March 6, 2015

Spring Daylight Savings Invitations


Sweet and Sassy Invites for Cuddling OR Intimacy!

I don’t know about you, but I find losing an hour with Spring Daylight Savings depressing!  So, we’ve brought you a way to make losing an hour so much more fun.  In fact – I’d say I’m definitely looking forward to losing an hour with these invitations!

Spring Daylight Savings Invitations

This year, instead of focusing on the hour of sleep you are losing as we spring forward with Daylight Savings, look on the bright side, and take the opportunity to lose another hour with your sweetie!  This is a great opportunity to have some fun and build marital intimacy – whether you want to simply relax…or whether you want to get your blood pumping! {wink!}


Spring Daylight Savings Free Printables
As always with our quick and easy ideas, your preparation for this Daylight Savings activity will be done in a snap!  All you’ll need are some scissors, adhesive, and the stunning printables.  These bright beauties were designed by none other than the incredibly talented Crystal Nale from A Well-Feathered Nest.  Don’t you just love how lively these colors and prints are?  Be sure to check her out for your next design needs!
Spring Daylight Savings DIY Invitations
Once your Daylight Savings invitations are printed, cut out the envelope and card you want to give your honey, as well as the RSVP insert.  Simply fold the envelope flaps along the designated lines – there will be four flaps – and secure them to each other with adhesive.  Then, include your cards and seal the final flap.  The beautiful thing about these Daylight Savings printables is that we’ve giving you two options, so you’ll be able to work on building your marital intimacy (and having fun!) regardless of your mood at the moment!
Sweet Invitation: A Couple’s Nap

Spring Daylight Savings Nap Invitation
Not feeling quite so amorous today?  Never fear!  Spend some time cuddling with your hubby or taking a couple’s nap to up your bonding experience for the day.  Simply prepare the magenta set of printables, which will invite your  sweetheart to take back the hour lost due to Spring Daylight Savings.
Sassy Invitation: An Hour of Intimacy

Spring Daylight Savings Sexy Invite
Or, maybe you just can’t wait to get some alone time with your spouse!  The bright green and magenta set of invitations will allow you to invite your hottie to lose another hour but this time on your own steamy terms!  We promise that losing an hour for Daylight Savings will certainly not be something you dread this year!  In fact, why not make this invitation extra special by delivering some intimate attire, too!
Spring Daylight Savings Marital Intimacy
With so much fun just moments away, what are you waiting for?!  Go ahead, and grab your
Daylight Savings Invitation Printables!
Then, be sure to visit Crystal’s website for more of her gorgeous designs!
Looking for even more ways to quickly and easily improve your marriage?  Check out our Open When Letters, Newspaper Love Code, and of course our Divas 30 Day Love Challenge for resources on how to strengthen your relationship every day!

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