December 26, 2013

Envelope Memory Book


Today we’re sharing a fun idea that would be PERFECT for New Years or for your next Anniversary!



Isn’t it fun?!

This accordion envelop book has one envelope for each year that my hubby and I have been together.  And each envelope can be filled with our favorite memories and pictures from that year.  It’s the perfect love note because it also doubles as a priceless keepsake.

And you can make one too!  You remember our fabulous designer friend Sameeha, right?  She’s the amazing talent behind The Inked Leaf Custom Designs and she’s created some gorgeous printables to make this project SUPER simple to put together.  Just wait until you see how quickly it comes together…   

How to Make Your Envelope Book  

1.  GLUE THE ENVELOPESGrab one envelope for each year that you’ve been together and glue them together.  To do this, you want to glue the flap of each envelope to the back of the envelope in front of it.  (The flap of the first envelope will not be glued.)  This will allow you to fold your envelopes in an accordion style like this…


2. START EMBELLISHING-  Now go cut out our free printables.  Use the square labels to write the year that goes with each envelope, and place the embellishments however you’d like to decorate your envelopes.  


3.  ADD PICTURES- Find a picture of the two of you for each year and glue it to the outside of that envelope (or simply stick it inside.)


4.  WRITE YOUR MEMORIES- Included in the free printables are blank, coordinating cards.  Use these to write down your favorite memories from each year and stick them into the matching envelope.  You can do this by yourself as a surprise for your sweetie OR do it together for a fun date night.  {I left mine blank so that we could reminisce together on New Years.}


5.  ADD YOUR COVER- Once your done, fold your book up accordion style and add the cover to the first envelope.  Then simply tie it closed with ribbon. Voila- you’re done!



For more New Year’s ideas, check out this round-up of fun ideas and make sure you’re following our “New Years Idea’s” Pinterest board! 


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