January 7, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gifts by the Hour


Valentine’s Day Countdown for Him or Her!

Let’s face it!  There is a TON of pressure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for your spouse, and that pressure multiplies thanks to the time crunch of our busy schedules.  That’s why we’ve pulled together this quick and easy countdown in which your love will receive a fabulous and free Valentine’s Day card to accompany a small gift every hour of the day!

Valentine's Day Gifts by the Hour from www.thedatingdivas.com!  How cute is this?!  Hubby is going to be so surprised this year!

I’ve always found cooking up a thoughtful Valentine’s gift idea for my husband difficult, because many gifts marketed this time of year are for women (my hubby would definitely be confused if I bought him flowers!).  So, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for him or simply looking for a Valentine’s gift with lots of WOW factor, then read on!

Materials You’ll Need

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him from www.thedatingdivas.com! I love how easy this Valentine's Day gift is! This is going to wow him this year!


Before we get started on this adorable Valentine’s Day countdown, make sure that you have the following items ready to go!  We’ve linked you up with some of our go-to products!

1.  Our free Valentine’s Day printables (found at the bottom of the page)

2.  Cardstock

3.  A medium to large sized box

4.  24 Small Gift Boxes or Gift Bags

5.  24 Small Envelopes (3 ⅝ X 6 ½ inches)

6.  Tape or adhesive of choice

7.  Wrapping paper (optional)

Valentine’s Day Printables Prep

Valentine's Day Surprise for Him from thedatingdivas.com! I love that this Valentine's Day gift surprises him all day long!

We’ve joined forces with the incomparable Leah Aldous from Leah Aldous Custom Invitation & Design Work to create these timeless and showstopping cards and labels, and the best part is that you are grabbing these Valentine’s printables for FREE!  Aren’t these amazing?!  Make sure to check out Leah’s website for all your design needs!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys from www.thedatingdivas.com - I love this amazing Valentine's Day gift idea! Hubby's going to be so surprised this Valentine's Day!

First you’ll need to pick 24 of the 30 cards we have designed for you, and in case you want to create some of your own Valentine’s Day cards, we’ve included a few blank ones, too!  Once everything is printed, cut out the cards and place each of them into an envelope, and then attach the appropriate envelope label with adhesive.  Another option is to place the cards into the small boxes or bags and place the envelope labels directly onto the boxes or bags!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Every Hour

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from www.thedatingdivas.com! Wow! I love this Valentine's Day gift idea for my husband! He's going to be so surprised!

Now that all the printables are ready, it’s time to choose the gifts!  Since we are talking about twenty-four Valentine’s Day gifts for your spouse, I’ve included gift ideas which are adorable but thrifty, as well!

Here are some gift ideas for each of the cards, but feel free to get creative!  You know your love best!

1.  You are my HOLE world! – This is perfect to include in one of the morning hours!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: doughnut holes, traditional doughnut, or eggs in a basket.

2.  With you my life is PICTURE perfect! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:  Picture Frame with a picture of you two, a link to a Flipgram you created, or a Video Slideshow in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from www.thedatingdivas.com! How cute is this Valentine's Day gift idea! Awesome!

3.  I can’t get over how HOT you are! – 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:  Hot Tamales, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or hot sauce.

Free Valentine's Day Gift Printables from www.thedatingdivas.com! These Valentine's Day printables are so awesome!

4.  Baby, we are the perfect MATCH! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Candle with matches, tennis balls, or a deck of cards.

5.  You make my heart RACE! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Gift cardto a sporting goods store, small athletic accessory (socks, sweatband, etc.), coupon to play his favorite sport together, or package for Mario Kart Racing.

6.  You are a great CATCH! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Swedish fish, Goldfish, a pet goldfish, or a gift card for fishing equipment.

Valentine's Day Cards from www.thedatingdivas.com! How adorable are these Valentine's Day cards! So cute!

7.  I’m glad you stole my HEART! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts, gummy hearts, or any baked good in the shape of a heart.

8.  You are uh-MASON! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Fill a Mason Jar with your darling’s favorite treats or slips of paper with the things you love best about him.

9.  If we were in school, I’d pass you NOTES every day! – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Write a love note to your sweetheart or create a playlist of songs that remind you of him.

