January 5, 2015

Mystery Choice Date Night



Looking for a new date night, but want to mix it up and add some mystery and intrigue? We present to you… the Destiny Date Night! On this creative couple or group date, your companions will choose a card from a set of mystery pictures, and that determines the fate of the evening! Luckily, we have this mystery choice date night ready for you just in time for VALENTINE’S DAY!

Valentine's Destiny Date Night

Make mysterious choices to determine the outcome of your date night!


A few years ago, one of our darling readers, Sarah, submitted this fabulous “Choose Your Destiny” date idea. It was so fun and clever that we decided to bring the mystery choice date back. The talented Kristin at CDotLove created some free, snazzy printables that make it even easier for you to put the date together! Thanks Kristin, these are SO good-looking!

Mystery Choice Date Night Printables

Invite your spouse, or a group of friends, to see what fate has in store for them on a mysterious Destiny Date. No one, not even YOU, knows for sure what you’ll be doing! The printable invite explains that “The cards will decide your destiny tonight!” You can choose to have the date consist of DINNER, an ACTIVITY, or DESSERT, OR all three if you are feeling ambitious. We’ve also added mystery PRIZES that can be chosen to raise the stakes if you are doing a competitive activity!

To start the date, give your spouse or group the first mystery choice envelope. They will look through the picture cards and pick one. (Don’t tell them what any of the mystery cards mean)!

Spouse Destiny Date

If it’s dinner, and he chooses the race car, that sends you out to eat at your favorite fast food place! If he chooses the fancy chair, then you’ll find somewhere to enjoy a nice sit-down meal. Get it?? Clever, huh??

Date Night Mystery Choices

Some of the mystery activities are better suited for a one-on-one date, like the cinnamon stick, which represents a SPICY bedroom game! See our round up of Sexy Bedroom Games for ideas if your man chooses this picture {WINK!}.

Mystery Picture Choice Date

A few of the other mystery pictures cater well to group activities. One of my favorites is the wooden boards, which means playing board games! (If you need new, crazy-fun board/card games for groups, these are some of my FAVORITES – LikewiseSpot It, The Resistance, Pit, Set, and BANG.) Pick and choose the pictures that work best with your situation to include in your envelopes.

Don’t worry, there is a key code that explains each picture, so you don’t have to solve that mystery! We’ve also added a blank key, so if you want to personalize the date, you can think of mystery pictures that go with your own activities.

Mystery Date Night Activities

To prep, you’ll need 4 envelopes and the printable envelope covers. This is where you will stick the secret mystery pictures! Glue one of the cute covers onto each of the envelopes. Next print off the mystery pictures, cut them out and stick the pictures that go with each category into their corresponding envelope. Keep these envelopes with you, and present each one as you reach that stage in the night.

Mystery Choice Date Cards

Then, enjoy your evening filled with anticipation as the envelopes are opened and the mystery pictures are chosen. Who knows what you’ll end up doing!

This Destiny Date Night is SUCH a fun, unique idea, and I love that your spouse chooses without knowing what they are getting into! So… what will the fates decide for your date night?

Print out the




to find out!

If you like this idea, you might also find the Choose your Own Adventure Date exciting! Or grab the Couples Win It in a Minute Pack for another amazingly fun group date activity!


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