February 12, 2013

Room Service: A Romantic Gift


FREE, meaningful gift idea that is perfect for him or for her!

Give your spouse the gift of room service! Download our cute, printable bundle and you’ve got everything you need for one meaningful, romantic gift!


We’ve got a meaningful gift idea that is perfect for him or for her!  AND we’re gonna give you everything you need for it.

It doesn’t get much better than that!   You love us, huh?

When I saw this Room Service Gift, I thought it was genius!  I mean, who wouldn’t love to be given a little pampering?   Plus, I love that this customized gift can be used for anything… Valentine’s, an anniversary, a birthday OR just because.  {Heck, I’m sure even your kids would love to be given a little special treatment.}

So I decided to make my own version with the addition of a LOVE menu.  Because,  if you can fill your spouse’s stomach AND their heart… well, you’ll have one happy honey!

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Download and Print our Room Service Printables

(You’ll get a pocket door hanger, food menu, love menu, Valentine tag, and generic tag)


2.  Cut out the door hanger, fold on the dotted line, and glue the sides to form a pocket.  Insert the food and love menus into the pocket.

3.  Choose a tag and attach it to your door hanger with ribbon or string.

4.  Give it to your love with the instructions to fill out the menus and hang it on the bedroom door whenever they need a little “Room Service.”



5.  Then just be prepared to deliver the requested “Room Service” within 48 hours!

That’s it!  In just a couple of minutes you could have a fabulous gift to present to your sweetheart.  You can even fancy it up a little by tying your cute gift onto a new bed tray.  Then when it’s time to deliver the room service, you’ll  already have a nice tray to serve the food on.


That’s it!  In just a couple of minutes you could have a fabulous gift to present to your sweetheart.

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift, check out a whole round-up of DIY Valentine gift ideas here.  

And since you only have a couple of days left, you might want to look through our quick & easy Valentine ideas, too!

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15 Responses to “Room Service: A Romantic Gift”

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is very creative girl, I’m loving the pocket envelope on the door hanging, I think it’s perfect. Can’t beat how easy this is, either! LOVE! xox

  2. lisa says:

    So…who is sending this to my husband to do for me? Super cute!

  3. Emily says:

    I went to the website you have listed but it wasn’t the same thing. What website did you go to?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Emily, the website at the top is where I got the inspiration. {Gotta give credit where credit is due- she’s a genius!!} To get the printables I made shown in the pictures, you’ll have to go to the bottom of the post and click where it says “DOWNLOAD YOUR ROOM SERVICE PRINTABLES.” Hope that helps!! :)

  4. Samantha says:

    Love this idea! And it’s a delightful presentation as well! 😀

  5. Art says:

    Great idea. Just in time for my anniversary. She will love it!

  6. After I read this I became so envious :)

  7. Mai Bateson says:

    Hi Becca! This is Mai at the Happy Wives Club and Fawn wanted to make sure you saw the note that our Thursday link up party has now moved to Marriage Mondays – beginning today. We want to get all our favorite married bloggers linking up every Monday so we hope you’ll join us.

  8. Jane Phillips says:

    Adding this one to my Valentines Day fun this year!!! 😛 I love your ideas Becca, THANK YOU!!

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