January 19, 2015

#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 4


Diva 30 Day Love Challenge - Loveseat Lounge

FOUR days in, and oh man, is this fun!! Seriously are you not LOVING the extra LOVE you are feeling!?! Cuz get ready for MORE! Operation: Don’t Leave The Couch is about to commence…


- Loveseat Lounge Printables
– A SUPER easy dinner {that you can eat on your couch}
– Blankets to cuddle under
– Favorite Movie {i.e. Netflix or Redbox}


Loveseat Lounge reservation for 2! Tonight you and your sweetie have a cozy reservation on your very own loveseat! {Sounds so much more romantic than couch, am I right?} To get started head on over to our Loveseat Lounge post, read all of the fun details and snatch up your free printables at the bottom to get ready for a fun evening!! Once your printables are ready to go you’ll want some delicious easy dinner, maybe a few treats, a warm blanket, your favorite movie {and of course you can’t forget YOUR SPOUSE} and you are good to go!! But tonight isn’t just all fun and games- you have a very serious challenge that MUST be completed!! Your challenge is to be TOUCHY-FEELY the ENTIRE night!  You heard me! Holding hands, cuddling, whatever it takes!!  I promise you and that handsome/beautiful spouse of yours will feel more connected after this fun evening in!

Make sure you check back in tomorrow for a sweet and refreshing surprise for your spouse!!

P.S. Don’t forget to snap a PIC and post it to your Instagram Feed with the hashtag #Divas30DayLoveChallenge to enter to be one of our 30 Grand Prize Winners and follow us on Instagram {@datingdivas} to see what the NEXT challenge will be!

P.P.S.If you have already done this idea OR you don’t think your sweetie would enjoy this… feel free to browse our “Quick & Easy” section and choose another FUN idea you can whip out today!

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ALL #Divas30DayLoveChallenge POSTS

If you stumble upon the #Divas30DayLoveChallenge AFTER it’s already started, no worries – you can still join in! Jump in at any time! Start with the first informative post below and start working your way through!  Click the link{s} below to see previous posts. Have fun!}



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