January 25, 2014

ABC’s Of You Photo Alphabet Book


Once upon a time I took on a scrapbooking project.  It took me all of one page and a ton of money to realize this just isn’t my thing! I’m envious of those of you who have the patience and the budget to make gorgeous scrapbook pages!!! 

As you can guess today’s craft tutorial idea is all about scrapbooking! Pros AND novices will love this scrappy idea that I am sharing today because it is easy, quick, and inexpensive. Hoorah! 

Have you all seen those darling ABC books for toddlers? I’ve come across so many that are personalized with pictures of the baby, their families, and their favorite items that correlate with their ABC’s.

My hubby’s top love language is words of affirmation, so I’m always thinking of ways to tell him how much I love him. So of course these baby books gave me a brilliant idea! Why not make one of these for my husband, with pictures of him {or us} and reasons why I love him. 


Cute right?! My hubby will love this and so will your spouse!

You see those gorgeous pages? I made them!!!! Go back up to that top paragraph where I told you that once upon a time I tried scrapbooking and I flopped… well now I am a mighty fine scrapper and you can be, too!!!

Are you ready to make your own ABC book? Let’s get started!

ABC’s Of You or ABC’s Of Us


Before we go any further, let’s decide if you want to make a book all about your spouse or a book all about the two of you.

If you decide to make one about your spouse, use “The ABC’s Of You” book cover.  You will want to choose 26 photos all about your spouse. Think of 26 words that represent your spouse, starting with A and ending with Z.  Write a sentence or two expressing your love and admiration for each word.

If you decide to make a book all about the two of you, choose The ABC’s Of Us cover. Pick 26 photos of the two of you, your kids, family, etc. You will pick 26 words that represent your marriage story, starting with A and ending with Z. Write a sentence or two expressing your happiness and love for each word.

I know I said this was an easy craft and it’s sounding complicated already. I promise this is the hardest part.  Once you figure out which book you want to create, photos to use, and words represent your spouse or your marriage, it’s easy sailing from there!  

Maybe you want to make both, no biggie! Grab two copies of these printables. Grab one cover, one scrap sheet, 26 pages, 26 photos, 26 words, and 26 descriptions for each book.


You will need to gather a few things to help you assemble your book.

Printables by Whimsicle Design Studios

26 Photos of your spouse, the two of you, kids, and or friends

26 words, starting with A and ending with Z, that represent your spouse or your relationship

26 descriptions that correlate with each word

Cricut Trimmer or CutterPillar PRO

Fine Point Scissors

Exacto Knife

Mini Glue Dots

Double Sided Tape or Photo Glue Stick

Fine Point Pen

Whole Punch

 Can you believe that is all you need?!  Simplest scrapbooking list ever!!!



A huge thank you to Whimsicle Design Studio for creating gorgeous, gorgeous printables. Hurry on over and check out Whimsicle Deisgn Studio!!!

Whimsicle Design Studio created 26 pages and one “scrap pieces” page as well! Everything you possibly need is within these printable sheets.  Just wait till you open these… you are going to fall in love with them!!! 

Print these printables onto white cardstock or glossy white cardstock.

Cut out the 27 pages and cut out each and every scrap piece on the last page.

Cut each photo to fit into the photo boxes on each page.



Now that you have everything cut out it’s time to start putting your pages together.

Grab one photo, a few scraps, and one heart or “xoxo” photo tab. The “xoxo” or heart photo tab goes at the top of your photo. Use the exacto knife to cut the gray lines on the tab so that it can easily slip over (in front and behind) your photo to give it a cute 3D look.

Place the photo and scraps on the page and arrange it just so. Then glue everything down using the glue stick, double sided tape, or mini dots.

Write down the word that correlates with the letter and then write a sentence or two expressing how that word relates to your spouse or to the two of you.


Now do this 25 more times! You will be impressed with how cute these come out.  I was super impressed with how fabulously my pages turned out!

If I can make scrapbooking magic happen, so can you!!!



 Now it’s time to put your lovely book together. Hole punch the left hand side of each page. String a pretty ribbon through and tie it with a bow.

Write a lovely and darling sentence or two on the ticket on the title page.

Place your book into a pretty box and wrap it up and present it to your spouse!

Gift Giving

You’ve done all this work, now you deserve a little celebrating, don’t you agree?! So I’m going to help you create a fabulous date night that will be the perfect occasion to give this special gift.  

Start the night on the town with a little bit of PHOTOBOOTH FUN. Grab all the printables and search for the photobooths near you.

Return home to the COUPLE’S CAFE.  Grab these printables and add a foot rub for you onto the receipt. When dinner is over, place the receipt on your gift and hand them both over.

End the night with A FOOT RUB for you (Remember your spouse owes you, it’s’ on the receipt! It’s time you got a little pampering for all your hard work!) as the two of you enjoy the LOVE SHACK while you flip page by page through your book.

No more delays, grab your ABC’s Of You printables, happy scrapping and gift giving!!!

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