Summer Picnic and Party Games

Picnic Party Games

Hello Summer! Bring on the Potlucks!

I hope you love the summertime as much as I do! There is something about summer that always brings out feelings of freedom. Maybe it’s that whole “school’s out” mentality or spending so much time out in the open, fresh air, or maybe it’s that we celebrate our own freedom during the summer that makes me feel that way. Whatever it is, summer is a great time to take advantage of the great weather with a Diva Central EXCLUSIVE picnic and outdoor games printable pack!


 Diva Exclusive Printables

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I planned this date as something you can do with a bunch of other fun couples, alone with your spouse, or even to use as a big family date. It is so casual and low-key that everyone will enjoy this date. You can try this date at home or find a favorite park to meet at. This Summer Date Idea, with printables from Leah Aldous, comes with:

  • 2 printable potluck invites
  • 7 printable game/station signs
  • 1 printable blank sign – for you to use as you please
  • Descriptions for each game or station
  • Links to summer recipes

Summer Picnic Potluck Community Exclusive Printables

I hope you enjoy putting this  date together and all the great memories you will have from it! If you have any other fun picnic or party ideas for adults, I would LOVE to hear about them- just put them in the comment section:)

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We hope this summer is your best one yet!

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4 Responses to Summer Picnic and Party Games

  1. Totally love these ideas. I love how you make bubble gum blowing into a face off!

    One thing we love to play at picnics is trivia games, on a range of topics (like useless trivia or 80s music trivia). We tend to print up a bunch of questions and mix them up, to make an eccentric question list. Just nice and lazy fun that is easy to organise.