December 9, 2013

The Hobbit Date Night!


It’s ALMOST here!! 4 days and counting! Better hurry and plan this little date right now! Perfect for you and your honey to make it to the opening night show! I can already feel the excitement! I do have to give my cute sis-in-law and ALL the divas credit for their help with planning this date.  CONFESSION… I had never seen this movie before this!



Now, to get you started, you will all need THESE AMAZING PRINTABLES created and designed by the one and only Erin from!  This girl is *iNcReDiBlE* to work with! You will absolutely love her for ANY of your design projects!
I am going to give you the idea of this fun “mapped” out date night. Since the movie hasn’t come out, technically {gasp!} I haven’t been on this date yet! But I can’t wait for Friday to come!!!

Next your supply list!

Gold! Gold coins {chocolate or not}, Rolos, Mini Snickers, or even Hersey’s Kisses {with almonds} ANYTHING GOLD!
Gummies! Worms, Sour Patch Kids,  Sweedish Fish, or Black Forest Gummy Fun Bugs. Go creepy and crawly, it’s MUCH better!
Operation Board Game! 
Party Streamers, yarn or even your Halloween spider web!
Beef Jerky!
EL Fudge Cookies! (or any people shaped snacks)
Your favorite trail mix!

 To start, you will leave this invite out for your hubby morning of! If he is a BIG Hobbit fan he is going to be speeding home tonight! Along with the invite is a map and your first clue of the night! Where he will meet you for his feast!


For dinner, you choose! Hobbits always feast… SO this will be a feast!
Here are some ideas:
A variety of breads and cheese dips
Your favorite nuts and berries
Veggies! {Include those amazing mushrooms!}
Breakfast of champions
Whatever was on your meal plan for Friday Night!


At dinner, you will present him with his second clue, which will take him to the room in the house with the TV in it. There, you will practice stealing the trolls goods! Just in case you need these handy skills to be fresh tonight!


The third and final clue of the evening will be waiting for him there! Sending him through a patch of horrifying spiders!


Right past the dragon {make sure to equip him with a sword to defend himself} into the “room with the throne” to find his treasure!

What is in the treasure?! Of course!!! Only the best Hobbit snacks one could ask for! The Council of Elrond, Hobbit Mix, Hobbiton Dragon Meat, AND Gollum’s Goodies!


Throw these into your large purse and head to the theater! It is bound to be an amazing night!

If you are looking for more Hobbit party or snack ideas, HERE is where I got some of my inspiration from!

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