November 15, 2013

Meteor Shower Date



Michelle H. guest posting today with a date idea that tops the charts in the romance department!! There is something so out-of-this-world-intimate about snuggling up in blanket, in the dark, under the stars, and watching a meteor shower together. The quiet calmness of a dark night with the magic glitter of stars streaming across the sky will bring you a new closeness. I’ve gathered the best tips I could find for your best chance at viewing a galactic firework show. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t make it easy, and it might take a little effort and patience, but it will be worth it! The first step is knowing WHEN to look for shooting stars so I’ve typed up all the upcoming star shows for the rest of this year and all of 2014!

Print off your FREE Meteor Shower Date Printables HERE

 The best time for viewing is usually after midnight, but before the pre-dawn light starts — usually around 3:00 a.m. seems about perfect. As the date for the next event comes near, check the weather in your area. A full moon and/or cloudy night will pretty much spoil your chances to see anything. If nature is going to cooperate, the next thing you need to do is plan WHERE you will try to look for shooting stars. If you are in the city, with lots of street lights, you will have a much harder time seeing anything. If you are in a darker area, you may be able to see them right from your porch. If you need to, make a little adventure out of getting up and away from the city lights so you can see the celestial lights. Find a romantic drive and secluded spot in advance so you know where to go when it’s time. And who knows what else might happen while you’re there {wink, wink!}! Now you need to know HOW to best see the meteor shower. Give the light of your life the little invite on the other side of your meteor shower calendar, or leave it a surprise and use the card for love note to give later. Make sure you are prepared with blankets, hats, gloves, hot cocoa, and snacks. Give your eyes 15-20 minutes to adjust to the dark and avoid looking at your phone or using a flashlight. If you do need a light source, a red flashlight won’t interfere with your night vision (make your own by covering your flashlight with some red cellophane.) If you need help identifying WHAT you are looking at, try using an app on your phone like Google Sky. It adjusts the light on your phone so it doesn’t affect your vision, but you might want to get familiar with how to use the app before your romantic rendezvous. If you’re an advanced star gazer you might even want to bring a portable size telescope along! So there’s the basics of meteor shower watching! (I’m sure you can figure out the “WHY” all by yourself! Haha!)  I hope you have a magical evening!

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