January 19, 2015

21 Day Habit Challenge Kit for Relationships


21 Day Habit Challenge Kit for Relationships

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, right? Well, if that’s true, you’ve come to the right place!

Since The Dating Divas are all about doing EVERYTHING we can to help you revamp, improve, and THRIVE in your marriages, we created this AMAZING, and one-of-a-kind 21 Day Habit Challenge Kit geared solely toward building the marriage YOU want!

21 Day Habit Challenge Kit for Relationships
First, these absolutely adorable printables were designed by the incredibly talented and sweet-as-can-be Courtney of Paperelli! We are SO thrilled and honored to have her work featured here, you HAVE to hop over to her site and check out what this girl is capable of! 

Now, this amazing 21 Day Habit Challenge Kit features everything you and your spouse need to be set up for SUCCESS when it comes to building lasting habits of showing love in your relationship! Want to be better about kissing goodbye before he leaves for work? Done! Wish you held hands more? Add it to the list! The relationship improvements are endless when you’re SURE you’ll be able to make it habit with this kit!

So here’s how it all works!!

First, set aside some time on a lovely date night for a rousing brainstorming session between you and your man! Print off the List of Habits For Our Relationship, grab some post-its and pens, and work together to write down what it IS that you and your spouse want to be BETTER at this year.

Planning Sheet for 21 Day Habit Challenge for Relationships
And don’t worry, if you need some help getting started, The Divas did our OWN little brainstorming session and put together a list to help you get the ideas flowing… it’s included in the pack!

Next, once you’ve got your post-it notes all filled out with your first 6 habits you want to build, grab the calendars and decide what day you want to start!
21 Day Habit Challenge for Relationships Calendar
Just like that, you’re on your way to building the marriage YOU want! And as you go, we’ve got ALL sorts of fun ways to make the process easy and enjoyable! Habitually showing love to your spouse should be nothing less than AMAZING!

On your calendars, Courtney created these adorable trackers you can cut out and paste on each day as you go! Doesn’t this just make you want to KEEP going??!
Cute Calendar for 21 Day Habit Challenge
I think these little circle sayings are my favorite part:
21 Day Habit Challenge Cute Calendar
And as if just looking at that calendar wasn’t encouragement enough, we’ve put together a list of encouraging texts you can send your spouse throughout the entire 21 days! This way, your habit goals are always on the forefront of your mind, and you’re doin’ a little bit of flirting while you’re at it {WINK!}
21 Day Habit Challenge
Send Love Texts to Your Sweetheart
And of course, if texting isn’t your thing, or if you prefer handwritten notes instead, we’ve got you covered! And only in the cutest of ways…
Love Notes for 21 Day Habit Challenge
That’s right! 21 love notes fit with prompts to help you share the encouragement and love with your spouse! Each day, just fill out a little note, slip it into an envelope, and leave it somewhere where your spouse will find it that day!
Words of Encouragement for Your Spouse
Before you know it, 21 days will have flown by and you’ll find yourselves easily doing what you ALWAYS wanted in your marriage! More goodbye kisses and hand-holding galore! And even more important than that, a NEW level of closeness between you and your spouse that is stronger than ever before! Cheers to that!

Download your:
21 Day Habit Challenge Kit for Relationships

And if you’re looking for more goals to work on this year, check out Becca’s Year of Goals or Michelle’s amazing round-up of 30+ Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Marriage!

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