August 12, 2014

Couples Win It In A Minute Party Pack + Printables


The Perfect Couples Game Night

Group date nights are SO MUCH FUN!  Here’s our magic formula: your favorite friends + good food + an awesome theme = a night to remember!  We are so excited to introduce our newly updated Couples Win It in a Minute group date idea!  We’ve included everything you need to pull of the perfect couples date night- all this gorgeous pack needs is YOU and a few of your favorite people!

Couples Game Night Win It In a Minute

We collaborated with Courtney of All Things Bright and Beautiful to create the ultimate couples game night.  Prepare to be blown away when you see her incredible designs!  This pack contains 38-pages of beautiful graphics and step-by-step instructions.  You will be working with your hubby AND challenging each other at the same time… in 60 seconds or LESS!  Got to love a little friendly competition!

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included:

  • Complete Game Night Instructions
  • Preparation Details
  • Materials List
  • Unique DIY Invitation
  • 10 Fun Challenges
  • DIY Scoreboard
  • Game Night Recipes
  • Food Label Tent Cards
  • DIY Scrapbook Template

Here’s a peek at the beautiful instruction pages Courtney created for just our readers!  (I just love her vibrant color scheme and fun stopwatch graphic… time is a tickin’…. an amazing game night awaits!)  We’ve provided everything you need to do in order to PLAN and HOST this perfect evening at home.

Couples Game Night Instructions

Unique Game Night Invitation

Couples Game Night Invitation

Your couples game night adventure starts with a one-of-a-kind invitation!  Courtney designed an awesome 3-dimensional card to send your friends.  These all access passes invite your guests to participate in 10 Challenges that will test their wit, dexterity, and athletic skill.

Game Night Challenges Preview

Couples Game Night Challenges

  1. Photo Puzzle Game: This game involves competing to unscramble a photo as fast as you can!
  2. Pretzel Kabob Challenge: Thread as many pretzels onto a thin, dry spaghetti noodle as possible using only your mouth – a game that makes loud friends quiet!
  3. Skittle Heart Creation: A game that involves creating a heart shape by moving Skittles – using only a straw! This game will leave you breathless!
  4. Memory Time Test: Can you remember which piece of jewelry belongs to which couple?
  5. Marshmallow Toss Game: Compete to enjoy this delicious treat!
  6. Balloon Bob Dare: Keep a balloon up in the air for a full minute using ONLY your head!
  7. Crazy Relay Race: Race with a ping pong ball between your knees and a cookie on top of your head!
  8. Sketch Artist Group Game: Complete a round of Pictionary prompts with your spouse!
  9. Skittle Sorter Dexterity Challenge: Sort skittles by color one at a time using only a spoon.
  10. Elephant Walk Obstacle Game: Knock over water bottles by wearing weighted pantyhose on your head! (What?!?)

With a minimal amount of prep work, you will be well on your way to hosting the best group game night ever! The Win It In A Minute Game Night printables pack promises fun, laughter, and priceless memories!  To keep track of everybody’s score, we’ve even included a DIY Scoreboard. Follow the directions in the pack to create a professional visual tracker.  I love how this scoreboard is big enough for everyone to follow!

Couples Game Night Scoreboard

Game Night Recipes and Food Ideas

Awesome at home group dates wouldn’t be anything without delicious treats to munch on, right?  Well, we’ve got you covered in this department, as well!  Our Couples Win It in a Minute printable pack includes 2 recipes from our amazing Diva Cookbook.  These tried and true favorites are sure to be crowd pleasers… and just might be gone in 60 seconds!

Couples Game Night Food

To lighten your load, feel free to assign food items for guests to bring. Encourage them to share a dish that is “Minute” themed like “Minute”-ature Cheesecake!  Our pack includes handy food label tent cards to complete your yummy food spread.

DIY Couples Date Night Scrapbook

Couples Game Night Scrapbook Detail

A game night like this is bound to inspire stories that your group of friends will be sharing for the next several years!  We’ve included an easy way to compile all your memories into a one-of-a-kind DIY scrapbook.  Simply print off your pictures and adhere- easy, peasy!  Each page also contains a small section that is perfect everyone to contribute thoughts and funny moments from the night.  To complete this project, add a few of Courtney’s amazing Game Night graphic embellishments.

Couples Game Night Scrapbook

Get this entire Printable Bundle for just $14.97!

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We know that you are going to have SO MUCH FUN on this group date night!  Why not make getting together with your favorite friends a regular occasion?  Find out exactly what you need to accomplish this goal with our How to Organize a Monthly Group Date Night kit.  This pack is loaded with tips, ideas, and printables to get you started!  I also love how it includes a full page of tried and true group date night ideas- you won’t have to worry about running out of creative ideas!

Cheers to an awesome couples date night- and future ones marked on the calendar!

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