September 21, 2013

Fantasy Date Night



Hello my fellow date-lovers! Michelle H. back again to share a truly indulgent fantasy evening with you!

I think everyone, at least ONCE in their life, should have an over-the-top date that is full of all those things you fantasize about doing, but never actually do. I’m going to help you plan a fantasy date night for your real-life fantasy partner! This would, of course, make a great special anniversary night, but I think it is even better on an ORDINARY night when it’s least expected!

This date begins with a mysterious invitation that will spark anticipation of what’s to come! You can create your own ideas or use these six fantasies that I have included for the ultimate date.  Leave a note in the invitation and seal it up. Use the envelope labels and fantasy cards for each stop along the way. Have your sweetheart open an envelope before you head to each destination. You can write the address on the back of the card, or just set up a GPS plan with each of your stops pre-programmed so you don’t waste any time getting lost.


Fantasy 1 – vrooom

If you can, rent a luxury car for the evening {preferably one that is your honey’s actual dream car}. Now, I know for those of you that are used to driving around in a rusty mini-van that’s glittered with Cheerios and french fries, pretty much any other car would be a dream come true, but try to push for a little adventure and opt for at least a convertible Camaro over a Monte Carlo. (Ok so I may be injecting my own fantasies here.) If renting a car is too much for you right now, just test drive one! You may want to call a dealership ahead of time and just let them know you want to make a really special night for your sweetheart, and see if they would let you take one around the block a few times. Most dealerships are actually pretty cool with it if it’s just for a short ride… and even if they insist on sending a salesman with you, hey, it’s still something fun and new to try!


Fantasy 2 – making our house a home

We all have fantasies about what we would do ifand those fantasies often include our dream furniture and decor. So head out to a luxury home store and pick out your ultimate fantasy appliances, furniture, art work and electronics. Oh, and be sure to test drive a giant king bed and a fancy chaise lounge!!


Fantasy 3 – a feast for the soul

Now that you’ve worked up your appetite with your dream shopping, treat yourselves to a really fancy dinner at a place you probably didn’t think you’d ever go to. Somewhere that you can try food you probably don’t usually eat, that’s quiet and candle-lit. (My favorites would be a Tepanyaki style restaurant, or The Melting Pot.) Dessert comes later… so skip that for now, or order it to go!


Fantasy 4 – a little lacey

Head over to a lingerie store and find something together that will make you feel like the romantic goddess that you are! I always feel more confident and more sexy in something a little more colorful {and forgiving – wink!} than my post-partum-mom birthday suit.

Fantasy 5 – beyond indulgent

Now that you’ve walked off a little of your dinner while at the lingerie boutique, you are ready for a fancy, decadent dessert. Either enjoy an upscale patisserie or bring out your take-home dessert from your earlier dinner. Even better, take your dessert to a romantic spot with a view and put the top down on your rented convertible so you can gaze at the stars, and each other.


AHEM. {Drum Roll Please} And for your final fantasy of the evening…

Fantasy 6 – the fantasy suite

Take your final fantasy to a place where the romance can really get on a roll. This can be your own bedroom, decked out with candles, rose petals, a bubble bath at the ready, and romantic music OR, if you really want to indulge, a fancy hotel suite with room service and a couples massage! I know we have a hard time letting ourselves be so spoiled (it may be something you can’t even do right now), but you can put away a little secret stash and save up to have an unforgettable night of fantasy!

At any rate, this date night is sure to bring out some “Fantasy Fun” with your spouse and make some new everlasting memories together!


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