December 25, 2014

Twas the Night AFTER Christmas Date


3 “After Christmas” Dates for the Family

Christmas is a wonderful time to get closer to the family and build a lot of fun new memories. However, the festivities don’t have to end AFTER Christmas. We have put together 3 separate After Christmas Day Dates for your family to choose from… depending on what YOU want to do together!

3 After Christmas Date Ideas for the Family

These 3 dates are all inspired by the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” but with a cute little spin–because these dates are for AFTER Christmas!!

Each date has a sweet poem, fun activities and beautiful printables designed by the talented Leah Aldous. Love her work!! 

Now its time to decide what you and your family are in the mood for, the “night AFTER Christmas…”

Family Fun Day Date

“Tis the day AFTER Christmas and the house is a mess, but that can wait because my kids are the best…” This date is a fun reminder to let all the little things go and just enjoy some good ol’ quality time with the family!

after christmas family fun

We’ve included a checklist with some great family activities, but there are plenty of spaces for you to add your own family activities. Choose what activities you’d like to do and then add them to the family fun schedule.

rules for the family fun date

As a family, you can make the whole day into a sort of game. Make sure you share the family rules with the family so they know how to earn tickets… which they can use at the end of the day to earn little prizes.

family fun date prizes

All the printables for the poem, checklist, rules, schedule, tickets and even tags for the prizes are all included in the Night AFTER Christmas printable pack!

family fun date printables

Let’s Get Organized Day Date

After Christmas the house can be a bit messy, especially if you’ve had family in town. It can be overwhelming for Mom to clean it up all on her own…

“Perhaps if we make it a game the whole family will help. We’ll play bingo and have prizes ’til the house is all clean, then we can relax–what a beautiful scene.”

Cleaning Bingo for Christmas

We’ve put together an extremely fun day date to help make cleaning the house a fun activity the whole family can participate in. I love that the BINGO game is extremely customizable to fit your family’s needs! You fill it out and you make the rules–but of course, we have some ideas on the checklists to help you get started!

organization bingo after Christmas

A big part of this date is the cute Thank You notes that you can write together as a family for all the sweet gifts that you received.

After Christmas Thank you cards

All the printables for the poem, checklists, bingo game, meal planning calendar and thank you notes are included in the Twas the Night AFTER Christmas printable pack!

After Christmas organization

Relax and Recover Day Date

And last, but certainly not least, is this slow-paced relax and recover date for you and your sweetheart.

“Twas the night AFTER Christmas, in this little house and I really just wanted some time with my spouse!” 

The holidays are always “merry and bright” but they are usually so fast-paced and packed full of activities, a relaxing day (or even just an evening) could really help you reconnect with your honey. If you have family close by, you could definitely trade off days for babysitting so that you can have the house to yourself… If not, ship the kids off to bed early so that you can at least get a nice evening with your loved one!

relax and recover date basket

The poem for this date leads directly to the activities on the checklist and you can decide what would be the most relaxing for you…

after Christmas snack bar

Any relaxing evening with my husband must include some yummy treats… I would highly recommend drinking hot cocoa by the Christmas tree.

Cocoa bar

And there are adorable Mr. and Mrs. tags for the mugs included in the printable pack!

Mr. and Mrs. Hot Cocoa

This date includes a cute Christmas poem, activity checklist, snack cards and adorable Mr. and Mrs. tags–all included in the printable pack.

relax with your spouse after Christmas

And there you have it, 3 dates for AFTER Christmas! Choose one… or do all 3! 

Click here to download the Twas the Night AFTER Christmas Printables

If you are looking for more ways to get some quality time with your spouse, then you MUST check out Sarina’s Spoil Your Spouse Date Night. Or check out Paige’s Date Night Bingo for 3 different date night ideas!

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