September 23, 2013

12 SUPER Sporty Dates Your Man Will Love!


One of our amazing readers, Rochelle, reached out to us about creating a spin-off of our popular Passport to Love post that would appeal to her sports loving hubby.  She asked us for help pulling together her multi-date ideas and completing this ultimate sports package with fabulous printables.  We absolutely LOVED this challenge!

Introducing The Dating Divas ALL STAR LOVE anniversary celebration:


Step 1: Print Your Invitation

Just like our Passport to Love post, this anniversary idea is a compilation of 12 dates- 1 date per month for an entire year.  This sports extravaganza starts with the perfect invite designed by the immensely talented Leah Aldous.  I layered her gorgeous graphics on a piece of scrapbook paper and added a personalized message to my sweetheart announcing all the fun ahead!


Step 2: Print Your Monthly Sports Assignments and Assign to an Envelope

Your next step is to print out the one-page sheet of monthly sports assignments and find 12 envelopes to organize all your upcoming fantastic dates!  Cut out each heart shaped directive and place it inside each of the corresponding monthly envelopes.  Note: You will be adding additional printables and items to each monthly envelope – see our ideas below!



Optional Step: I had a little crafting fun on this step.  I spied these amazing little envelopes from Maya Road at my local craft store and knew that they would be a perfect place holder for each of the monthly sports announcements.  I attached these cuties to the outside of my “monthly” envelope so my hubby would open it first.  Then, I added a couple of fun star punches and cut out several of the titles on the printables below to complete my design.

Step 3: Fill Your Monthly Envelopes with Sports Printables!

Here’s the fun part!  Filling each envelope with materials needed for your 12 amazing dates!  We’ve listed a fun printable love note next to each month along with a couple of ideas of how to celebrate.  If you’re game, try completing the deeper meaning challenges listed under each month, as well!


{Created just for YOU by the amazing Leah Aldous.}  Note: For the months of October, March, July, and August, follow the links in the description to access sports printables already on our site!

September: Enjoy a Soccer Game Together

  • Print and cut out the Soccer Penalty Cards as love notes for this month!
  • Place tickets inside the envelope to an actual game.
  • Watch the movie Playing for Keeps with your hubby.
  • Check out Kristen’s darling post, Kick-Off Date Night, for even more ideas related to soccer!
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Have a discussion with your sweetheart about the concept of “time-outs.”  Remind each other about how you’ve overcome difficult situations in the past and have grown stronger as a couple.  Brainstorm additional ways to be loving toward each other when you are stressed and need your own “time-out” from life’s responsibilities!

October: Go to a Football Game Together

  • Print and cut out this adorable Football Invite and Trivia Cards designed by Merrymint Designs.
  • Place tickets inside the envelope to an actual game.
  • Watch the movie Remember the Titans or The Blind Side.
  • Check out Julie’s awesome post, Touchdown! A Football Date that Scores, for more ideas on how to make this a memorable night!  Her Aunt Kaye’s recipe for cowboy cookies sounds amazing.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Reflect on the decision process of going for a 2-point conversion instead of a typical field goal and apply it to your marriage.  When have you as a couple taken risks? (…moved to a new city? …started a new career path? …ventured away from the typical tourist spots in a foreign country to discover a local treasure? etc…)  What lessons have you learned along the way?

November: Investigate the World of Rugby!


  • Print and cut out the Most Valuable Husband (MVH) award!
  • Play your favorite team’s theme song in the background as you are getting ready for your date.
  • Watch clips of awesome rugby games on YouTube.
  • Watch the movie Invictus with your sweetheart.
  • Place tickets inside the envelope to an actual game.
  • Deeper Meaning Activity: Remind your spouse why you think he or she is YOUR MVH!  If you are looking for a quick way to show your love that will leave a lasting impression, try listing his best qualities from A to Z.

December: Go Ice-Skating Together


  • Print and cut out the ice-skating save the date!
  • Bring along a canister of hot chocolate to enjoy  during or after your date.
  • Check out Bridget’s recipe for Frrrozen Hot Chocolate...yum!
  • If there isn’t a rink near you, play in the snow instead!  Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or sled down a hill.
  • Snuggle together while watching the movie The Cutting Edge or Serendipity.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Holding hands with your sweetheart while effortlessly gliding along the rink is exhilarating!  Share with your spouse the top 10 heart-pounding moments of your relationship.  Keeping your balance on the ice can also be challenging and sometimes just darn right silly!  Make it a priority this month to LAUGH with your spouse!  Tell them a joke… OR… remind them of a hilarious moment in your shared history together.

