September 16, 2013

The ULTIMATE Amazing Race Group Date Night



My husband and I LOVE to travel and so when we first watched the reality show The Amazing Race, it quickly became one of our favorites! We love seeing all of the different countries and the challenges that match the various cultures. Using the help of our fabulous Diva Designer Sameeha – I put together a group date night to play your very own version of The Amazing Race right in your hometown! We have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) you need to put together your own competition. Just invite your most adventurous friends, print off the clues and let the race begin!

Here Is What the Set Includes: 

Here is what the Fabulous Sameeha from The Inked Leaf included in the packet:


  1. Invitations - Send these to your lucky guests!
  2. Envelope Covers - These are made JUST like the ones on the show (with our own Diva flair of course!)
  3. FlagsMark specific sites you want your contestants to go (if you do your own version) OR you can use these to put in each of the vehicles participating in the race!


  1. Final Pit Stop Mat – In the show, the contestants race to the final finish line: the Pit Stop Mat. Sameeha created 2 sizes for you. The first is made to print on a normal 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, the second is if you would like to print up to a 16 x 20 inch mat.
  2. Route Info - A list of the rules for the game to hand out to your guests when they arrive.
  3. The Clues – The kit includes a set of clues that should work in just about any town, as well as blank cards in case you want to create your own. We thought of everything for ya!


  1. Name Cards -  With a variety of colors you can print these on to sticker paper and voila! – you have a name tag for each of your contestants. For extra fun – assign each team their color in advance and have them come wearing that color!
  2. Water Bottle Labels - I told you we thought of everything! Surely your guests will need to quench their thirst while out on the road. With these cute labels you can make even a plastic water bottle fit the theme!
  3. Food label Flags - I wanted to have some sweets and treats waiting for my guests at the finish line. Take these labels, wrap the end around a toothpick and whatever you decide to serve will have some Amazing Race Flair!


Possible Additional Materials Needed: 

  • Each team will need to have a vehicle to transport them around town.
  • Some clues require the contestant to take a picture as proof. If you choose to use those clues, make sure each team member has a digital camera!
  • 3 of the clues require a small cost to complete (total less than $5.00). You could easily omit these clues and have a completely free date night or let your guests know they should be prepared to spend up to $5.00.
  • Balloons. One of the challenges involve the team having 2 balloons (the kind that clowns use to make animals and such). If you choose to use this date you could have them find them on their own, or you might want to provide them in the envelope. It is up to you! After having hosted this date I can tell you that you definitely want to get the balloons that are specifically made for twisting such as these ones HERE.  If not, your players may have an EXTRA hard challenge but some GREAT stories! We certainly did! 

The Set up

Prepare The Invitations! 


After choosing your lucky guests, just fill out the details of your date and send!

On Your Mark: Write the date of your event

Get Set: What time you want your guests to arrive

Go: The location of your event

Depending on which clues you choose to do, you might also want to let your guests know that they will need their own vehicle, a digital camera, and $5.00. Also – if you want each team to have coordinating colors this would be a good time to let them know which color they should wear.

Prepare The Clues: 


To make my clue cards, I printed the envelope covers unto sticker sheets and then placed those onto 6×9 inch envelopes. I then placed each of the clues inside and made bundles so each team had one of each clue.

For YOUR date – you can decide which clues you want to do or even create your own! The set includes 6 clues (3 Detours and 3 Roadblocks) but you can mix and match as much as you want. I had to take one clue out when I hosted this because there wasn’t a location nearby that they could compete their clue! Good thing I checked before!


ALSO – if you want a completely FREE date night use only the yellow Detour clues!  But if your competitors are up for spending a little cash (no more than $5.00), then you can include the red Road Block clues as well.

Final Preparations: 

You can always just print the clues and play, but with a little more effort you can have a full display! Here are a few more things you can do to add to the theme!


For my date night, I decorated our main table with a layout of all the clues, the name tags, but also some decor and treats! I used my nifty hot glue gun to attach the water bottle wraps to the drinks. I found a Gnome (similar to the Travelocity Gnome from the show) at my local garden store and used him to prop up the rule cards. I also got red and yellow balloons (the color of the markers on the show) and a globe.


For treats, I used this recipe to make these earth cupcakes. I particularly loved the heart in the middle since this was for a couples date night. I took the food flag printable and glued them on the toothpicks to top the cupcakes off!

Time To Play!


When I needed adventurous friends to come race with me – I looked to my fellow Divas! It was a very competitive group with LOTS of spunk! Aren’t they fierce?

When your guests arrive you will want to explain the rules and hand out clues.

Some helpful hints: 

  • You may choose to take their cell phones away so that they aren’t tempted to google clues or ask Siri!
  • It would be a good idea to have a set time that everyone returns, regardless if they are done with clues or not. Just in case you have some very delayed players!

After Party


Finally, as all of your guests return and step onto the final pit stop mat you will want to hear all their fun stories, but also see all of their items they brought back as proof. You can also eat sweets and watch an episode of the actual show while you wait for the others to return.

You can determine the prize. For ours – our winners Nisha (disclaimer: who recently had baby hence the adorable picture!) and her husband Adam took home the “Travelocity” Gnome. I am sure that it is a prized possession and probably has a center place on their mantel at home. Isn’t that what you would do with a winning gnome?

Get Everything Here! 


On your mark, get set, GO!!!! Start inviting all of your friends because this is a group date night they will be talking about for a LONG time!

You can get ALL of these fabulous pieces that Sameeha at The Inked Leaf created right here:

Ultimate Amazing Race Group Date Night

If you LOVED this, we have some other fun group date nights based off of famous t.v. shows that you might enjoy! Check out The Price is Right  and Minute to Win It. PLUS – we have 2 other version of the Amazing Race: The Amazing Race Valentine Edition and The Amazing Race Mall Edition 

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