February 24, 2015

Dinner Date Gift Card Giveaway!


Are you ready for this?? 
You better sit down and hold onto your shorts because we are about to tell you the most fantastic news. 

How would you like to go on a dinner date

EVERY month for the REST of the year on us?!

Blog Giveaway- win 10 different restaurant gift cards and go on a date EVERY month for the REST of the year!

We know that date nights out can sometimes get expensive so we have partnered up with 7 of our VERY favorite Pinterest pals and decided that we would make date night on us for the rest of the year!! Each blogger is giving away a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.

10 Restaurant Giftcards are up for grabs!  


Yep! You better believe it- one of YOU will be the lucky winner of 10 – $75 DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATES TO 10 DIFFERENT DELICIOUS RESTAURANTS!! 

The oh-so-lucky winner will snatch up gift cards from all of these restaurants: 

$75 Chili’s Giftcard  {from Freebies2Deals} –  Freebies2deals is all about saving your heard earned cash by finding and telling you about the best deals out there!  
$75 Olive Garden Giftcard  {from Clean Mama}–  If you want to learn how to keeps your home clean and organized in only 15 minutes a day you need to be sure to check out Clean Mama!  
$75 Chick-Fil-A Giftcard & $75 Buffalo Wild Wings Giftcard & $75 Panda Express Giftcard  {from The Dating Divas}–  Each Monday, the Divas offer a fabulous date idea already completely planned out for your upcoming weekend. 
$75 Texas Roadhouse Giftcard  {from The 36th Avenue}–  The 36th Avenue is your destination for DIY projects, free printables, adorable handmade gifts, delicious recipes, and more!
$75 Applebee’s Giftcard  {from Kara’s Party Ideas} Kara’s Party Ideas holds millions of party ideas you can search, party recipes, a party supply shop, a fab party book, & more!
$75 Chipotle Giftcard  {from Dollar Store Crafts}–  Dollar Store Crafts is a daily crafting blog with an emphasis on projects that are cheap, chic, and easy to do! 
$75 Outback Steak House Giftcard  {from One Good Thing by Jillee}–  Sorting through the beautiful clutter of life to find that “One Good Thing” each day and sharing it with you!
$75 Panera Bread Giftcard  {from Super Healthy Kids}–  Super Healthy Kids is all about making fruits and vegetables simple, fun, and delicious with healthy recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists.  

That is a grand total of…

$750 dollars worth of gift cards!!

Blog Giveaway- $750 worth of gift cards are up for grabs!

Are you excited about this yet because I am doing a happy dance for you!! $750 dollars worth of date night gift cards from all of the top Pinterest peeps and YOU could be the lucky winner!! Yahoo!! No more excuses that date night is too expensive this year because you have just hit the jackpot! 

Wanna throw your name in the hat?  


Here’s how! Just click on each name below to be sent to their Pinterest Page, follow them, and once you are done, put your info into the widget below and you are officially entered! Then once the giveaway is over, make sure you are checking your email.  If you win, you’ll need to reply back to us within 24 hours.

Follow EACH site below on Pinterest and then enter your info into the widget to be officially entered!

What are you WAITING for?

These ladies will beautify your Pinterest feed with millions of over-the-top amazing crafts, tutorials, recipes and more!

Dinner Date Giftcard Giveaway!

{Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. It ends on March 3rd. We will individually email the winner as soon as the giveaway is over. The winner will need to respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Once we hear back, the winner will be posted in this post.}

Good Luck!

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