December 18, 2013

“Year of Dates” Binder


Give A Beautiful and Unique Gift
With Our Year of Dates Binder!

What IS the Year of Dates Binder? Check Out The Video!



Year of Dates Binder


We have the perfect gift for you, that will last the whole year through.

In this binder love awaits, in the form of 12 fun dates.

Each month you’ll find a different one, already planned, prepared, and DONE!

Just find a day that you can go, and watch the love and romance grow!


An AMAZING Christmas present for your husband!

{Yep, this is what my honey is getting this year! Shhhhh!!!!}

OR the PERFECT Bridal Shower/ Wedding present!  


Below, you’ll find 2 separate purchasing options…


Links to any digital products you purchase will be directly emailed to you for download.


Option 2

Year of Dates Binder

Choose Your Dates
Binder Only Set ($2.97)

We have the BEST gift for you! Gorgeous printables to fit in a 2-inch binder to FILL with dates for the whole year! In this set, you get your binder cover, spine, and back cover. You also get beautiful dividers for all 12 months of the year AND a cute poem to put in the front letting your sweetie know exactly what this is. Comb thru our extensive list of creative dates & print off the ones you want to do for each month. This set lets you customize your date nights. Grab this cute set today!

buy now-pink


 **IMPORTANT – You will not receive anything in the mail.  This is a digital product that comes to your email.  You will purchase the binder, print the pages, and put them in the binder.


Option 1

Year of Dates Binder
Complete Set ($9.97)

This set includes everything listed above PLUS 12 extremely fun date nights including descriptive write-ups on how to complete each one, a list of materials needed for each date, and GORGEOUS printables to use for each date night. Just think of it!! A FULL year of dates, already planned for you!! {Ahem, it doesn’t hurt that these are DARLING to look at!!} This would also be perfect for wedding or bridal shower gifts!!

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**IMPORTANT – You will not receive anything in the mail.  This is a digital product that comes to your email.  You purchase the binder, print the pages, and put them in the binder.



January– The Newlywed Game

February– Tied to You/ Couple’s Cafe

March– Nerf Wars

April– Knock it Outta the Park

May– Dollar Menu-naires/ Bedroom Value Menu

June– Car Treasure Hunt

July– Mall Dare

August– Book Store Date

September– Power Outage Date

October–  Love on the Run

November– Spouse Sleepover

December– Reindeer Games

Want to get a closer look?  I thought so…


A HUGE shout-out to our dear Sameeha  {the CRAZY TALENTED designer behind The Inked Leaf Custom Designs} for creating this GORGEOUS book!  If you need anything custom designed, I highly recommend you check out her site and etsy store.  Just look at how talented she is.  Who wouldn’t LOVE this?















Becca-Year-of-Dates-all dividers








And the best part is- it’s SO easy!  Just print, stick it in a binder, and you are DONE!!

Well, what are you waiting for?
The perfect gift is just a couple of clicks away!

Year of Dates Binder
Complete Set ($9.97)

This set includes EVERYTHING including 12 extremely fun date nights with descriptive write-ups on how to complete each one, a list of materials needed for each date, and GORGEOUS printables to use for each date night. Just think of it!! A FULL year of dates, already planned for you!! {Ahem, it doesn’t hurt that these are DARLING to look at!!} This would also be perfect for wedding or bridal shower gifts!!

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Recent Comments

75 Responses to ““Year of Dates” Binder ”

  1. Jackie says:

    Are we not supposed to put the date pages in the book? Some of them give all the description of what is going to be done so then there’d be no surprise, cause they have all the details.

    • Becca Becca says:

      Jackie, that’s up to you. If you want to keep the details of the date a surprise and you think he’ll read it all, then you could keep the date pages out for you to read and plan- and put them in when you’re done. I don’t think my husband will read through them all, so I’m keeping them in. Totally up to you.

  2. toodie says:

    What a great idea! Love that it’s so colorful and eye catching!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love this idea! Looks great too! I was thinking of printing out a few extra dates from the site to use as alternates. I like most of the dates chosen, but I don’t think the mall dare date will work for us – way out of my comfort zone! LOL

  4. Chrissy Easter says:

    How long does it take to receive?

  5. Kristina says:

    I’m interested in buying this for the hubby. BUT where do we pick the dates? Is that after the purchase?

  6. Mandy says:

    If you’re buying the version with all of the dates included, about how many page protectors would you need?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Mine has 37 sheet protectors- but I have all of the printables for each date in one sheet protector. If you want a separate sheet protector for each page of printables, you’d need a little more than that. Hope that helps. :)

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love this idea for my fiancé for a Christmas present! What size binder do you need if you purchased the COMPLETE set and how many sheet protectors?

    • Tara Tara says:

      Jennifer – we used a 2 inch binder & Becca answered the question above about how many sheet protectors to use. Have SO much fun with this!!

  8. Lyndee says:

    I ordered last night and in my excitement, didn’t not order what I hoped I had. I meant to order the complete set, with the date ideas included. Is there a way to get that without repaying for everything? Thanks!

  9. Jessica says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t sound depressing… HA! I’m a single girl, and I love following your FB page! I think this is so adorable, but as I said, I’m single. Will it be available “forever” to purchase, or should I buy it now and print out for later use? That may be a while. Lol. Thanks

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey cute Jessica!! That doesn’t sound depressing at all! You will find the right one, don’t worry. :) As for this, we should always have it available, but if I were you, I’d snatch a copy & make it now so you don’t forget about this lil gem of an idea! :)

  10. Lisa says:

    What a great idea! In the Binder Set option, is the idea that we pick our dates from your website and print those out separately?


