September 28, 2012

Making Music


Musically inclined or always off tune – this group date or family fun night is noteworthy of your attention! The following musically-themed games are a perfect harmony of fun AND free!

Materials Provided:

Free Printable Song Cards

Free Printable Word Cards

Free Printable Blank Card (just in case you want to add your own!)

Print & cut out the individual cards and separate into 2 piles.

Game #1: Hum Diddly Do 

In this game, each team chooses a representative from their side. One of the representatives chooses a song card from the pile. Both representatives turn to their team and hum the song until a team member guesses the song correctly. The first team to guess the song wins!  Repeat for as long as you wish! 


Game #2: This Is The Song That Never Ends

In this game, one member of a team starts to sing any song of their choice (for inspiration they may choose a song card – see above). After one line is sung, a member of the opposing team must start to sing an entirely different song that has at least one of the words from the previous song in it. The game repeats in this fashion.

For example: Team 1 sings “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine . . .” (Ricky Nelson) and team 2 jumps in “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day . . .” (My Girl) Team 1 returns with “I’ve got you babe . . .” (Sonny & Cher) and Team 2 responds with “Babe I’m leaving, I must be on my way . . .” (Styx) and Team 1 returns with “I’m leaving on a jet plane . . .” (John Denver) etc.

Play continues until a team hesitates too long or cannot think of any additions. This game could possibly never end!


Game #3: Don’t Forget the Lyrics

You might remember the popular game show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” in which contestants sing along to a musical track with the lyrics written along the bottom. Somewhere along the song, the music stops, the lyrics disappear and it is up to the contestant to continue singing the song. If they get the lyrics correct – they win!

For an at home version of this game, I went to Youtube and searched “Best karaoke songs with lyrics” The search came up with everything from modern Lady Gaga to classic Louis Armstrong. Each team can choose their song from the page. Play the video and as the team sings along, the opposing team stops the music at any time. After the team continues to sing what they think comes next, play the remainder of the song and check to see if they got it right!

Game #4: Take Note

For this game, a word card is drawn. Whatever word is drawn, the first team sings a song that includes that word. The game then passes to the second team who sings a different song that contains the same word. The game passes back and forth until one of the teams is stumped and can no longer think of a song.

Game #5: Name that Song 

This game is the easiest of all. Open your iTunes, turn to youtube or pull out your old CDs and start to play any song of your choice. The first team to guess the song wins! Extra points if they can guess the artist or album!

Game #6: Deaf Karaoke

In this game, one player from the team secretly chooses a song from an ipod or mp3 player-type device. Player places the earphones in their ears & plays the song so that only they can hear it. As the song plays, the selected player sings along to the song until their group guesses the title of the chosen song. Believe me – this is hilarious! This is what you sound like when you sing along to the radio! For a more traditional version of Karaoke you could always do the American Idol Karaoke Date.

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  1. Tara Tara says:

    My husband would DIE!! He is a music fanatic… and unfortunately, the only singer in our family! I will have to plan this… just because I love him! LOL!!

  2. Jessica says:

    LOVE these ideas!!!!!! I HAVE to do ALL of them!!!!!

  3. Candice Candice says:

    What a great collection of ideas!

  4. Annie says:

    YOU are my new FAVORITE website!!!

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