August 12, 2013

10 Romantic At Home Dates


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I love going out for date night, but sometimes staying at home is just more convenient and more comfortable. No reservations, no major costs and no babysitter! Doesn’t that sound nice? And so we have our top

 10 ROMANTIC Date Nights 

that you can do from your very own home.

Ready for the Romance?

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Cuddle Kit for 2


Let your spouse know your intentions for a night of cuddlin’, snugglin’ and lovin’ with this cuddle kit basket. Fill the basket with an assortment of chocolates, bubbly drink, candles, romantic music, a lovey-dovy movie or whatever inspires your romance! And did I mention this comes with FREE PRINTABLES? Oh yeah – we’ve got you covered. A little prep makes for a LOT of cuddling!

Power Outage Date 

Paige - April Power Outage - Pinterest

Turn out the lights and turn the romance ON. What better way to fuel the fire than to turn off all electronics for the night and enjoy and evening completely focussed on each other? In this date, Paige provides ideas for a night without lights including a candlelight dinner, conversation, games, and (of course!) more Free Printables!

Room Service


Treat your spouse to the highest service possible: ROOM SERVICE. Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then and we have everything you need to do just that – including door hanger, food menu, and ahem a LOVE menu. Perfect for a night in!

Spa Night 


If you liked the idea of pampering your spouse – you are going to LOVE this idea! Enjoy the treatment of a spa right from your very home. There is nothing more romantic than a sensual massage by candlelight and it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Take time out to take care of yourself and your relationship!

Star Light, Star Bright 


You don’t have to leave your home to take a step outside your back door and look up at the night sky. There is something SO romantic about cuddling under a blanket with your dream guy and wishing on a star.

Couple’s Cafe 

Becca-Couples Cafe-Pinterest

Turn any meal into a romantic dinner for two! Even if you just planned a normal dinner – spice it up with these darling printables! Just add your dinner items to the menu and get ready to cash in some kisses for your services! A win-win situation!

Je T’iame Hotel 


If you can’t get away for the weekend, bring the vacation to your home for a STAYcation. Turn your home into a fancy french cottage for two. You will definitely be needing that “Do not disturb” sign!

The Love Shack 


Turn your bedroom into your very own Love Shack and escape for a night of romance! 

Romantic Rooftop

Becca-Romantic Rooftop Date-Pinterest Pic

Sometimes the most romantic things are the most unexpected. Grab a ladder, find a stable surface and surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner for two on the roof. That will certainly be unforgettable!

Sexy Bedroom Games

Paige - Bedroom Round Up - Pinterest

Finally, what is a night in with your love without some lovin’? We have 75 activities for some fun and romance in THAT room {wink wink!} There are lots of options to fit your romance-style so you are sure to find something!

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9 Responses to “10 Romantic At Home Dates ”

  1. Kimberly B. says:

    I did the Cuddle Kit date last week with my husband and he LOVED it! This weekend we did an at-home movie night (complete with “tickets”, lots of candles, and a concession stand that only accepted kisses and compliments as payment!). I love your ideas and printables, as does my husband.

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I LOVE seeing all of these fun dates all in one place. I wish more couples realized that it can be SUPER easy to date your spouse.. especially when we come up with the ideas and even fun printables for them! lol

  3. Rory says:

    These are all such creative ideas! I love romantic rooftop idea, if only we had a place on our rooftop to sit. Thanks for the ideas!

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