    • Tara Tara says:

      Lisa – the less expensive option allows you to chose your own dates to slip into the binder. And yes, you would need to go to whatever idea you prefer, and print out any printables, etc you would need. Enjoy!

  11. Tara Tara says:

    BECCA!!!! These pictures are gorgeous!!! You did such a great job capturing how fabulous this binder really is! LOVE IT!!! Can’t WAIT to give Jamie his for Christmas!!

  12. Rebecca Loveland says:

    Where would be the best place to send these to print? or just print them at home from a color printer? I feel like it wouldn’t turn out the same quality?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Good question, Rebecca. It would be cheaper to just print from home with a color printer. But it would be better quality if you printed it at a shop. I’d call around and see what the going rate is where you are.

  13. Adrienne says:

    These are absolutely LOVELY! Printing them out right now as I type this. I’m giving to my husband for as a Christmas gift and I’m so excited for January so we can get going! Thank you!!

  14. Cambric says:

    So I purchased the complete set and downloaded each file (26 all together). Could you possibly tell me how many pages total it is so I can know how much it will cost me to print it? Will help me a ton. Thanks!

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Cambric! {love your name!!} I am actually not 100% sure how many pages there are. We’d have to go into each file and count them up individually. BUT – when you find out, let us know so we can tell others. Wink! Enjoy!!!!

      • Cambric says:

        I counted 73. Hopefully that’s right. On my way to UPS to print soon! =)

        • Tara Tara says:

          Cambric – was that 73 files or 73 pages? Some of the printables have more than one page… just a heads up. {And thank you SO much for letting us know. You are so sweet!}

  15. Sidne says:

    So I love this Idea and I purchased it, but as I’m printing off everything, on the pages where it tells you the instructions, there are two different sections where the words won’t print. Some pages it will just do it in one spot and on some pages it will do it in both. I’m not sure how to fix this. What do you recommend I do?

  16. Jessa says:

    Can you tell me approximately how much money is required to do all of the dates for the year? I’d like to have that ready to go with each one so it’s all ready to go when I gift it! Thanks!

    • Becca Becca says:

      Jessa, I suggest that you look through the Date Binder specifically under “materials needed” under each month’s date to determine the cost. It really does depend on how you decide to work each one, if you want to personalize any of them {and what materials you already have lying around your house.} Many of the dates are FREE with no additional cost needed, as we provide you with all of the printables. The rest of them can be done on $10- $20, I’d say. Hope that helps. :)

  17. Simone says:

    Hey Ladies! Love this idea! Purchased it through PayPal for my husband for Valentine’s Day. However it would only let me download April’s Printouts and the Binder Cover and then the webpage expired. I’m wondering how I get the rest of the pages?? Who do I contact for that?

  18. Joanne says:

    I purchased the binder printables with dividers. I thought the date ideas would be included with this set because in the description it says to comb through the ideas and print the ones we like. I did not see any date ideas. Am I missing something?

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Joanne! If you purchased the set with the date ideas, then we included one date idea along with the printables. The set you purchased gives you the freedom to pick which date ideas from our site you want to include. You can look through all of the date ideas we’ve published on our site, find the 12 you like the most, and print off the info in the post along with the printables {included in our posts}. Have fun choosing which ones you want! :)

  19. Erin says:

    Is there a way to purchase this without using PayPal? I’ve been having some issues with them and can’t use my account right now. Thanks in advance!

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Erin! I am so sorry! Paypal is the only way at this time. We’ll be transitioning over to another store soon that will have more payment options but until then, we’re stuck with Paypal. Do you have a friend who could purchase it for you and you can pay them back? I know a few of our readers have done it that way when they either don’t have a Paypal account or aren’t able to use theirs. Hope that helps!


  20. This is adorable! I like your site. I’ve been dating my husband for over 40 years and we’ve been married for almost 37! Thank you for your great suggestions.

  21. Sable says:

    Hey I’m a little confused. For the $10 set I see it includes 12 dates and says you can look through the other dates as well. So will I only be able to print off another 12 dates from those on top of the included dates or will I have access to all of the dates to print as many as I like?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Hi Sable! So the $9.97 set includes everything- including 12 printables dates, completely written out and formatted to match the gorgeous Binder set. Just like you see in the pictures. The $2.97 set does not include the printable dates. So to “choose your own dates” you would have to look through our website and find and print out your favorites. They would not be formatted to match the cute Binder set. Does that make sense and clarify it for you? Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  22. Janet says:

    I purchased this fabulous set, but it didn’t come to my email. What happened?

  23. Debra says:

    I want to give this to my married children for Christmas. Do I buy a set for each one or may I copy for my own family? I don’t want to cheat you & I have a conscience!

  24. Emily says:

    I want to just buy the set for 2.97 but every time I click on it, it only allows me to buy the entire set for 9.97…help?!

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m having this problem too!
      …I’m ready to buy it, but I only want the $2.97 one. I’m doing my own pages for the dates b/c there’s too many that my boyfriend and I (who still both live with our own parents) can’t do 😛 It just automatically adds the full one though

    • Becca Becca says:

      Oh no! Go ahead and shoot an email to Ferren at She is awesome at helping our readers with their orders!

  25. Becci Taylor says:

    I have ordered these and they still haven’t come. I have emailed and not had a response, and my anniversary is coming and im panicking now :(

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