January 13, 2014

Valentines Win It In Minutes


The last several years, I have hosted or have been invited to a Valentine’s Day party. I have the best group of friends and we always have an amazing time! A couple years ago my cute friend Heather threw an over-the-top Valentine’s party and she gave me the ‘ok’ to share her party ideas with all of you! Together let’s say “Thank You”  to Heather! Thank you, girl!

I added a few of my own ideas and together we are going to make you the hostess with the mostest! Seriously, get ready to throw the best Valentine’s Day party ever! You might just make this a tradition!


 This isn’t just any Valentine’s party! This is a healthy competition between the husbands and the wives. Many of the games would have the husband and wife facing off, unscrambling love words, singing love songs, enjoying a kissing contest, dancing off, and much more.  The whole night will be full of laughs, competition, and congratulatory love taps! 

Before we go any further I want to tell you about Heather’s party. She held the party at the club house in her neighborhood, there was plenty of room for all of us. She had romantic appetizers, a beautiful wedding cake made by a young talented boy, and all of “our” songs playing in the background. All of the guests {except my hubby and I… we didn’t get the memo} were dressed in wedding dresses and tuxes, they were all so cute!

For the games we split up into two teams – husbands against wives. The key to having a healthy competition is a fabulous prize and a great group of players! The winning team got a girls or a guys night out while the losers got to sit at home with the kids, very enticing!

Heather and her hubby Doug were in charge of the games, so they didn’t get to play with us. Each team would take turns grabbing a game card and reading it off out loud. Then Heather and Doug would set the game up. They were perfect game hosts!

After a lot of laughs, cheers, and silliness,  the girls won. I know all of you guessed that a mile away! We enjoyed our victory while we nibbled on the yummy treats!

I had such a great time that I had to steal Heather’s idea, with her permission of course, and share it with all of you!  


How could I not recreate this for you guys!? I added several new games, ideas, and fabulous printables that include game cards, game slips, invites, a valentine’s banner, and hostess ideas.  Heather’s ideas were fabulous. Her ideas plus my ideas are super duper fabulous!

I’ve changed up the party just a little bit…

Having your guests dress up was darling but it made some of the game playing a little difficult.  I would suggest encouraging your guests to dress fancy yet comfortable.

I also thought it would be a little more fun to make the competition a little more personal. The winning spouse will be rewarded with a wish they desire by their spouse, these wishing cards will be found with their invites.  The husband and the wife will place their wish in their back pocket or purse right before they leave for game night.

It is Valentine’s and it should be romantic right?! So each guest will receive a love note card with their invite. They will write a very sweet note before the party and when they arrive at the party they will blow up a balloon and place the love note into a balloon and write their spouse’s name on that balloon. Once the games are over each spouse will search for the balloon with their name written all over it, pop it, and grab their note.  

I loved all of the games we played, so I kept all of them and added quite a few more! My idea behind so many games is that you probably won’t want to play the same games every year, right?! I gave you plenty to rotate through each year. Pick out 13 games this year, next year 13 more, then the year after use the 13 games that you used the first year. Continue to rotate the games every year, they’ll never get old!

What is a party without decor?! Within the printables you’ll find a Valentine’s banner and decor ideas. Also take a peek at our Decor Round-Up for more ideas.

Now, all that’s left is food. We have a ton of ideas for a yummy Valentine’s feast, check out our Valentine’s Food Round-Up for great treats.

You’re starting to believe me now, I can see it, this is going to be the best Valentine’s party ever!!!


These printables are amazing aren’t they?  A huge round of applause for Strawberry Mommycakes for putting these designs together.  She took on a huge project and she rocked it!  Take a peek at her site, she will make your printable dreams come true!

All the little details for this party are found in the printables. Anything you can possibly think of, I’ve covered it for you, so this is going to be the easiest and best party you’ve ever thrown, ever!

Let’s get this party started!  It’s time to grab your printables:


Hostess Instructions- Everything you need to be an amazing host is written down for you. I have explained the games detail by detail, the items needed for each game, ideas to prepare for the night, what to send along with the invites, information to collect when your friends RSVP, certain games that go with particular slips, and any other little detail that you need to pull this night off perfectly.


Invites- Invites as well as RSVP instructions for the guests and slips that they need to fill out before the party.


Game Cards-There are 26 game cards. Feel free to pick out your favorites or play all of them! Use a Paper Trimmer to easily cut out the front and back of the cards.  Use a Glue Stick to adhere the front to the back of the card.

Game Slips-Many of the games require items to be filled out, words to unscramble, or questions to be asked. You will also find the banner pieces and heart dart board in these pages as well. All you need to supply is the pens and I’ve got the rest covered.  These slips are explained in more detail in the Hostess Instructions.

Print everything but the Hostess Instructions onto White Cardstock.

No more stalling, go get your Valentine’s party started!!! Grab the printables, send out invites, make assignments, and get ready to rumble!

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