December 27, 2014

130 Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage


Questions to Ask Before Marriage 
There is no doubt that communication is a HUGE part of success in marriage and can really impact a relationship – for better or for worse! One of the best ways couples can start their marriage off right is by communicating expectations in marriage right from the start. Here are 130 Questions for couples to get the conversations going!
Questions for Couples Before Marriage
When my husband and I were engaged, we lived 4 hours apart. Being away from my fiancee was torturous, but looking back it was one of our greatest blessings. Being away from each other forced us to talk and communicate on a whole different level. Rather than snuggle and watch a movie, we would chat on the phone. These long hours (and it was hours) of talking led to important conversations about the marriage we hoped to have and our expectations in marriage.
During our engagement we purchased a book called 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage and used these questions to foster lengthy and sometimes unexpected discussions. Our question-based conversations were vital in establishing strong communication skills early in our marriage. It gave us opportunities to share our feelings openly and even talk about some of those uncomfortable topics in a safe way. 
Questions to Ask before Marriage for Engaged Couples
With this personal experience as inspiration, I joined forces with the talented Courtney from All Things Bright and Beautiful to create 7 beautiful pages full of questions for any couple to use to get the communication going! Besides being gorgeous, each page is full of tailored questions for an engaged couple regarding family, expectations, communication & conflict, finances, intimacy, spirituality and more! The questions are designed to get you talking about subjects that are part of the foundation of a marriage or that you might not have considered. 
Questions to Ask before Marriage for Engaged Couples binder
To make mine more durable, I placed my pages into a 3 ring binder to form a book. I am thinking that this will be the perfect engagement gift for my next lucky friend! 
Questions to Ask before Marriage for Engaged Couples gift idea
Once you have your questions printed – grab your future spouse and get chatting! This could be a specific date night for the two of you or you could do a few questions each day. Got a road trip coming up? Bring this along! There are so many ways you can use these questions! 
Questions to Ask before Marriage for Engaged Couples free printable
With 130 Questions designed to get you talking – you will have plenty to chat about – so get started!
You can download these free printable question sheets here: 
130 Questions to Ask Before Marriage 
While you are planning for your rockin’ marriage – check out the Diva’s Top 10 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Marriage!

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