10.  You’re so yummy, I could EAT you up!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Gift card to his favorite restaurant, a menu with what you’ll be making for dinner that night, or his favorite treat.

11.  We were MINT to be together!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Altoids or another brand of mints, gum in the flavor peppermint or spearmint, mint-flavored anything or something in the color mint!

Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from www.thedatingdivas.com!  I love how cute these Valentine's Day printables are and that they are free!

12.  Life with you is better than a LOVE SONG!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Printed-off song lyrics you’d want to dedicate to your honey, a mixed CD of songs that he loves, or a Spotify playlist.

13.  Honey, I’d be BLUE without you!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Almond Joy Snack Size Bars, Rice Krispy Treats, a blue article of clothing, anything blue!

14.  You’re SODA my favorite!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: His favorite brand of soda!

15.  Your touch makes me BUBBLE with excitement!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A bath bomb, bubble bath gel, a bath puff or loofah, or a bubbly drink (I love all of Martinelli’s different flavors!).

16.  You are the SWEETEST!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: His favorite sweet treat, a sweet smelling candle, cologne (to help keep him smelling sweet!), or offer to be sweet in return and complete his least favorite task.

17.  You make me all WARM and FUZZY inside!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A fuzzy blanket (maybe with his favorite team’s logo or in his favorite color), gloves, socks, hot chocolate mix and mug, or materials for you to give him a hot towel facial.

18.  You remind me of a library book, because I always want to CHECK YOU OUT!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Library date night printables or something from the library he has been wanting to read or watch.

19.  We are going to have a RED hot night!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Redbox movie or redemption code, Red Hots, red Starbursts, Red Vines… anything red!

20.  I can’t wait to get my HANDS on you!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Massage oil, lotion, baby oil, or a certificate for a hand massage.

21.  You LIGHT up my life!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A candle and matches for some romance, a note saying you’re going to a look-out point to see the city lights, sparklers, or go watch the sunrise or sunset.

22.  You hold the KEY to my heart!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Key chain, a key chain holder, key card to a hotel room, or a romantic playlist for the night.

23.  Prepare to get a little STEAMY!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A playlist for a striptease, lingerie, strawberries and whipped cream, edible body paint, a blind fold, or one of our fabulous bedroom games.

Valentine's Day Printables from www.thedatingdivas.com! Ooo! I love these Valentine's Day printables! My hubby is going to love them!

24.  I love you SEVEN DAYS a week!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Our Seven Days of Love or our Seven Days of Sexy Love!

Valentine's Day Gift for Him from www.thedatingdivas.com! I can't believe how cute these Valentine's Day gift ideas are! Using this!!

Extra Cards

25.  Our love is TIMELESS!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A watch or the gift of doing whatever he wants for an hour.

26.  I still CHEWS you!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Hi-Chews, his favorite gum or chewy candy.

27.  We make quite the PAIR!  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Anything that comes in sets of two! – shoes, socks, or gloves.

28.  I’m one smart COOKIE for choosing you!  Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: His favorite cookie!

29.  I love you to PIECES!  Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:  Reese’s Pieces!

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Him from www.thedatingdivas.com! So cute! I'm in love with these Valentine's Day gift ideas!

30.  Don’t ever CHANGE!  Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:  Valentine’s bag of chocolate coins!

Final Setup and Tips!

Free Valentine's Day Gift Printables from www.thedatingdivas.com! These Valentine's Day printables are so awesome!

 Now that all your presents and cards are prepared, you could take this time to individually wrap each box and/or wrap the large box in which you are placing all twenty-four Valentine’s Day gifts for your man.  Then, seal up your box and place our Valentine’s Day card printable on top of the box.  The final step is to set an alarm on your sweetheart’s phone for every hour of the day.  Now, don’t go too crazy on the alarms!  Let your Valentine sleep in, and he can simply open the gifts for all of the hours he slept through – same goes if he has to go to work or somewhere else phones should be silent.

So, grab your

Valentine’s Day Gifts by the Hour Printables!

Then, be sure to visit Leah’s website for more incredible designs!

Looking for even more ways to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and easy-peasy?  Check out our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Printable Pack, our perfect Valentine’s Date, or one of our 12 Perfect Valentine’s Day Dates.

Happy Valentine‘s Day, Lovebirds!

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