs. Pumpkin Head.

11.  Mr. Pumpkin ManYou can even stack three pumpkins to make a full-bodied version, like this Mr. Pumpkin Man- complete with a tie around his neck. 

12.  Pumpkin Scarecrow- Or stack your pumpkins to make your own version of a scarecrow.

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

13.  Pumpkin ManInstead of a snowman, make a pumpkin man! 

14.  Pumpkin FamilyLet each person in the family re-create a pumpkin version of themselves.  Don’t you just love the carrot and parsnip noses on these cute pumpkins?

15.  Candy FacesUse a variety of candy to make fun faces on your pumpkins.

16.  Witch- Here’s a fun witch pumpkin that doesn’t require any carving or painting!

17.  FrankensteinThis just may be the cutest Frankenstein I’ve ever seen. 

18.  PirateAdd a hat, eyepatch, and mustache for the perfect no-carve pirate pumpkin.

Clever and Creative Pumpkins for Halloween

19.  ClownTransform your pumpkin into a clown, complete with red hair and nose!

20.  Football PlayersThis one’s for all the footballs fans out there! Turn your pumpkin into a football player.  You can even paint your favorite team’s name on the helmet.

21.  Football- Here’s another fun option for the football fans- just turn your pumpkin into a football!  Super simple!

22.  Snowman Head- How cute is this snowman pumpkin?  The Santa hat just tops it all off.

23.  Chicken LittleI’m loving all the feathers on this Chicken Little pumpkin!  

24.  Humpty DumptyDecorate your pumpkin like Humpty Dumpty, complete with the wall.

Pumpkin Decorating with Book and Movie Characters

25.  Tin Man- Paint your pumpkin silver and turn it into the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  The funnel hat is my favorite part. 

26.  MinionThis just might be my favorite one!  Recreate one of the minions from Despicable Me.

27.  StitchAdd some big felt ears to create Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.  

28.  Shrek- Check out this fun Shrek pumpkin.  Just use a little green clay for the nose and ears.

29.  Ninja TurtleHere’s another one for the TMNT fans, and this one doesn’t require any carving!

30.  Oscar the GrouchMake an Oscar the Grouch pumpkin and stick it in a garbage can.  They even had a paper street sign by it that said “Sesame Street.”

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners

31.  Curious GeorgeHow cute is this Curious George pumpkin?  I love his googly eyes and that’s he’s sporting the man with the yellow hat’s hat.  

32.  Mario BrothersThese Mario and Luigi pumpkins looks pretty simple.  Just add a little felt to a red and green hat to top them off.

33.  Mike & SullyPaint and large and small pumpkin to create the famous duo from Monsters Inc.

34.  Mrs. Potts & Chip-  Can you believe how perfect these Beauty and the Beast themed pumpkins are?!  

35.  Mickey Mouse FaceThis is the perfect Mickey Mouse pumpkin, complete with ears and tail!

36.  Mickey MouseIf painting isn’t your forte, here’s another fun version that would be a cinch to pull off.

Decorating Pumpkins like Characters

37.  NemoYour pumpkin’s already the right color for everyone’s favorite clownfish.  Just add fins!

38.  Charlie BrownUse two pumpkins to create everyone’s favorite Peanuts character, Charlie Brown.

39.  Snoopy- I can’t get over how creative this one is.  Check out Snoopy, the flying ace. 

40.  Clifford- Turn a big pumpkin into Clifford, the big red dog.  I just love the floppy ears and pom pom nose.

41.  Pinocchio-  Stick a long wooden dowel into the pumpkin to create Pinocchio’s nose- so clever!

42.  PlutoOkay, so it’s not technically a pumpkin- but a butternut squash is the perfect shape to create this Pluto masterpiece.

Best Decorated Pumpkins EVER

43.  Hello KittyThis Hello Kitty is super cute and super easy too!

44.  Raggedy AnnAdd some red yarn hair to make this darling Raggedy Ann pumpkin.

45.  ArthurNo painting is needed to make this clever Arthur pumpkin.  

46.  Perry the PlatypusAny Phineas and Ferb fans?  A Perry the Platypus pumpkin is sure to be a hit!

47.  Stay Puft Marshmallow ManThis Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is made out of 10 different pumpkins!

