December 12, 2013

50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas


It’s that time of year! Office parties, neighborhood get togethers, and church activities galore! And there’s nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute to find a White Elephant gift for the party. I mean, there’s only so many times you can get away with only bringing a roll of toilet paper! So spare yourself the headache and don’t let yourself be caught unprepared… and heck, why not even shoot to have the BEST gift that everyone will be trading up for!?

{Not sure what a White Elephant party is, check out all the scoop HERE and there’s even a few more ideas!}

The Dating Divas have rounded up 50 of the most hilarious, memorable, and creative White Elephant gifts we could find! We’ve done ALL the work, so that you can be the STAR of the party!


Below you will find some gifts you can buy, but if you’re in a crunch, short on money, or just have a knack for crafts, we’ve rounded up mostly DIY gifts! After all, there’s nothin’ like a hand-made gag gift to get the crowd laughing!

So here we go..!

Chrissy - White Elephant Round Up 01

1. Muffin top muffin holders

2. Bacon flavored toothpaste

3. Finger forks

4. Thumb wrestling ring

5. Sandwich coaster set

6. Mustache drink ring

7. Stress relief

8. Car band-aid

9. “As seen on Facebook” tee

10. Cat unicorn

Chrissy - White Elephant Round Up 003

11. Awkward family photos book

12. Talking toilet paper holder

13. Mistletoe headband

14. Corn on the cob holders

15. Nose cups

16. Bald guy comb {find yours at the Dollar Tree}

17. Instant excuse ball

Now, if you are in a pinch or in the mood for DIY, the rest of these are for YOU!

Chrissy - White Elephant Round Up 002

18. Empty Bag

19. Gift not included

20. Tiffany & Co. fake-out

Chrissy - White Elephant Round Up 004

21. Gift cards with a remaining balance

22. Air guitar strings

23. Camping blow dryer

24. In case of emergency break glass

25. Cold hard cash

26. Life cereal box with lemons inside

27. Snow man toilet paper

28. Autographed picture of yourself

29. Spoon with a hole in it = Diet Spoon

30. Can of dehydrated water {nothing insde ;-)}

Chrissy - White Elephant Round Up 005

31. Snowman poop

32. Fish & Chips

33. “lottery winnings”

34. Exercise block

35. Snowman soup

36. i-Pad

37. Wreath made of cans

38. HOME sign

39. “redneck” party cup

40. White elephant towel

41. “redneck” bubble bath = bag with beans in it

41. Christmas slippers made out of swiffer cleaning pads

42. Box of chocolates with a bite out of each one

43. A can of nuts filled with nuts and bolts

44. Large box filled with progressively smaller boxes to reveal a used toothbrush

45. Sports illustrated swimsuit magazine with modest clothes drawn on

46. An onion disguised as a caramel apple

47. Plastic wear with paper plates

48. Cut the middle out of an old phone book and put a DVD inside

49. Jar of pickles

50. Your family’s portrait

There ya have it! Enough White Elephant gift ideas to at least get you through this year’s round of parties. ;-)

Merry Christmas & Happy Partying!!

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