August 9, 2014

Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can



CAN he handle it!?

Create this FUN and SEXY gift to let him know, he CAN have it TONIGHT!

Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can


Want to surprise your man with the ULTIMATE gift!? Create this sassy can full of bedroom goodies! He won’t be able to resist your after you give him this!

How to Create your Fun and Sexy Gift for Him:

1. Print out these stylish printables created by the AMAZING Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful. {We seriously LOVE this girl! You must, must, must check out her site!}

Intimacy Printables
2. Pick up an empty paint can from your local hardware store. *Since some cans may vary, these printables are designed for you to be able to cut out a space for the circle holding the handle.

A. Measure the distance from the lip of the can to the top of the circle where the handle is located (mine was 1 inch). Create Mark 1 that distance down on each side of both printables. Then measure the length of the actual circle where the handle is. Use that measurement to create Mark 2 down from Mark 1.

*For example, if Mark 1 is 1 inch and Mark 2 is 1 inch, then Mark 1 would be 1 inch from the top of the printable and Mark 2 would be 2 inches from the top of the printable.

B. Then measure the width of the circle the handle is attached to. Finding the center point between Mark 1 and Mark 2, create Mark 3 half the width of the circle in from the side of the printable on each side of both printables.

*For example, if the circle is 1 inch wide, Mark 3 would be 1/2 inch in from the side of the printable between Mark 1 and Mark 2.

Creating The Man Can

C. Now, cut a half circle starting from Mark 1, moving outwards to Mark 3 and around to Mark 2. You have now created the space for the printable to wrap around the handle holder. Do that on each side of both printables and adhere them to the can as shown below.

Fun and Sexy
3. Fill your can with bedroom goodies of your choice. Some ideas may be massage oil, a tickler, play dice, bedroom games, candles, etc.

Intimacy Items for Him
4. Add some of our sassy printable bedroom games for a fun new twist.

Printable Bedroom Games

Choose from the following printable bedroom games:

1. Steamy Bucket List – Eliminate bedroom boredom by checking off everything on our Steamy Bucket List.

2. It’s a Love Match – A romantic spin on memory.

3. Sizzling Truth or Dare – Are you up to the challenge?! Truth or Dare, you decide!

4. Deal or No Deal – Is your man a risk taker? See what he’ll risk in the bedroom!

5. Dirty Deeds – With 52 ideas, you have a year worth of sparks flying in the bedroom!

6. Bedroom Value Menu – Spice at just the right price! Let him decide what he can afford off this spicy menu!

7. Love Shack Sign – Turn your bedroom in to a Love Shack!

8. Simon Says - If Simon Says perform the favor you must follow the directions!

9. Strip Trivia – How well do you know your spouse? Answer a question incorrectly and lose a piece of clothing!

10. Strip Horse – A sassy twist on a classic game. For every missed shot, aside from receiving a letter you ALSO lose a piece of clothing!

And now your fun and sexy gift is ready!

Intimacy Gift for Him


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2 Responses to “Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    I seriously LOOOOVE this!! Totally cracks me up! “You CAN have it tonight!” Great ideas on what to fill it with as well! XOXO

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is sooooo much fun!!!! This can is the a gift that keeps on giving, ha! You can use it tonight, then mix it up for another night. My hubby would love finding this little can over and over again! xox

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