January 24, 2014

50+ Flirty, Fun and FREE Love Notes


 There are a million different ways to show your spouse you love them, but LOVE NOTES are definitely an easy and FUN way to do so!

I have gathered over 50 ideas for YOU all to enjoy!  Some would even make a great DIY gift!  I know, I know,  you are all SO lucky!  You are very welcome! {WINK}  I even categorized them to make it easier on you.  Here goes!

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Sentimental Notes

1- Open When Letters

2- Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful For You

3- Remember When

4- Post-It Love Notes

5- You Are My Happy

6- Love You a Hole Punch

7- Missing-U-Card

8- Parking Ticket to Love

9- Post-It Notes Heart

10- You are the…

11- Secret Service Tickets

12- ABC’s of Us

13- Printable Compliments

14- Hidden Notes

15- A Little Way to Say I Love You

16- Lunchbox Love Notes

17- Google Card

Notes with Treats


18- S’more of You

19- Boy It’s Hot in Here

20- Brownie Points

21- Sobe Surprise

22- Banana Love Note

23- Soda Floats

24- Suite Retreat

25- You’re the Bees Knees

26- Love Nutrition Label

27- Kit Kat Love Note

28- I Donut Want to be Without You

29- Orbit the Moon

30- My Favorite Symphony

31- I Love You With my Whole Heart

32- Riesens Why I Love You

33- Hooked on You

34- Soda Pop Gift Tags

35- You’re Dynamite

36- Basket of Healthy Love

37- You are the Flip to my Flop

38- 50 Reasons Why I LOVE You

39- I Cereasly Love You

40- 7 Days of Love

41- Missed you a Hole Lot

42- Quick Sweet Treats

43- Candy Bar Love Notes

44- We were Mint to be Together

45- Stud Muffin

46- Showing Love Quick and Easy


47- Let me Shower you With Love

48- All About You Basket

49- You are Loved

50- Sit Back and Relax

Holidays/Special Occasions


51- Pumpkin Pie Love Note

52- Love Brew

53- I Vote For Us

54- Fall For You

55- Easter Egg Bedroom Notes

56- Egg Love Notes

57- Leprechaun Kisses

58- Lucky to Have You

59- Easter Love Notes

60- Lucky In Love With You

61- I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk on

62- St. Patrick’s Day Love Notes

63- Photo Love Notes

64- Room Service {A Romantic Gift}

65- You are the Apple of my I

66- Love Magnets

67- Frankly my Dear…

68- Best Daddy Ever

69- Thanksgiving Love Notes

70- How do I Love Thee Card

71- Gratitude on a Roll

72- World’s Best Pop

73- A Test Treat

74- St. Patrick’s Day Luck

75- Red Hot Love

76- Our Love Shamrock’s

77- Red, White and You

I’m Sorry

78- A Sincere Apology

79- Sincere Apology

80- The Doghouse

81- Sorry {Game On}

Just Because/Miscellaneous

82- I’ll Bring the Buns, You Bring the Fire

83- Car Treasure Hunt

84- Shower Curtain Love Note

85- Printable Drawer Notes

86- Straw Flags

87- Secret Love Note


I hope you enjoy these 50+ ideas to show your hubby just how much you love him!

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