August 9, 2014

Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can



Fun and Sexy Gift For Him: The Man Can

Create a can full of bedroom goodies for a DELIGHTFUL evening of romantic fun!

CAN he handle it!?

Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can



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This printable bundle features one of our all-time favorite designers: Courtney of All Things Bright and Beautiful. This exclusive Man Can kit includes:

  • A Label For The Can Lid
  • A Can Wrapper
  • A Tag
  • Detailed Directions On How to Create Your Can
  • Ideas On Items and Games To Fill Up Your Can

In this kit you will find everything you need to surprise your man with the  ULTIMATE gift!? Create this sassy can full of bedroom goodies! He won’t be able to resist your after you give him this!

The Man Can

And now your fun and sexy gift is ready!

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Start your MAN CAN SEXY GIFT FOR HIM adventure with your spouse TODAY!



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6 Responses to “Fun and Sexy Gift for Him: The Man Can ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    I seriously LOOOOVE this!! Totally cracks me up! “You CAN have it tonight!” Great ideas on what to fill it with as well! XOXO

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is sooooo much fun!!!! This can is the a gift that keeps on giving, ha! You can use it tonight, then mix it up for another night. My hubby would love finding this little can over and over again! xox

  3. Gina says:

    HI. I just registered for my free trial and cannot figure out how to access any of the printables. Can you tell me how i should do that? I am interested in this specific printable. It is adorable

    Thank you

    • Paige Paige says:

      Hi Gina! Once your join our awesome new Community you’ll find a printable tab. In that tab all the exclusive printables are listed in alphabetical order! Let me know if you still have any troubles! THANKS!

      • Kayla says:

        Where is the printable tab? I joined the community but there is no printable tab. Thanks

        • Paige Paige says:

          Hi Kayla! The printables tab appears when you are a full member. The full membership {with the whole kit and caboodle of Diva Central goodies} begins after your 7 day trial. I hope that helps! THANKS and enjoy!

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