January 10, 2015

DIY Love Coupons


DIY Love Coupon Gift Idea

Buying gifts for a spouse can be one of the hardest tasks out there! These DIY Love Coupons are a great gift idea for any spouse and for any occasion! With 25 different love coupon options {plus 3 bonus, blank coupons to create your own}  you can customize the perfect set of love coupons that your spouse is sure to love!   

Love Coupons Book Gift

When choosing a gift for my spouse I always try to give my spouse something that is: #1 personal and #2 something he can enjoy for several days – not just on his special day! These beautifully designed love coupons are the perfect combination of these two elements! Together with Kristin Clove at C Dot Love we created these gorgeous love coupon pockets. I wanted to not only be able to place the love coupons in the pockets, but also be able to insert something special to go along with it {gift card or tickets}. I have never seen love coupons like that before and Kristin totally nailed the design! Amazing!

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea

With Kristin’s free printable design, making your OWN love coupon book is so simple!

Here is what you do to make your own:  


Materials for Love Coupon Book

For your own love coupon book, you will need:


Making your own, customized love coupon book is super easy! First, assemble your envelope pockets using the instructions on the printable. There are 5 different designs and you can print and make as many as you want! Then, use a hole punch to add a hole in the upper left corner. Just make sure that each of the holes are in the same location.

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea Pockets

Once all of your coupon pockets are created, simply place your metal ring through each of your coupon pockets.

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea Pockets on a Ring

Finally, add your front and back cover to the metal ring to create a book. Make sure your back cover faces outward!

Love Coupon Book Ideas

Now for the fun part! You get to customize your love coupon specifically for your spouse! Which of the 25 different coupons options will YOUR spouse drool over?

Specific Love Coupon Book Ideas

And if you can’t decide – do them all! You can make as many as you want PLUS there are even blank ones to create your own!

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea Movie Pocket Inserts  Finally, the best part about this love coupon book is that you can add small items to the pockets to go along with the coupon. More than just a coupon for a movie – add the gift card to the local theatre OR the actual tickets to the show they have been excited to see!

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea Sexy Pocket Inserts

There are so many options for what you can put inside these little pockets. From practical to, well, playful!

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea

Once you have chosen your coupons and accompanying gifts – you can slide them into the pockets and . . .

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea for Spouse

Ta-da! You have your very own, customized love coupon book – a PERFECT gift for any spouse! They are going to LOVE this!

Love Coupon Book Gift

Before gifting my coupon book, I added some crafter’s twine. It helped keep everything together and presentable! I am so excited for my hubby to slide out each coupon and see his surprises!

Love Coupon Book Gift Idea for Spouse

This gift is PERFECT for so many occasions -Valentine’s day, birthday, or anniversary.

AND something like this never gets old. In fact, the expiration date is set to “Never.”

To get YOUR own love coupon kit, get your free printable here and make sure you send some love to Kristin at C Dot Love for your beautiful designs!

Coupon Book Envelope Pockets

Coupon Book Coupons

This coupon book gift idea is perfect for this occasion, but if you need more ideas for the future, check out our 50+ Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Husband OR our 50 Just Because Gift Ideas for Him 

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