September 20, 2010

Battle of the SEXES Date


Battle of the Sexes…who do you think will win?

Team PINK, of course!
We decided it was HIGH TIME a bunch of the divas got together again!
(Check out The Amazing Race for another date a few of us did!)
Start off by finding a time that you and your friends can get together for this awesome date. Then you will need to figure out where you are going to eat, where you will play your grand-slam kickball game, and then where you can get a yummy dessert.
Our date started out with a fun game.  I took the cards from Battle of the Sexes board game and the die from Squabble, another game I have.  If you don’t have either of these games, you can totally improvise.  Write down a BUNCH of questions that only women would know (make sure to include multiple choice answers) & do the same for the men.  If you need some inspiration – click HERE for some “pre-made” questions.  They come in sets of 10 and you have to actually TAKE each quiz to get the answers but it’s pretty fun. :)
Then – just draw tiny signs for women & tiny signs for men…see below…
…and tape them onto a die.  You may want to draw them in blue or pink so it’s easier to tell which is which.
Then I headed to the store for some supplies.  I didn’t have a kickball so I had to buy one but at Walmart it was only $4 and then everything else was about $6 for a grand total of $10!!  Which I don’t think is too bad for a group date. :)
Materials needed:
Bases or paper plates
Medals or some kind of reward (enough for the winning team)
Sunglasses (one for each person)
BIG pants or shorts (one for each person)
BIG shirts or vests (one for each person)
Hats (one for each person)
Ok, so our group met up at TGI Fridays for a great dinner.  The girls sat on one side of the table with the boys on the other side.  We were in serious competition mode!  And yes…we even wore the colors of our team!

 While we were at dinner, we had our first battle.  I brought out the cards and the die.  Each team would take turns rolling the die to see the type of questions they would be answering. (Pink = Girl Questions & Blue = Boy Questions)  Then the opposite team would ask all three questions on the card to that team.  Then it would be the other team’s turn.  It was that simple, but of course we kept score!  It wouldn’t be fun without some competition, right?

To download the scorecard click Here .
So after dinner the girls were only down by one.  Our game had been close and it got heated a few times. :) But this was only Round One and we still needed to compete in Round Two, so we headed out for our big kickball game at a nearby park.
We were going to start our kickball challenge – but not normal kickball.  CrAzY KiCkBaLl where you put on and take off extra clothes. This applies to the clothes that you had to put on TOP of your outfit. :) Each couple brought two pairs of basketball shorts, two shirts or vests, two hats, and I provided the sunglasses shown above.  We tried to bring larger sizes so they would fit everyone involved.
We had the sunglasses at home plate, shirts at first, hats at second, and shorts at third base.  Here is how we played – the first time around the bases you would kick the ball, grab the sunglasses,  and have them on before getting to first base, then grab your shirt at first, and have it on before second base.  At second base grab your hat and have it on before third base.  Finally at third –  grab your shorts and have them on before home plate.  But keep these crazy clothes ON until the next time you run the bases.
Your next turn around the bases,  you would take your sunglasses off at home base, at first base take off the shirt (that you had already put on), and at second base take off your hat, and at third take off your shorts.
(Click on the pic below to see the CRAZY kickball game in action!)
So now for the game.  It went just as planned. The boys kicked our butts.  :)  It wasn’t really a game but more of a slaughter in terms of sports.  But the men were great and let us all kick before their turn in which they kicked for what seemed an eternity!  The clothes did slow them down a little and made for a great game.
We stopped taking scores after the first inning because the boys were beating by a lot!  :)
Afterwards, we had to take pictures in our crazy outfits used during the game. We had a great time even though Team PINK lost! :(
The boys had their moment of glory after the big night was over.
Our group of friends all enjoyed our night out.  It was a great date with a little “crazy” thrown in there and some cheap activities – but we couldn’t let it end without treating our men to their victory treat!  Here they are posing for their “Glory Shot”.
We gave the boys their medals and bought them each a Jamba Juice for their hard work. What they didn’t know is that the women really won. The boys felt good and the girls did too because their pride was boosted…..  Haha!  Just kidding, but now you know how competitive I really am!  Now, go try this great date with your friends and have an awesome date night.

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4 Responses to “Battle of the SEXES Date”

  1. Kari says:

    LOL, oh my gosh it's hilarious! I love this date! I'm totally doing this. Wish I could have been there to join in the festivities. You girlies are such a blast!

  2. Reagan says:

    What a terrific idea! I love "group" dates! Bravo.

  3. Lisa says:

    This date was such a blast! Funnest group date ever!

  4. Petersen says:

    @Reagan- Thanks! Group dates are our fun because they seem to bring the kids out of us all.

    It was a great date and I raelly enjoyed it even though we were crushed by the boys!

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