August 6, 2015

Lunchbox Love Letters


Surprise Letters to Show Your Love

Who doesn’t get excited about lunchtime?! It’s such a perfect little break in the middle of your crazy day and it’s also the best time to give a bit of extra love to your sweetie! These lunchbox love letters will help you add a personalized and meaningful note to your love!

Lunchbox Love Letters

These heartfelt notes are coming to you from our fantastic designer, Kensie Kate. That girl has talent, and her fun printables are full of gorgeous bright colors! Make sure you head over and grab some of her amazing designs!

Lunchbox Love Letters Fill in the Blanks

We’ve included FIVE pages of fill-in-the-blank love letters so you can write to your spouse every work day for almost a month!! These notes are the ultimate in easy – print them out on cardstock for stability and just fill in a few blanks and pop it into your love’s lunch as a fun little pick-me-up!

Lunchbox Love Letters Inspirational

You’ll find a great variety of notes to complement your mood and to switch things up! Try starting out with a sentimental and romantic love letter in his lunchbox. (What? He doesn’t have a lunchbox? Try this one!)

Lunchbox Love Letters Intimate

If you want to hint at some intimate fun later in the day, you can slip one of these more suggestive notes in his lunchbox! You might want to fold it in half for a bit of discretion {wink}!

Lunchbox Love Letters Friendly

You can’t forget to have a little fun, too! If you think your honey will be in need of a little cheering up – lighten things up with a lunchbox letter that’s a bit less serious! This one’s perfect for the kiddos, too!!

Lunchbox Love Letters Scattered

See how quick and EASY filling in those blanks is? Plus, you can totally use the same note twice and just switch up your ideas!

Lunchbox Love Letters Blank

If you decide you want to be totally, out of the box creative – there are even some matching blank love letters to really give some personalized LOVE!

Get excited about packing tomorrow’s lunches! Snag these

Lunchbox Love Letters

For even more lunchtime love, grab these printable Lunch Bags or a few of these 100 Lunchbox Notes!

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