January: Attend a Hockey Game

  • Print and cut out the #1 fan sign.
  • Place tickets inside to an actual game.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Have a LOVE FACE-OFF with your spouse! On the count of 3, go head to head with your spouse listing each other’s best qualities or your favorite shared memories.  Each person has 5 seconds to come up with a fantastic answer.  You might also consider reflecting on your spouse’s specific love language this month so you can truly be each other’s #1 fans!

February: Go to a Swimming Meet


  • Print and cut out the Stop Watch printable.
  • Watch clips online from the Olympics of memorable swimming trials or finals.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Share with your spouse what you appreciate about them- be specific about the things that you don’t take for granted!  Remember the phrase, “Just keep swimming!”  Tell your sweetheart how they have supported you in the past when you’ve been stressed and pushed to your limit.

March: Hit up a March Madness Basketball Game

  • Print and cut out these ADORABLE tickets from Lil’ Buckaroo Designs from our post, A Date That Scores!
  • Follow Corie’s advice and have a dunking contest with oreos, a friendly half-time competition, AND your own version of the Kiss Cam when a 3-point shot is made!
  • Instead of staying home to watch the game, meet up with friends at your favorite local eatery!
  • Deeper Meaning Activity: While you are enjoying all the fun of March Madness, take some time to reflect on your own patterns of dealing of anger.  How do you get mad?  Do you take it out on each other?  Think of at least 5 ways both of you can be more loving and kind even when you are MAD!

April: Put the Petal to the Metal Bicycling


  • Print and cut out the “In Sync” Bicycle printable.
  • Watch a movie with a great running scene like Forrest Gump.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Recall in vivid detail at least 5 moments from your marriage where you truly felt “in sync” with your partner.  Think about the how/what/where/when of each situation.  Then, brainstorm several ways that you can you create this feeling more frequently in your relationship.

May: Go Golfing as a Couple


  • Print and cut out the “Fore You” printable.
  • Visit a local driving range or mini golf course!  You could even make these mini bagel pizzas as part of your date!
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Use this month’s love note printable as a springboard for discussing how you will keep your romance going strong for the next 5, 10, and 25 years!  Think back on your wedding vows- affirm your promises to each other then AND brainstorm additional ones for the future!  (Reflect on how you’ve changed as a couple and how you envision your relationship growing.)

June: Run a Race Together

  • Print and cut out the “Running Tracker App” printable.
  • Train together for the big race day.
  • Surprise your hubby with a fun racing day basket filled with fitness related goodies.  See this post for more ideas: Our Love Keeps Running!
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Reflect back on the “mile-markers” of your relationship (first home, first pet, first child, new job, travel destinations, etc…).  Savor those sweet memories together.  How have you as a couple grown stronger?

July: Go Bowling

  • Print and cut out Tara’s version of M&M rules to play during your bowling adventure.
  • Be silly and have FUN during this date… try different bowling approaches or turn it into a fantastic group date.  For more ideas, see Tara’s fantastic post: The Funky Town Date.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Have you ever been faced with a 7-10 split during a bowling game?  What about in your marriage?  Reflect back on these “impossible” situations.  Did you have to compromise?  How did you overcome them?

August: Go to a Baseball Game Together


  • Print and cut out the amazing printables from Becca’s Knock it Outta the Park date.
  • Follow Becca’s darling suggestions for watching the movie Trouble with the Curve…and for spicing up your evening! (wink!)
  • Include tickets to an actual game.
  • Deeper Meaning Conversation: Come up with a top 10 list of “grand slam” moments from your marriage… what aspects of your shared life have been better than you could have ever dreamed?  Recall any amazing surprises along the way.

Step 4: Keep a Record!


And, finally…. Leah came up with this fantastic scorecard printable to capture all your fun memories from this yearlong adventure.  This will surely be an amazing treasure to reflect back on as you celebrate future anniversaries!

A special thank you to Rochelle for inspiring this amazing collection of sports related printables and fun ideas!  We hope you and your sweetheart enjoy this collection of ideas for special date nights throughout the year!

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