April 26, 2014

7 Days of Sexy Love



 We’ve discovered that one of our readers’ FAVORITE ideas is our Seven Days of Love post. And since you love the Seven Days of Love so much, we decided to add amost little sexy twist and present you with the Seven Days of Sexy Love.


Most of us love surprises!  Your spouse is going to be head over heels in love with this idea because you are going to be surprising your spouse with sexy time for 7 full days! I’m not sure if anything tops that! 

Not only is this an awesome gift for your spouse but the printables are gorgeous!!! A huge thank you to CDotLove for making these darling printables, take a moment and check her out!


In these printables you will find an invite to participate in the 7 days of lovin’, 14 sexy notes that hint at what’s to come, and a final note encouraging you to continue chasing each other.

Are you ready to surprise your man with 7 days of sexy love?!


The two main things that you need are a 7 Day Jumbo Pill Box and the Seven Days of Sexy Love printables.

Once you have printed out the printables, cut out each sexy note and place one in each box, Sunday-Saturday. There will be 14 love notes, so pick 7 of your favorites and save the other 7 for the next week or the next month.


For each sexy note I’m sharing a treat that correlates with the note and a fabulous idea to help you plan your sexy night. All you have to do is put the pieces together and the two of you will be on your way to a steamy encounter! This is going to be super easy!

Note 1: Kissing Session

Treat: Kisses or Kisstixx

The Plan: Play a blindfold kissing game using Kisstixx. Place one flavor on your lips and make out until your honey guesses which flavor it is. Keep kissing until he gets it right. Smear the other flavor on his lips and kiss some more until he guesses the flavor!  Instead of flavored lip gloss you can use yummy items from around the house and play Name That Treat. Find out more about Kisstixx HERE

Note 2This might be corny …

Treat: Kettle corn or his favorite flavor of popcorn

The Plan: Take control and do what you know your spouse loves.  Give them a lap dance or a lingerie show, whatever will make his toes curl!

Note 3I’ve got a crush on you…

Treat: Bottle Caps candy

The Plan: Today you are going to let your spouse know just how big of a crush you have on them. During the day have a pillow fight, tap your honey’s bum whenever they walk by, write little love notes about why you love your intimate moments with your spouse and hide them for him to find, play the Game of Love, and end the night by whispering sweet nothings and more {WINK!}.

Note 4I donut what I’d do…

 Treat: Donut holes

The Plan: It’s time to get out your favorite bedroom toys! Grab your finest handcuffs, boas, lingerie, heels, bedroom toy or an intimate game. 

Note 5Chocolate has a way of blowing the mind…

Treat: Chocolate candies 

The Plan: Play a game of Chocolate Tasting, or a bedroom chocolate game, or decorate each other with chocolate body paint. Make your own chocolate body paint with this recipe HERE

Note 6: I am going to pamper you…

Treat: Any sweet candy shaped like hearts

The Plan: Today you are going to create a scrumptious bubble bath using a Champagne Bubble or With Love Fizzy Bath Cupcake to make you both feel pampered and melt your hearts in yumminess! Make a heart banner and hang it above the bath. Set berries and a bubbly drink within arm’s reach of the bath and light candles around the tub. The idea is to make your husband feel like he is in heaven! Before the night is through fulfill one of your hubby’s wishes.

Note 7Tangled Up in You!

Treat: Chocolate dipped pretzels 

The Plan: Today you are going to make sure your honey notices you! During the day grab their hand, caress their back, and give hugs. Just spend the day all wrapped up in your honey. Tonight just don’t let go! Have a naked oil wrestling session or play naked twister.

Note 8: So Glad I’ve Fondue…

Treat: Marshmallows, sprinkles, shredded coconut, or chocolate chips

The Plan: Have a snuggle fest Fondue Date Night in the bedroom with chocolate and romantic treats, strawberries, mini waffles, bananas, and macaroons. If your hubby loved Name That Treat, play it again.

Note 9 I Love All of Your Pieces! 

Treat:  A mini love note rolled up and tied to an unblown balloon or Reese’s Pieces candies.

The Plan: Write down reasons why you love all of your favorite bits about your honey. Surprise your spouse with a room filled with soaring balloons with all of your mini notes tied to each of them. As your spouse reads the notes show them why you love those pieces! 

Note 10My Heart Burns for You!

Treat: Heart shaped mini cookie, heart shaped mini rice krispie treat, or heart shaped dove chocolates, hot tamales, or heart confetti 

The Plan: Make this night sizzle with candles, romantic music, rose petals, pillows, etc. Set the mood perfectly.

Note 11: Your Bedroom Eyes…

Treat: Laffy Taffy, salt water taffy, or jelly candies

The Plan: Make a romantic cd and slow dance to your favorite beats until your knees are weak. Then spend the whole night moving to the rhythm of the music.

Note 12Whenever. Whatever. Forever. I’m Yours…

Treat: Pick something your husband LOVES for this treat! My hubby LOVES anything with peanut butter, so I grabbed muddy buddies.

The Plan: Today you are the genie in the bottle and you are going to make your sweetie’s desires come true. Ask him what he would desire and make his wishes come true that day!

Note 13:  It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Treat: Hot Tamales, Red Hots, or Cinnamon Bears

The Plan: Give your honey a full body massage with Warming Body Massage Hearts, hot stones, or your hot body!

Note 14: …Blows Me Away!

Treat: Bubble gum, balloon, or a whistle

The Plan: Do exactly that, blow your spouse away! Caress their body with feathers, gently lick, blow, and kiss their favorite spots. 

Once you’ve put your pill container together, place it on your husband’s nightstand. Each morning, he will be able to start the day with anticipation of what’s to come! Anticipation will keep him thinking, yearning, and running home each night that week! It’s the simple things that bring us the most happiness!


After you have completed the last sexy time of the week, you will present your spouse with this final note! Just because it is the end of the 7 or 14 days of sexy love doesn’t mean it’s the end of sexy time! Continue chasing, flirting, and making time to fulfill all of your desires far after these weeks are through!

Now that you’re loving this idea,

Grab Your Seven Days of Sexy Love HERE.

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