July 10, 2013

5 Fun and Free Ways to Use Word Art



 Subway art has recently become very popular. There are several sites where you can make your own, and lately I have discovered my NEW favorite website called Tagxedo. At this site  you can upload any silhouette or shape & then type in words you want to fill it with. It will create subway-type art within any shape or picture! It is so easy and it is free but WARNING: it is a little addicting.


1. Go to the site Tagxedo.com and click “CREATE”

2. Start by choosing your shape. From the side tool bar select “SHAPE”. From here you can choose from a variety of pre-determined shapes or upload your own by clicking “ADD IMAGE”


3. Next, you will want to enter the words you want within the shape. Click on “LOAD” and start typing away! You may discover that if you want separate words to remain together you shouldn’t put a space between them. For example, if I want to put my wedding date: August 25th, I will want to enter it as August25th (<– no spaces) so that the phrase remains together. When you have all your words, click “SUBMIT”


4. Now it is play time! From here you can play with the colors, the orientation of the wording, the fonts and more! You can be as selective as you want in each of the categories or, if you are feeling lucky, you can hit the arrow next to “ALL” and it will continue to mix and match FOR you until you are satisfied with the final product.


5. Choose “SAVE/SHARE” and from there you can choose your file size and download straight to your computer. After your project is created, the possibilities are endless!

 Below are 5 FUN and FREE ideas for what you can use your word art for! Each one is SUPER EASY and makes for great personalized gifts!


1. MAKE A CARD - In my family we usually go for homemade cards over store bought. It just seems a bit more personal (and usually cheaper!). For this card I simply created my word art using words of love and marriage. I was even able to choose a color scheme that matched the colored paper I planned to use! I simply attached my creation to the colored paper and voila! A card with a personal touch!


2. FRAME IT - For this project, I created my word art in the shape of the building where my husband and I were married. This place has become a symbol to my spouse and I about the commitment we made to each other. I knew he would know immediately  what the shape was and I filled it with words that I associated with our wedding day.


3. Magnetized It - I happened to have some magnet paper left over from this Love Magnets project, so I thought I could create a cute magnet for our fridge. After creating a heart-shaped word art, I printed it on the specialty magnet paper. I cut around the shape and stuck it on the fridge. It was super easy and looks so unique!


4. Gift It - You can use the word art to create a unique gift tag for any occasion. Of course, you can use it for a special gift for him, but I am also thinking this would be so sweet to add to one of the many wedding gifts I will be giving out this summer! You can personalize it with the Bride and Groom’s names, wedding date and more!


5. Poster - My husband and I met ballroom dancing so this poster was particularly fun to make. I used a silhouette of dancing partners and filled it with the types of dances we have done together. If you go this route – make sure you save your project as a bigger file. I took the file to Office Max and had them print it to an 11×14 and laminate it, but you could easily print at home.


Are your creative juices flowing yet? Well – here is ONE more idea: check out what Diva Erika did for her husband using a similar site OR go to THIS post where you can find a pre-made subway art printable that is ready to go (it is #21!).

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