48.  Angry BirdsPick your favorite angry bird or paint them all!

Pumpkin Challenge Ideas

49.  Veggie TalesUse a variety of pumpkins and gourds to create your favorite Veggie Tale characters.

50.  The Cat in the HatIf your kids love Dr. Suess they’ll love this fun Cat in the Hat pumpkin.  

51.  The LoraxCheck out the fun furry eyebrows and mustache on this Lorax pumpkin.  

52.  The GrinchThe green boa on this Grinch pumpkin totally makes it. 

53.  Smurf- This Papa Smurf pumpkin is one of my favorites.  I love the cotton beard and eyebrows.

54.  Yoda-  Here’s another fun option for all the Star Wars fans.  

Winning Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating Contest

55.  R2-D2-  Or if you really want to go all out, try your hand at this impressive R2-D2 pumpkin!

56.  M&MWith a little bit of black and white paint, you can turn your pumpkin into the orange M&M.  

57.  Pooh’s Hunny PotHere’s another simple idea- turn your pumpkin into Winnie the Pooh’s hunny pot. 

58.  Duck DynastyUse a Halloween wig to create the men of Duck Dynasty.  

59.  Jack Sparrow- Add a pirate’s hat and a little facial hair to make captain Jack Sparrow.

60.  The Great Pumpkin- Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin is a Halloween classic.  So why not create the Great Pumpkin?

Cute Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

61.  PenguinThis pumpkin penguin is darling and looks simple enough for even the amateur painter.

62.  PeacockAdd lots of feathers to make a colorful peacock.

63.  CowTen different pumpkins were used to make this darling Boo-Cow.  

64.  PigI love how they used the pumpkin stem to make the pig’s snout- so clever.

65.  OwlMuffin liners make the perfect wings and eyes.  Who would have thought?

66.  PorcupineThis cute porcupine’s quills were made with LOTS of toothpicks.   

Animal Pumpkin Carving Ideas

67.  Frog-  Check out this fun frog prince pumpkin.  I love his googly styrofoam eyes and crown.

68.  CatThese tuxedo pussycats can be put together with hot glue in no time at all.

69.  Cat FaceThese black cats are so easy to create, the kids can do most of it on their own.

70.  WildcatYou won’t believe how easy this cute wildcat pumpkin is to create.

71.  Bat- Just add wings to black painted pumpkins to make the perfect bats.

72.  Fox- Coiled yarn is used to make this friendly fox face.

TOP Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

73.  Deer-  Here’s a funny idea for the hunting enthusiasts.  

74.  SpiderI love the wire legs on this kooky, spooky spider.

75.  Black WidowBlack pipe cleaners make the perfect furry spider legs.

76.  Pumpkin SpiderUse three pumpkins to make a spooky spider for the yard.

77.  CaterpillarUse a whole line of pumpkins to create this fun caterpillar character.  

78.  Dinosaur- Cut out pieces of colorful foam to create a pumpkin dinosaur.

Pumpkin Challenge Winning Ideas

79.  GlobeLet the kids help you decorate your pumpkin and learn a little geography at the same time with this creative globe pumpkin. 

80.  TurkeyI love how they transformed this pumpkin into a turkey dinner.  It looks pretty simple too.

81.  Popcorn Bowl- How genius is this?!  Turn your pumpkin into a bowl of popcorn.

82.  Bubble Gum Machine- This one is sure to win a pumpkin decorating contest!  Gum balls were glued all around the pumpkin to create a bubble gum machine.  

83.  Pumpkin PieHere’s an idea for all the math nerds.  How about a little Pumpkin Pi?  

84.  Strawberry- I love ideas like this that are both easy and clever.  Seeds were glued on the outside of a red painted pumpkin to create a giant strawberry.  

Most Creative Pumpkins

85.  DonutsPaint your pumpkin to transform it into a donut, complete with sprinkles.

86.  Caramel Apple- This idea is so cute!  Stick a large wooden dowel into the middle of the pumpkin to create a caramel apple.  

87.  Bag of M&MsLots of painted pumpkins were put together to create a whole bag full of M&Ms- seriously genius!

88.  Rootbeer FloatPeople are so creative!  Check out how they turned this pumpkin into an A&W root beer float.

89.  Ice Cream SundaeI love the fluffy cotton “cool whip” on this ice cream sundae.

90.  Ice Cream Cone- Stack your pumpkins to make scoops of ice cream on a cone. SO cute and clever!


Didn’t I tell you we found some great ones?!  That should be enough ideas to help you win the pumpkin decorating contest every year… for the rest of your life!

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