February 22, 2015

In Love, Debt Free & Happy!



I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, money is definitely NOT the most important thing in life…But Im sure you’d all agree that it’s right up there with air, RIGHT? All too often, financial stress is a major factor in marriage problems. What if all your financial dreams could come true and that specific added stress went away? Ah…! How nice!

When I got to know Robin and Leland Jones, I quickly looked up to them as a couple I wanted to become like. It’s not because they are this picture perfect family, but because they have so much fun with life, like carefree kids playing house! They might not feel this way – they do have 5 children 9 and under – I bet there is a bit of craziness that comes with that. But, you can tell a lot about people by observing from the sidelines. Their lives didn’t always look like fun though – I’ll let them SHOW you their story.

Robin’s sister Cherie was the first person to introduce me to essential oils. Here’s her story:

“For most of my life, I have been on an intense quest to eradicate family patterns of mental illness and addiction. We have lost family members to depression and addiction on both my mother’s and father’s lines for generations. Throughout my years as a group therapist, I observed that only a small percentage of patients – and members of my own family – were actually getting well with traditional forms of treatment. Repeatedly I would say to myself, “There has got to be more than drugs and talk therapy!”

Not only have I been on a lifelong quest to eradicate generational patterns of mental illness, but those of poverty as well. At one point in my upbringing, we lived in a single wide trailer with 5 children. My mom used her skills in resourceful ways to add to the family income. She was entrepreneurial, but back then, the word hardly existed in the marketplace, much less for a woman with no college education. She delivered newspapers, sewed wedding dresses, baked homemade bread and sold it, even took my sisters and I with her to clean bathrooms at the local high school.

At that young age, I remember thinking, “My mother wasn’t born to clean other people’s toilets, and neither am I.” We were not born to live in that trailer, either! My mother would always remind us that our birthright was tied into abundance, on all levels, and that we had important missions. I expected to work very hard and sacrifice, but refused to think wealth and abundance was for “other people.” I had people and causes I wanted to share my abundance with. I wanted to have more so I could give more.

My husband, Jeff, was very successful with land development and real estate during the boom. I never thought much about having to create more money because most of the time, money wasn’t an issue. But when the real estate market crashed, we lost everything. Almost overnight. In 2008, I was introduced to essential oils.

To my amazement, many ailments for my children and myself that I would have medicated in the past were experiencing relief through the use of essential oils and nutritional supplements, including those on the emotional level….but without side effects. I began casually sharing the oils with friends and clients, not in an effort to create income, but because I was so fascinated with the results. I dove into researching the science behind these complex chemical compounds.

In 2010, two years into using essential oils, one month after an amazing experience with the oils and my oldest son, and one year after our devastating financial losses, my mom and sisters and I attended an essential oil convention. We came with the intent to learn more about the oils we’d grown to love, but left with something we hadn’t expected. At precisely the same moment, my sister Robin Jones and I looked across the table at each other and whispered, “we need to start teaching this.” A sister pact was made between us, that we would align with this special education-based wellness company and grow an organization focused on natural solutions to mental health. We have never looked back!

doTERRA success family

With dedication and hard work, mine and Robin’s outreach efforts have grown to a global organization of many thousands strong, providing the opportunity to educate audiences throughout Australia, Asia, and North America. This enabled my husband to come home from a job he hated – a job he was going through the motions with to provide for the family – and join me at home full-time with our children and thriving business. We’ve added 2 children to the 3 we had when we started sharing natural solutions, and honestly – would not have even been given those last 2 children without our miraculous journey (lessons learned, people met, bodies improved, finances healed). We will hit the rank of Presidential Diamond this spring. This rank is special to us, not just because of the financial blessings, but because we have been able to help a large number of other very special people in our organization find freedom from their OWN family patterns of poverty and illness.”


My story – Honestly, I didn’t want to consider joining Cherie for the business side of the essential oils because of other “failed opportunities,” but I have always respected Cherie and I did have a good experience with the oils. I kept putting any sort of commitment to the business off and when I felt like I needed to make the decision, I just prayed about it. I knew I was supposed to do this business and work with Cherie and Robin. Now, 3 years later, my team is 3,700 families strong, all over the US and in other countries and my husband just quit his full-time job. It is such a dream waking up next to him every morning and tag teaming parenthood all day. We have no debt (other than our mortgage) and love securing our future by investing in all those things you know you should have started to do a long time ago, but couldn’t put much into. When we first got married, it was so hard to get on the same page about our budget and aligning our priorities on spending. Now, we seriously have a blast going on date night to check in with our accountants and then going out to dinner and whatever else is planned for date night. Money is a FUN topic! Right now, our family is dedicating 4 months to intense travel to support our leaders around the US. We are looking for families who feel a call to help others with physical and financial healing.


We are interviewing for a few key positions on our oils team. If you want to live a different life financially and you LOVE healthy lifestyle and helping others, contact Nisha (nisha dot riggs at gmail dot com) to see if you’re a good fit for our team. We are always looking for ROCKSTAR men and women who are proactive in improving their lives!

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