August 14, 2014

The Date Night Ideas Flow Chart


What Should We Do For Date Night? 

The typical Friday night question. You and your hubby finally have some time together, but now what? There are SO MANY ideas on The Dating Divas website, but which one should you do?

Well, today I introduce you to the ultimate date night decision making solution:

The Date Night Ideas Flow Chart!


What are you in the mood for? A date night out on the town or a cozy night at home? Would you want to spend a little cash or are you pinching pennies? Are you feeling silly or romantic?  The Date Night Idea Flow Chart allows you to use questions like these to narrow down the BEST date night for you and your spouse for that night! Check it out:


Looks kind of complicated but all you have to do is answer a series of questions with one answer leading you to the next question.

A BIG shout out to Diva Designer Courtney’s amazing design work! Creating this masterpiece was no easy task. Not only is this chart functional, but it is visually appealing, too! She did an amazing job with a complicated vision! {Head on over to her site to say THANK YOU before downloading this printable below.} She deserves it!


When answering questions, You can either decide on the answers together as a couple or take turns answer the questions so that it is the ultimate compromise date: a little of each person’s preferences for the evening!


Eventually the questions will lead to the date night solution idea that fits ALL your criteria!


THEN, drum roll please . . . . by clicking on the title of the date night it will *magically* take you RIGHT to the post description where you can read more about your date night selection and print out any materials that you might need!

{Special shout out to Diva Candice for making those links so *magical*! Thanks girlie!}

So what are YOU going to do for date night tonight?

Download the PDF right here and find your perfect date night that fits all your moods!

The Date Night Ideas Flow Chart 

And for some more date night decision fun, try out of Choose Your Own Adventure Date Night - patterned after the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books!

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